years active: 1993 – 1995

Ingot emerged in 1993 through the collaborations between Kent, Ben, Otto, and Jordan that began that summer.  They began with covers by such bands as Helmet, Nirvana, NIL8, and Back of Dave as well as original music by Otto.  Jordan and Ben soon thereafter began writing music for Ingot as well.

Ingot performed and organized shows regularly at Skank Skates, the Beach House, and On Broadway with such groups as Fagalonious P. Hector, Back of Dave, Braid, NIL8, and the Goofs as well as many touring bands from around the United States.  After touring around Illinois and releasing two recordings, ingot disbanded when some of its members moved away from Springfield.  Its members continue to pursue further music endeavors across the world.

Kent – vocals
Otto Junker – guitar
Clif Hutchinson – guitar
Ben S. Jacob – bass guitar
Jordan Schultz – drums

related projects:
Pancho Villa
Shooters & Senders
The Geese
Eve’s Revenge

links: Some Things Can’t Be Ignored: ’94 demo | ’95 demo | live on public access

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