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July 16th at Dumb Records: Kangaroo Court, Pucker Up, Wettail

Good morning! Here we are comin’ out of no where again to let you know about a show that is coming up at Dumb Records on Saturday, July 16th. This one is the next show happening at our space.

“Scream Like Hell” is not the name of a band, it is just the name of the show. There are three bands on this show. At the top of the lineup is “Kangaroo Court” from Champaign / Urbana. We’ve embedded a recent music video of theirs below for you to check out. Sounds like they are bringing the rock! Also bringing the rock, or hardcore punk-rock is Pucker Up from right here in Springfield! They do have a demo recorded, click the link on their name to listen to it! The third band on the show is “Wettail” playing some type of garage punk from Bloomington, Illinois.

This show… all of our shows start at 7:00pm but the flier for this one says 7:30pm. Admission is $10. Check out a facebook event for this one right here. Also check out our upcoming shows page on our site, which we are working on!!

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