Emperor Norton

years active: 2011 – 2013

Single white thrash band seeks like-minded band for long term relationship with plenty of cuddling. Our interests include: playing fast, blast beats, circle pits, punk jumps, pick slides, skate boards, BMX, Magic: the Gathering, boobies, serious political discussions, and John Finkle. Please respond with a sweet dick pic if interested.

Alex – 2/2 artifact creature w/ infect
Jim – 8/8 thrash beast w/ trample
Jake – 3/3 wizard aberration w/ flying
Nick – 2/2 tribal elf w/ affinity for BJ’s

related projects:
And God Said Dance
Bastognes Best/The Revengers
Bootparty UK 77
Big Mouth
Cobra Kai Dojo
Don’t Mess With Winkie
Massive Blood Loss Due to an Incident with a Nail Gun
Matt Lucas For Coroner

links: facebook | soundcloud

contact: emperornorton217@gmail.com

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