years active: 2014  – 2015

Knives is a new Springfield band brewed in the ravenous underbelly of the Harm House. Life has been hard for the screamo 4 piece with wild Bennys, manic Brians and bloodthirsty Clares roaming the planes of Harm. It can be very difficult to graze and scavenge peacefully without a predator lurking near by.

Formed in the wake of the great swamp monster invasion of 2014 (which can be purchased on VHS from Guard Records) the band was overwhelmed by loss and dismay. The members of Knives took a good hard look at themselves and decided to name the band after the sacred weapon they killed the swamp monster with. A memorial Knife Chime now hangs to commemorate the day the swamp monster or “Edgus” fell.

Knives has issued their official statement through 4 tracks on cassette from Guard Record entitled “In From The Stills”.

Molli Squires
Jessica Knight
Kyle Ratliff
Tim WIlliams

related projects:
Caterpillar Club
Mother Leopard
Our Lady

links: bandcamp | facebook


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