Dumb Records Baseball Tees Available (Some Sizes Already Sold Out)!


Amazing. We dropped some hot, fresh, and new new shirts on our online storenvy store. They are baseball tees (pictured above) printed on supersoft Bella Canvas brand shirts by MilesTShirts. We can’t believe how many we sold in the first… it hasn’t even been 24 hours yet, and we are already out of stock in some sizes. Looks like we are going to have to be getting more printed! And wow we are pretty low on the pink and yellow tees that we released last week!

These run for $16 online – if you live in Springfield select the “local shipping” option on our store and we will deliver them to you at no cost! Check out everything we have in stock at our online storenvy store right here!

We Are A Participating In “Vinyl Nation” Documentary Virtual Screening Tomorrow (April 18th)


Wow, here is an opportunity that sprang up rather quickly for us!

Record Store Day has been organizing “virtual screenings” of a brand new documentary on the resurgence of vinyl called Vinyl Nation to take place tomorrow (April 18th) on what would have been Record Store Day 2020. Record Store Day has since been post-poned until June 20th (a little over two months from now).

To help record stores during these challenging times and closures due to COVID-19, we are presenting a one-time special online screening of our documentary Vinyl Nation in association with Record Store Day on April 18-19, 2020.

No one has seen Vinyl Nation yet! You will be the first audience to get a chance to see our documentary dig into the record resurgence here in America!

All ticket proceeds go to local record stores participating in this special screening. The link you used to buy your tickets allows us to track your ticket purchase directly back to your local record store, and your local record store will receive the full $10 face value from your individual ticket purchase.

That’s right. 100% of the face value of your ticket purchase goes straight to your local record store.

This special screening of our documentary Vinyl Nation will be available digitally from 12 midnight ET Saturday, April 18, 2020 through 11:59 PM PT Sunday, April 19, 2020.

Follow this link to purchase your online tickets to watch the documentary online and support our store! 100% of the proceeds will be going to support our store if you purchase tickets through that link!

Kate Laine: “Covers in Quarantine”


With all of us at home, we have been seeing a lot of livestreams from local solo musicians, or sit-down-acoustic videos. There have been a lot of new acoustic cover songs as well, which are always fun to see! Today we bring you a collection of songs Kate Laine has presented on her bandcamp, called Covers in Quarantine. Right now those are three songs which you can find on the player streaming below, but Kate might be adding more to the collection! So far groups covered include Big Thief, Julia Jacklin, and Feist. Head over to Kate’s bandcamp page where you can download these songs for free.

Kate also released a new original solo song called “Sway” at the beginning of this stay-at-home-order.

We Bought The Last Rock-A-Fire Explosion To Go Inside Dumb Records Because They Are The Only Band In The World That Is Immune To COVID-19


Haha! It’s an April Fools day post! Because it’s April Fools Day! Something about The Rock-A-Fire Explosion not being able to catch any diseases or viruses because they are robots! And guess what, we are opening our venue back up to robots only! If you are an animatronic robot you can come to our space and watch the Rock-A-Fire! If not, then you have to still stay at home! Ahahahahahahaha oh boy.

“This is a great thing for our community and local bands because the Rock-A-Fire can be programmed to play different bands songs” said Jeff Black, co-owner of Dumb Records. “For example, tonight I will be doing some programming to make the Rock-A-Fire perform a Timmy’s set, which we are all very excited for.” “They are the only band we will be needing from here on out. We are working on getting a live stream up and running.”

Hospital Job: “Covers”


Springfield / Chicago based pop punk band Hospital Job have surprised us all with a release of four new recordings on their bandcamp page under the title Covers. The four songs are different covers of songs originally by Old 97s, Woody Guthrie / Wilco / Billy Bragg, Ryan Adams, and Blaze Foley. Check those out streaming on the player below. These set up covers are also being released for a good cause during these times. From the Hospital Job bandcamp:

Covers of some of my favorite songs. 100% of money collected will go to Direct Relief. I will also match the funds, giving the same amount to Protezione Civile, the Italy national emergency service, so please give if you can.

Head on over to the Hospital Job bandcamp page and pay what you want to go towards the cause.

Hospital Job don’t have any shows lined up… but neither does anybody right now!

Dumb Records Participating In Annual Springfield St. Patrick’s Day Parade This Saturday


Here we are, one year later, using the exact same flier that we made for the downtown Springfield St. Patrick’s Day Parade last year. We are once again participating in the downtown parade that is happening this Saturday at noon downtown, and being pulled by the Miles T Shirts van. What’s different this year? Our elephant is supposed to be completely fixed with a brand new coat of paint! So that should be exciting! Check out the parade route on the parade website right here.

Throughout all of this, our store will be open at 418 E Monroe during its regular hours of 10:00 am to 8:00 pm all day on Saturday. Actually no wait! We’ll be open even later than that because we got a show going on that night!

Tours: Gumm and Prevention


Here is a nice little post to know that your local straight-edge hardcore band Prevention will be hitting the road later on in March along with the band “Gumm” from Chattanooga, Tennessee. You can check out those dates on the tour flier above, and if that’s not good enough for you we’ve typed them out below.

March 10th – Springfield, IL at Dumb Records
March 11th – Kansas City, MO at Parker 2
March 12th – Omaha, NE at Reverb Lounge
March 13th – Minneapolis, MN at Caydence
March 14th – Milwaukee, WI at Sky High Skateshop
March 15th – Indianapolis, IN at Atomic Bowling

You can stream music from both bands on players below. And as you can see, the kickoff for this tour is right here at Dumb Records on Tuesday, March 10th. The lineup for that show includes Prevention, Gumm, Direct Measure, Bull Cult, and Black Box.