Diaper Rash


years active: 2014 – 2016

Very little information about Diaper Rash is available. All that we know has been translated from a string of cooing and crying from a cradleside interview. According to the group’s vocalist, Big Baby, the band started merely 3 months ago, in the maternity ward nursery at St. John’s Hospital. Despite complaints from the nurses and other newborns, these 4 baby-punks wrote their first demo (DEMO ONE) within the first four hours of their lives. It is rumored that Cory Van Meter discovered the group when he overheard their practice via the hospital intercom during a late night shift, but Cory refuses to comment on these allegations.

Big Baby – vocals
Austin Konley – bass
Brian Gillekki – guitar
Joe Malado – drums

related projects:

links: bandcamp

contact: diaperxrashxband@aol.com

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