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Tonight at Dumb Records: Gates To Hell, Ballista, Prevention, Direct Measure, Hemlock

Good morning, it has been a while since we fired up the ol’ website. We figure today we’ll give it a try again. Maybe somewhere out there is reading this, maybe not. Anyways, tonight we have a hardcore show happening here at Dumb Records.

Tonight’s lineup includes touring hardcore act “Gates To Hell.” They are from Louisville, Kentucky. You can stream their new live album on the bandcamp player below. Gates To Hell are on tour with Ballista from Dallas, Texas, another hardcore band! Local legends on this show tonight include Springfield hardcore band Prevention (who will be playing last in the lineup if we had to guess). Also Direct Measure from the St. Louis area who are no strangers to our space. Opening things up is the newer Springfield heavy band “Hemlock”.

The show tonight is at 7:00 pm and admission is $10. We are recommending masks as we are once again entering another wave of COVID-19 in our area. Find a facebook event for this one right here.

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