TANG (The Avant National Guard)


years active: 2015 – present

A trans woman came on a flaming pie performing mudra and said, “You shall play in Chillicothe and use electric phase, actual garbage, and assorted flim flam to produce the pinnacle of sub-strata collagens.” She produced a print copy of a message wherein the names had been redacted that read: ‘The ‘poke’ button on facebook is awesome, but I think there should be a ‘stab’ button.‘ The overall reaction brought to mind the hard-to-miss electric foil essence and near-demonic Bar-B-Q midtones brought together in the 2010 Chardonnay from Chateau Molyneaux. So, anyone who says “nothing is impossible” has obviously never tried to staple jello to a tree.

Paqui Persea
Ollie Clampet
Ian Winterbauer
Ted Keylon
Nathan Gorman

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Black Ops Agency
I’m Dead Inside

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