Springfield Album Archive Page Hits 500 Listings


This counts as exciting news, right? Today we are letting you know that the Springfield album archive page where we have been listing out and linking all Springfield band and artist releases (demos, albums, etc.) has hit a total of 500 listings! Most of these listings include links to where you can go listen to the release. Right now this ranges from Food And Money back in 1980 all the way to Ricki Marvel in 2020. That’s 40 years! We do know that this isn’t nearly anywhere close to cataloguing everything that has ever came out in Springfield, but we are constantly adding to this list. If you have music to be added (especially if you have links to where we can listen, or send us music directly) – feel free to reach out to us at dumbrecs@gmail.com.

It should also be noted that the vast majority of the albums we have listed have all came out within the last few years. The halfway point in all of that is at 2016. Either there’s been more music than ever coming out of Springfield in recent years and it’s easier for bands to record than it was in earlier years, or we have a lot of catching up on past years to do we are not sure… maybe a little bit of both cases.

Oh, we also did a little bit of updating to our grand ol’ history page, which by now takes a good sitting down to fully read.

New Pages: Springfield Album Archive


At the beginning of the year we announced that a new project for us on this site would be to try and build a more accessible archive of Springfield albums, demos, and releases from years past. The project began on a forum we had created when we launched this site close to five years ago and has been growing off and on over the past four years or so. More current years have been easy to document thanks to our year-end polls on this site, earlier years have been coming together thanks to the Some Things Can’t Be Ignored music blog and a few other friends.

Today we are bringing you a brand new page to this site to house the Springfield Album Archive. You can check out that new page right here. Right now we are at 289 releases listed off (most have links to stream or download the release along with artwork) and that list is growing. You can help us out by emailing us any additions at blacksheepspringfield@gmail.com (we would prefer if you can provide a name and date for the release and also artwork, photos, or even bring a physical copy to us at Dumb Records or Black Sheep so we can get it uploaded for the public)!

We will continue to be updating this list as often as we can! You can head over to this page and check back on it on our site by hovering over the “about” tab -> and then “history” and then from there a pull out tab for “Springfield Album Archive” shows up.

Backwards Day: Lost Sessions 1995


Today we bring you some lost Springfield recordings from the 1990’s recently brought to light from the band Backwards Day. These are the band’s Lost Sessions from 1995, which would have been the last recording session the band took part in before breaking up. This session was engineered and mixed by Lance Reynolds formerly of NIL8, who also recorded a few bands in the early 1990’s above Skank Skates as the name Southtown Studios (which we did not know until after Brandon Carnes started the more current Southtown Studio). Backwards Day featured Scott Faingold (vocals) and Timothy Harte (drums) both who currently play in the band Epsom. Check out those recordings below.

Also our big Springfield Album Master Archive has been under progress throughout much of the first part of this year. We are not working on a page set up for the archive on this site, which you can find right here. There are currently 288 titles listed.


Black Sheep History Page Updated


Along with Black Sheep turning ten years last weekend and many stories being shared on the event page for our anniversary show, we have some updates to our lengthy Black Sheep history page. First off, after many years of assuming it being lost forever, we finally found a photo of a flier for the first ever show at Black Sheep (pictured above). Thank you to Dr. Metz for helping us uncover this long lost flier!

If you head over to the Black Sheep history page you will find a number of added important dates, including a good amount from our building before it was Black Sheep, going as far back as the 1800’s. Be on the lookout of videos from our 10-year anniversary show coming very soon!

State Journal-Register 1978 Southtown Article


An article in a Saturday feature edition of The State Journal-Register, which was published in April of 1978 has been dug up from the archives. The feature is all on Southtown, which may have been a bit different 37 years ago. Businesses mentioned in the article include The Cracked Crock Tavern, Spoon River, Black Thumb, The King Harvest Food Co-op, The Southtown TV, Southtown Motors, Coast To Coast, and Southtown Lounge. Here’s a quote from the article:

A tall, red-haired man wearing a bowler derby and wide suspenders over his collarless shirt, wags a finger at his companions. “That’s what I said,” the man repeats. “The neighborhood sure has gone to hell. Nothing left around here but hippies and hobos. I remember when this was a family neighborhood, respectable you know, working class people who kept decent hours and knew the value of a hard-earned buck.”

The article talks a lot about the history of Southtown prior to 1978, such as an ice cream shop called The Sugar Bowl existing at some point, and The Southtown Grill was located next to that. Other older businesses (existing as early as the Prohibition days included The Rialto Tavern, The Air-Dome, The Empress Movie House (admission for movies was twenty cents), Zupancic’s, A pool hall, The Southtown Theater, Jim McManus Saloon, Herman Oger’s Shoe Shop, Fassero Brothers Butcher Shop, Art Lehne’s Bakery, The Southtown Barber Shop, Sanger Dairy, Jefferson Bank (which was around until 1927), Kerst Hardware, and more. You can check out other pages from the article below (click on the images to zoom in), or check out our historic Southtown album on flickr for these pages as well as many more old photos of our neighborhood.





To top all of that all off, here is a photo of Kevin slam dancing inside of Black Sheep at some point during our early years.


Some Things Can’t Be Ignored: The Treez “Tag! You’re It!”


Springfield music blog Some Things Can’t Be Ignored are at it again!!! This time they dig deep into the early 90s archives (1993 or 1994) to bring us “Tag! You’re It!” by Springfield power trio The Treez. From Some Things Can’t Be Ignored:

The Treez were a three piece band featuring Phil Seabrook on Bass and Vocals, Howard Freitag on Guitar, and Johnny Blazis (RIP) on Drums.  These fellas played ALL OVER Springfield and surrounding areas during the early 1990’s and had a sound that (in my opinion) perfectly envelops Springfield rock during this time.

You can head over to Some Things Can’t Be Ignored to read the full article and stream or download the full demo. Also stream the demo from The Treez below.

Old Southtown Photos (1988-2009) Recovered


After a long day of scanning close to 400 photographs to a computer and carefully logging dates and organizing photos, those of us at blacksheepspringfield.com headquarters are happy to bring you a good chunk of Southtown’s past today with a pretty heavy batch of old photos. These photos range in dates from 1988 with the start of the construction on Skank Skates, all the way up until the middle of the Black Sheep-era in 2009. Above you can see some of the construction on some of the ramps inside of Skank Skates in 1992 (other ramps were constructed in 1988). Directly below you can also see a picture of Black Sheep before it was actually Black Sheep as we know it, and it was being used for storage.

Check out all 265 photos that were scanned this weekend on our newly created Historic Southtown flickr album. Also head over to our flickr page for a collection of now close to 4,000 photos and fliers from all different eras of Black Sheep’s and Southtown’s past.


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History On “The Southtown Band” Uncovered


A team of Southtown’s highest ranked Archeologists and Paleontologists recently set out to research more on Southtown in the 1970’s, before the time of Skank Skates, Black Sheep, or Dumb Records. They were able to uncover some cold hard facts on The Southtown Band along with a photo (above) and a letter from one of the members themselves. From the letter:

Personnel are, left to right: Dave Littler/drums, Jim “Cicerco Slim” Bukiet/harmonica and vocals, Mike Evans/guitar, Victor “Val” Garanin/bass and John Bulli/guitar.

The band worked from 1973-76; shortly after our dissolution Jim and Val formed the World War III Blues Band, which worked with various lineups for another two or three years.

Our name was chosen because Jim, Val, and Paul Robinette, our orininal drummer, lived in the Southtown nighborhood during ’73. Jim, Val, Mike and I were students at what was then Sangamon State University. The photo was taken by Naomi Ramage, Dave’s girlfriend, who as you can imagine, had to dodge South Grand traffic to get the shot!

The Breakfast Diner pictured above is not the building that houses Southtown skate park Skank Skates. You can find more historic Southtown photos and older photos of Black Sheep on our Black Sheep flickr album.

Pages: Black Sheep History


In honor of Black Sheep recently turning nine years old and entering its tenth year of being an all ages venue in Springfield, we want to bring a new feature to the site that will highlight all of the important events and changes in the venue’s nearly-decade-long run. Today we are revealing the Black Sheep History page– a page where we tried listing off important events in Black Sheep history complete with photos and descriptions. Check out that new page right here. You can also go back and find the page any time hidden in the drop down bar under the “About” tab.

Thanks to all who were around for any of those 9+ years, and hopefully we can continue for many more. 2015 Black Sheep will turn 10 years old and it is also the Year Of The Sheep according to the zodiac calendar.

Some Things Can’t Be Ignored: Los Injectors Live 2001


Looks like Springfield music and punk rock history blog Some Things Can’t Be Ignored is at it again, this time with some live recordings of the NIL8-related project Los Injectors in 2001 performing at old Springfield venue On Broadway. From the post:

What we have here is a LIVE CD released by Springfield’s ONLY real-deal Rockabilly band, Los Injectors!!  This band formed back in 1998 with Matt Vanselow on vocals, Damon Soper on guitar, Jeff Cunningham on upright bass, and Chris Warren on drums.  I think I only saw these dudes perform once during their short lifespan.  They disbanded in 2001, so this recording captures one of the last shows the fellas ever performed.  This was recorded at On Broadway here in Springfield back on September 15, 2001.  MAG also performed that night, so Damon was pulling double-duty that evening as he played bass in MAG, as well.  Although Los Injectors was initially conceived as a Rockabilly band, their sound gradually grew more aggressive and heavier as they continued on, resulting in a unique sound and style all their own.

Check out the full post on Los Injectors at the Some Things Can’t Be Ignored site right here. You can check out that live set streaming on the player below. You might also remember a while back we posted about Los Injectors announcing some sort of reunion. Well guess what? Did you know that the band will be performing this Saturday night at Donnie’s Homespun? They will also be playing at this year’s Downhome Music Festival on August 2nd!