May 2nd at Bread Stretchers: Grlwood, This Is A Stick Up, Night Night Boy, Dexter


Ah yes, yet another Bread Stretchers show for us to tell you about. This one happening on Thursday, May 2nd just a day after the show we announced yesterday. This show features a touring act called “GRLWOOD” playing some scream-pop-rock music from Kentucky. Check them out on that player below! We also have This Is A Stick Up from Decatur, coming out and playing their first Bread Stretcher gig. Also Night Night Boy, Springfield’s newest emo-indie supergroup. Last but not least is Dexter – some solo beautiful music that you will enjoy.

This show will start at 7:00 pm and admission is $5. Check out a facebook event for this one right here. Also be sure to check out our shows page for a good look at what else is coming up at Bread Stretchers in the near future!

April 20th at The Radon Lounge: David Dondero, Nectar, Bottom Bracket, Night Night Boy


What’s going on this weekend coming up around town? Well, we don’t have anything lined up at Bread Stretchers Friday or Saturday (we do have a show Sunday), but there is this really cool show happening at The Radon Lounge on Saturday, April 20th that you should probably know about! This is actually The Radon’s last show for the season! They’ll be back in the fall after this. For this show they’ve got some big NPR featured guy, David Dondero at the top of the bill. Where’s this guy from, Chicago? Stream some of his music on the player below. Radon has got a solid group of local acts this time around as well. This includes Nectar from Champaign and very familiar to Springfield – who just released their album “Knocking at the Door” on LP which we have copies of at Dumb. Bottom Bracket are playing, great. Night Night Boy are playing as well – the second show for the new Springfield supergroup lineup featuring members of Park, Looming, and Soap Scum!

This show starts at 7:00 pm and admission is $5. Check out a facebook event for the show here. We told Jeff that we’d be doing something as Dumb Records but we are not completely sure what. We think our old man mascot is going to be handing out old 45s to show goers from his trousers, we’ll see. Check out our Springfield shows page for other non-Bread Stretchers shows here.

May 1st at Bread Stretchers: Cell, CPU Rave, Grave Switcher, Prevention


Today we are excited to announce the first show at Bread Stretchers featuring some bands from outside of the country! (Or at least since Bread Stretchers re-opened). They are two groups from Canada. One is called “CELL” and you can find their music streaming on the player below. Hardcore from Montreal, Quebec? Then on tour with them and also from Montreal is “CPU Rave“. Oh, and by the way this show is happening on Wednesday, May 1st. Both of those bands play hardcore punk music. Good thing we have Springfield hardcore punk music band Grave Switcher also on board for this show! And what’s this? Opening things up we have a brand new band called “Prevention” featuring members of No Cash Value, Final Order, and Grave Switcher?

This starts at 7:00 pm on May 1st. In case you didn’t know, Bread Stretchers shows start on the DOT. Admission is just five bucks. Find a facebook event for this one right here. Also be sure to check out our shows page for a good look at what else is coming up at Bread Stretchers in the near future.

Thank You All Who Came Out To Record Store Day This Weekend!


Holy smokes as we are still scrambling to get our shop and everything back to normal after such a crazy Record Store Day weekend, we just want to make sure we get in a post to say THANK YOU to all who stopped by our store at any point! We can hardly believe it but we more than doubled our best day ever in the store’s history. You can see our long line pictured above right before we opened our doors Saturday at 8:00 am (there were some waiting as early as before 6:00 am)! Extra thank you to radio stations WYMG and WQNA for broadcasting live and also Foamed Up for providing coffee! We are back to our regular hours of 10:00 am to 8:00 pm here at 418 E Monroe Street now (with another show next door tonight). Check out a couple of other photos of Saturday below.



Tonight at Bread Stretchers: I Was My Biggest Mistake, Flunkie, Jess Knight, Blushe


Wow, here we are scrambling to get back on track with things after a very successful Record Store Day weekend and there is another show going on tonight at Bread Stretchers right next to us!! Great, just great! Tonight we have touring acoustic act “I Was My Biggest Mistake” coming from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Check out some of their music playing on the player below. This will be joined by a solid group of local musicians, including solo project Flunkie! Jessica Knight of the band Looming will be performing as well… some sort of karaoke set we hear? What’s all that about? Looks like opening things up (or maybe they are going to go last) we have the second show ever from a brand new Springfield band called Blushe!

This show starts at 7:00 pm and in case you haven’t heard, Bread Stretchers shows start right on time on the DOT! Admission is $5. Check out a facebook event for this one right here. Also be sure to check out our Bread Stretchers shows page for a look at what else is coming up over there.

Record Store Day at Dumb Records Today / Show Tonight at Bread Stretches


There is so much going on for us today that it’s going to be impossible to get it all covered in one website post (but we are making sure we do get a post up)! Today of course is national Record Store Day – and this is our fifth or sixth year participating as a store. For this day hundreds of exclusive limited pressings are released to the world. We ordered most of them. Find that whole list on the Record Store Day website here. Our store opens up at 8:00 am and is open 9:00 pm or later. Don’t forget we are located at 418 E Monroe Street downtown now. Foamed Up from the mall will be giving out free coffee. 100.5 WYMG will be broadcasting live. Find a facebook event here.

Then also there is a show happening tonight next door to at “Bread Stretchers” kicking off at 7:00 pm. For this one we are excited for touring band Parkway & Columbia to be coming through. They will be joined by local groups Stick People, Kate The Band, and Heck. Find a facebook event for that one here. Admission for that is $5. WQNA will be broadcasting live from our store around that time and will also be broadcasting the show live on air!

WQNA Broadcasting Live Saturday Afternoon For Record Store Day, also Bread Stretchers Show

wqnqaa.jpgAt one point we told you we might be working with a couple of radio stations in town for Record Store Day this upcoming Saturday and yesterday announced that WYMG‘s morning talk show hosts Lynch & Lara will be broadcasting live right at the start of Record Store Day when we open at 8:00 am. Tonight we are filling you in on plans for WQNA – who will be broadcasting over at Recycled Records in the morning, but moving their setup over to our store later on in the afternoon and also doing something that we have never before attempted: broadcasting a whole show live on air! That’s right – WQNA will be broadcasting the show happening next door to us at… “Bread Stretchers” this upcoming Saturday featuring Parkway & Columbia, Stick People, HECK, and Kate The Band. This might be a “test run” of sorts, so if everything goes well it could be something we’ll see in the future! You can listen live at 88.3 FM or online at

Find a facebook event for Record Store Day right here, and a facebook event for the show that night right here. Our store is open from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm for Record Store Day, and show is at 7:00 pm. Don’t miss it!