July 4th at The Bread Pit: Skeleton, Snuff Rider, Uncle Sam’s Mutagenic Children

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Does this thing work? Does it hurt your eyes or is it cool? Good. Whoops, we are way late in the game of letting you know that we are planning a show in the space next to us for the Fourth of July this year. (We are downtown right where the fireworks are happening, why not)! For this show we have the band Skeleton from somewhere Texas making a return to Springfield for the first time since a New Years Eve House Show in the year… 2014/2015 or something. Stream their music on the player below to hear how much they’ve grown. Also on this show is that new heavy surf band “Snuff Rider” that will be playing their first show here on the 22nd of this month. Opening things up is a special patriotic fourth of July performance from the band Uncle Sam’s Mutagenic Children.

All of that starts later… we are saying after the fireworks, which we think are at 9:00 pm. Everyone’s going to be downton as it is, right? Admission is $5 for the touring act. Find a facebook event for this one soon. Check out our Bread Sheep upcoming shows page for a look at what else is coming up soon.

July 18th at Bread Sheep: Transgression, Prevention, 156/Silence, Gumm, Prowess


It’s time to move on with some July show announcements for shows happening at the new Bread Sheep Café located right next to us. This one is happening Thursday, July 18th. It’s the same night as a Levitt show, so the start time is pushed back a little later to 8:00 pm. For this show we have the return of heavy heavy band Transgression from Kentucky to Springfield. They performed here last about one year ago exactly for the last Dumb Fest. Stream their brand new album on the player below. This show is actually going to be the tape release show for new local band Prevention – we brought you those recordings on our site a few days ago. Also on tour and continuing with the heavy music is “156/Silence” from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. Then we have a band called “Gumm” described as “melodic punk” from Tennessee. Are all three of those bands touring together or what? Opening things up is a fifth act and that is the return of popular local goof-off fart bomb band Prowess.

This show starts at 8:00 pm and admission is $7. Check out a facebook event for this one right here. Also be sure to check out our shows page for a look at what else is coming up at The Bread Sheep in coming months.

Levitt AMP Music Series Tonight: ISO Brass Band, Timbre


Don’t think that just because The Skatalites concert last week has gone and passed that there isn’t anymore going on downtown this summer – that show was just one of a ten part free concert series thanks to the Levitt AMP Grant our city won for this summer. That series continues tonight with the third concert in the ten-part series. Tonight is more of the “classical” music night, featuring headlining act the Illinois Symphony Orchestra Brass Ensemble! Some of you out there might be more excited about the opening act; who is national famed harpist Timbre from Nashville. Stream Timbre’s music on the player below. This act was brought in some thanks to our friends over at The Radon Lounge, where she has performed before. The main sponsor for tonight is also Foamed Up Coffee, who are also our buds.

Find a facebook event for tonight’s concert right here. It starts at 6:00 pm, goes until 8:30 pm, and it’s free. Happening out on the Y-Block across from the Illinois Governor’s mansion. For a closer look at what’s let of the Levitt AMP Music Series, visit their website right here.

Kate The Band: “Wine & Dine” / “Starry Eyes”


Today… keeping up with our ongoing roll of new Springfield local music we are excited to be bringing you this *exclusive* brand new two-track release from a new project that evolved from Kate Laine’s solo material – Kate The Band. Kate The Band has just dropped two hot new tracks – “Wine & Dine” and “Starry Eyes” and you can find them both streaming on the player embedded below. Head over to the Kate The Band bandcamp page to purchase the download of the songs.

Kate Laine will be going on a solo tour herself starting… tonight! Tonight in St. Louis at Foam is the first of a seven day stretch along with Jordan Collins from Washington! Amazing! The last day of the stretch is happening one week from today at our spot, (June 19th). Be sure to check out more info on that show right here and come out!

Kate released Recurring Dream as a debut album under her solo project in 2017. We’ll also be adding this two-track release to our Springfield album archive (number 444)!

Photos: The Skatalites (Levitt AMP Music Series) 6-6-19


We still can’t get over how magical last Thursday night was when we had the once in a lifetime opportunity and the planets aligned so that original Jamaican ska band The Skatalites could perform an outdoor concert in the heart of our downtown. This morning we are bringing you a collection of photos taken from that night (doesn’t look like any videos have really surfaced, sorry)! We’ve compiled a flickr photo album of 45 photos that you can check out right here. Photographers include Brian Galecki (Dumb Records), Carol Weems (Activator Magazine), and Adam Nicholson (Sala). Check those out there or a few above and below. There are a couple of opening act TaQsem as well.

The Skatalites on June 6th was one concert in a ten-part series – the next one happening tomorrow night (same place, same time) with the Illinois Symphony Orchestra Brass Band and Nashville Harpist “Timbre“. For the full list of concerts coming up on the block, go to the Levitt AMP Springfield website.




Lineup Announced For Old Capitol Blues & BBQ August 23rd and 24th


We seem to be on a streak with letting you all know what is going on in terms of summer festivals downtown and throughout Central Illinois this year, so we are going to keep that going. The lineup was just announced for a later summer festival happening here downtown – The Old Capitol Blues & BBQ Festival happening this year on Friday and Saturday August 23rd and 24th. Headlining the festival Saturday and pictured above is New York-based popular 1990s pop rock band Spin Doctors. Spin Doctors had the billboard hits “Two Princes” and “Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong” both in the 90’s. There are three acts playing Friday night and five Saturday night for the festival – the announced lineup is as follows:

Friday, August 23 – 

Saturday, August 24 –

You can keep up with more information when it is released such as ticket prices and set times by following the Old Capitol Blues & BBQ Fest facebook page. The festival takes place downtown right outside next to the Old Illinois State Capitol building.

Prevention: “Your Bad Habits”


Today to keep that new local music streak we’ve been on rollin’ we are bringing you this very hard-hitting five-song EP release by new Springfield hardcore group “Prevention“. Prevention features members of No Cash Value, Final Order, Grave Switcher, and a million other bands. They say they are a “straight-edge hardcore band”, and sounds like they are here to rock! Stream those five songs on the player below, or head over to the Prevention bandcamp page right here to download the release at your own price. Prevention’s next show is at Bread Slammers on July 18th, which will also be the physical cassette release for these hot five tracks.

You better believe we are adding this one to our ultimate Springfield Album Archive page, bringing us to eighteen things released this year (we are sure there are more out there), and 443 total.