The Complaint Line


years active: 2012 – present

“We’re a rock band that loves a hook, a riff, a melody. Our sweet pop leanings stick in your brain, but have just enough grit to keep us edgy.”

With this guiding principal, singer/songwriter John EP, bassist Zesty Marie and guitarist Dayton Cripe, formed The Complaint Line in late 2012 and the ride has been pretty sweet.

The energy that flows between these musicians onstage is contagious. You see them jumping around and having a good time and you find yourself edging closer to the stage to get a piece of the goodness.

“We thrive on stage and love to give the people ear candy, but the live show for us is all about the energy. We love to watch other bands that have this philosophy as well. I mean, who really wants to watch a group that is just standing there? They may have decent songs, but that isn’t enough. We say, give em something to watch too!”

Catchy hooks and party show vibes are not the only thing this group have going for them. Their songs are laced with lyrics on thought provoking topics from abandonment, love, courage, social oppression, loss, and finding yourself. Their musical muscle is anchored by the powerful driving beats provided by newest member James Welch and the solid grooving bass lines of Zesty Marie. This rock solid duo provides a steady undercurrent for the texturally rich rhythms and leads provided by John and Dayton.

The group has played consistently since forming in late 2012 including support spots for national touring bands and festivals like the annual SoHo & Downhome Fests in Springfield, IL, Mates Fest in Peoria, Mates Jr in Bloomington and events supporting local charities.

If you’ve been looking for the best of rock and pop music peppered with the intellectual flavor of your favorite indie artists, you will find this foursome hits the spot. For some yummy in your day, dial up The Complaint Line and prepare yourself for a hell of a show.


John EP – Guitar/Vocals
Zesty Marie – Bass/Vocals
James – Drums

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