years active: 2015 – 2016

Garter does not ask “why”, Garter asks “why not?” Man, it’s hot. It’s so hot outside right now. Man, it’s hot. 7:15 and 7:03 pm. I’m tired of always being ignored. Always feeling like it doesn’t matter if I come or go. I should go. Always worried expressing my feelings will leave me feeling exposed and alone. I should keep to myself. I should… Garter does not ask “why,” ask “why not?” Man it’s so hot right now. Garter is about punk and about kill bad music with more bad good. The night is my armor, the shadow is my blade. A quiet whimper of a gleamer and chance can change, I hold your life in my hands. Brutal. I trusted you! I trusted you! I trusted you! I trusted handcuffs summertime glory. Garter is punk D.A.Y. Black Sheep Springfield dot com website for more upcoming shows. Go to and for more I trusted you’s, I trusted you’s, I trusted you’s. And don’t believe a single word of this. Don’t believe, I will know.


related projects:
Bastognes Best
Big Storm
Fel Fae
Livin’ Thing
Soap Scum
Teen Freak
The Tyrants

links: bandcamp


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