Creepin Towards: “The Things You Love”

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Well, we certainly don’t expect to see very many new bands popping up or starting during the stay-at-home order that we are currently in, but looks like yesterday one new Springfield project made its debut at least in the online world! This new project is called “Creepin Towards” and features Clare Frachey (Spell Breaker, SAP) and Ralph Shank. The project is kicking things off with a bang with this new song and video for the song “The Things You Love.” Check out the video embedded on the player below.

This project doesn’t have any live shows lined up as far as we know, but then again there are no shows really lined up on the whole entire planet as far as we know right now.

Kate Laine: “Sway”


More new local music from our beloved solo acts coming at ya in these tough times! Today we bring you a brand new demo track from Kate Laine. The track is called “Sway” and you can find it streaming on the player below. Also head on over to Kate’s bandcamp page where you can pay-what-you-want for the download and check out more of her music. Kate released her last full album Recurring Dream in 2017 and two songs under her full band, Kate The Band last year.

Bottom Bracket: “I Don’t Care Enough To Stay”


Here we are once again today bringing you a tiny smidgen of good news amongst these dark and uncertain times for the world. The brand new Bottom Bracket full length album, I Don’t Care Enough To Stay is out and streaming online on a number of platforms. You can stream the eight-track album on the bandcamp player embedded below. Find links to purchase the physical album on vinyl, CD, or cassette on the bandcamp page right here. The album is being released by Rat King Records out of Champaign.

Bottom Bracket originally had their big release show scheduled to happen tomorrow night at our space but that of course has been postponed to a future date to be determined. This one is number twelve for releases we kept track of this year on our Springfield album archive page.

The Illinois Times: “Lincoln’s Legends Podcast Is Back”


Here’s a little tid bit as reported by The Illinois Times this past week that we thought we would share with you all. Remember the content-creating local podcast that was based out of our old store’s old location called Lincoln’s Legends Podcast? No? Yes? Well, it’s back, baby. Jeremie Bailey of Lincoln’s Legends is at it again, this time recording out of Cafe Moxo (or at least he was before all dining inside was shut down). From the article:

“My new goal is to connect with people from my community and learn how they mentally navigate through their day,” he said. “I have an intense passion to give back because I am confident that my mental health, relationships, and professional career are directly attributed to podcasting and radio.”

Check out the full article online right here. The return episode of the podcast is episode number 70 and features Kevin Wasmer of Pedal Python and the local band Enamel. Check that out right here.

Videos: Melanie A. Davis at Dumb Records 2/25/20


While we are sitting around not having shows and not sure when we can ever have shows again, we just dug up a little video from the vault (from about one month ago). This one is from a show one month ago- the full band of Melanie A. Davis from Murray, Kentucky came and performed. Today we bring you a video of the band performing the song “I Don’t Really Care, Do You?” Check that out on the player embedded below.

Also check out our youtube page if you are thirsty for more live videos shot at our space and from our earlier Black Sheep years. Or, our vids/pics page has a lot of them listed out as well.

Mark Schwartz: “On Guitar”


Here’s yet some more new local music coming out in these times of COVID-19 and the stay-at-home order of 2020. This time we have a brand new 18 track album from Mark Schwartz – Mark is guitarist in free jazz project End Times Trio, as well as the brains behind other solo projects including Forest Saints, Demons on Wheels, and Tin Ghost. This time Mark is just releasing a full album under his own name! Who’d of thought! This album is just called Mark Schwartz on Guitar and it’s pretty much just exactly that! Enjoy on the player below, or also head over to Mark’s bandcamp page to purchase the download of the album.

We are listing this one on our Springfield album archive page, bringing us to 12 releases that we have kept track of so far this year.

Clutch: “Paint feat. YM Tae” + More

Screen Shot 2020-03-25 at 12.11.32 PM

Today we bring you some brand new Springfield music in these times of stay-at-home orders, coming from local hip hop artist “Clutch.” Clutch has released twelve new tracks on her soundcloud page, and hinted that a proper tape release is on the way. We have the first of those three tracks – “Pain,” featuring YM Tae, “Research,” featuring Dunk, and “Hard Times” featuring ABM Kid all on separate players embedded below. Check out all of the tracks on Clutch’s soundcloud right here.