years active: 2007 – present

Inspiring terrifying screams of euphoria, Go!Tsunami ascends from its subterranean machine shop to unleash a powerful dose of instrumental rock and surf on an unsuspecting, immediately willing and ultimately awestruck audience.

Clad in hockey masks and coveralls, the band takes the stage and barrages the audience with high-energy songs that conjure images of hot rods, horror movies, long boards,
tiki idols, beach parties, exotic islands, classic cars, pin-ups, cheap beer, and rum. The band’s music is versatile and flows from surf standards to tiki bar exotica to powerful rock. This allows Go!Tsunami to share the stage with a variety of bands playing genres including rock, surf, rockabilly, psychobilly, punk, exotica and more. Go!Tsunami has headlined shows and played in support of touring acts. They are also a popular band for music festivals, like the Hot Rod Hula Hop in Columbus, OH, and tiki events…playing numerous times at the historic tiki mainstay Chef Shangri-La in the Chicago area.

These masked henchmen of horror – “Riptide,” “Stingray Jr.,” “Stan Overboard” and “The Fury“ unleash an auditory onslaught that will make you want to paint flames on your longboard, hop in your hot rod and race to monster lagoon!

Experience them at a venue near you…IF YOU DARE!!!

Stingray Jr.
Stan Overboard
The Fury

related projects:
Wayward Motel

links: facebook | youtube

contact: go-tsunami@comcast.com

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