years active: 2010 – 2014

Mildred is a local orbcore band, drawing as much influence from artists like the rock ‘n roll icon Ascendin’ Rick Sweetly as much as Vancouver cube-rockers Ritual Ska-crifice. There are three members of the band, which adds up to nine eyeballs in total. 6 legs, 3 heads. One mission. To rock your face off when you’re watching us onstage. Go Senators.

Bo “skateboarding” Mellado – The Brawn
Abigail “Tae Kwon Do” Nelson – The Brains
Quincy “Sonic Adventure DX” Curran – The Bass

related projects:

links: bandcamp | facebook

contact: 217-299-4907

Hear Mildred on episode 5 of Blacksheep radio! To check out the other radio episodes, click here.

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