Hospital Job


years active: 2010 – present

HOJO is a half-Springfield, half-Chicago, punk band with releases on It’s Alive, Insubordination and Rad Girlfriend Records.

Hospital Job is a four-piece punk band from Springfield, Illinois, that is singer/songwriter Luke McNeill’s project when he’s not playing drums and writing the songs in the Copyrights.

Luke Mcneill – vocals/guitar
Tim Reynolds – guitar
Frederick E Malcom – drums
Kevin Rotter – bass

past members:
Cory VanMeter – bass
Benny DeWitt – bass

2018 Haze Like Me
2016 Split with Capitalist Kids
2015 Never Get Cold
2014 The Believer
2012 Downer Downer Downer

related projects:
Horrible Things
Donner Party of Five
Copyrights, The
Rad 214
Tabula Rasa
The Wide Awakes
Like…With Jetpacks

links: facebook | bandcamp


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