years active: 2013 – present

Since the release of their debut LP “Nailbiter” in 2015 Looming has entered a new chapter after originating members Brandon Carnes moved to Pittsburgh, PA and Jessica Knight moved to Austin, TX. The distance has not slowed them down as the band is set to release their second LP on No Sleep Records this fall entitled “Seed”. Recorded by Carnes in Braddock, PA and mixed by Jay Robbins (Lemuria, Mock Orange, Jets to Brazil), their sophomore record lyrically explores regret, longing and growth over a vast, layered and lush musical background. The band has grown, expanded musically, and remained true to the signatures that define Looming.

Looming combines the aesthetics of pop with catchy choruses and the clear unique qualities of Knights vocals with bright guitars and driving drums in the vein of early midwestern emo and indie rock.

EG: The Promise Ring, American Football, Death Cab for Cutie, Lemuria

Looming has received high praise for their debut “Nailbiter” and fans have been able to catch them on multiple tours through out the US.

Brandon Carnes – drums/vocals
Cassie Staub – guitar/synth
Jessica Knight – bass/vocals
Mitch Baker – guitar

Seed (2017)
Nailbiter (2015)
Looming (2013)

related projects:
Big Storm
Midnight Fall
Mother Leopard
Night Night Boy
The Pacemakers
Teen Freak
Tiger Tank
The Timmys
Wir Können

links: website | facebook | bandcamp | twitter

contact: loomingbandil@gmail.com

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