Sgt Karate


years active: 2014 – 2015

In the summer of 2014 I had hoped to participate with a new band in the Black Sheep Band Lotto, but fate, I learned, is cruel, and it would not come to pass so easily… forsaken by my bandmates, I fell into a deep depression, and sank to the darkest depths of misery. I retreated to the forest to seek an end to my pain, and that is where Sgt Karate found me. He taught me the empty hand fighting techniques of the far east. he taught me how to rise in the military ranks. but most importantly he taught how to take hold of the pain, the darkness, the torment inside of me, and bring it into the world, at 250bpm. Now I channel him in the form of black metal, whenever there is need for such a thing.

Christopher Yeager

related projects:
The Gunga Dins
Like… With Jetpacks
Triple Thrash Threat

links: bandcamp

contact: Christopher Yeager

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