Mother Leopard


years active: 2010 – 2014

Mother Leopard is a band founded by Benny DeWitt and Brad Pigg after Renae broke up in 2010.  After several shakey member issues, it was layed to rest at Black Sheep Fest 2011.  Brad moved to Florida for a while and Benny moved to Springfield – where he revamped the lineup and started setting up shows for Mother Leopard summer 2012.
Currently – it is an instrumental project that is in a slow developmental stage.  Mother Leopard plays select shows from time to time as a sort of ‘release’ project – and to help out old friends from the road with shows time to time.

current members:
Benny DeWitt 2010-present: guitars
Kristian Kyle Ratliff summer 2012-present: drums
Jess Knight summer 2013-present: bass
Aubrey Puyear- vocals

past members:
Brad Pigg 2010-2011 (bass) (still plays an active role from the road)
Kyle Rohweder *winter 2010* (helped write drums and was set to sing but quit to persue barber school)
Kyle Coleman 2010-2011 (drums)
Jordan Fein summer 2012-2013 (live bass)

related projects:

links: bandcamp

contact: (Benny)


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