Scott Blacula

years active: 2012 – 2013

After a freak transporter accident during the filming of an episode of Star Trek: Enterprise, Scott Bakula’s likeness was cloned in the form of Scott Blacula.  Born from the latent spite that lies within Bakula’s heart, Blacula envied his moderate success.  As a result, he created the Inter-Galactic Wrestling Federation(IGWF).  He ruled over his workers with an iron fist, but he demanded more exposure.  He commissioned four of his lower-tiered wrestlers to form a band in his image, in order to preach about his self-perceived majesty.  These men (The Pukester, CM Drunk, “Rowdy” Roddy Crackpiper, and The Undertoker) have vowed to use this opportunity to do everything in their power to slander the name of Scott Blacula.  How?  By being the most hated grind band in the universe.

The Pukester (Julius Johnson) – vocals
CM Drunk (Nick DeMarco) – guitar
“Rowdy” Roddy Crackpiper (Adam Stevens) – bass
The Undertoker (Cameron Franklin) – drums

related bands:
Pound For Pound

links: facebook | bandcamp


Hear Scott Blacula on episode 6 of Blacksheep radio! To check out the other radio episodes, click here.

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