years active: 2012 – 2014

The idea came about during Black Sheep Fest. At first, we were just gonna do street performing stuff downtown. Then we jammed. A couple months later, when Austin (Connelly, not Tate) was promoting his solo set at the art show, Tate was like “Hey, since I’m getting my acoustic bass soon, I should totally play with you” Austin C. was hesitant since the show was soon and there was little time to practice. Then, for when we did become a band-thing, Cody Jones suggested the name “Austin & Austin: The Band” So, unable to think of another name and because it’s kinda catchy, we used that. Our debut show was on 12-21-12, and we’ve been BFFs ever since. Except not anymore because we’re Montagh now and it’s not just Austin Connelly and Austin Tate it’s four of us now okay? Okay, alright. We play sad acoustic stuff.


Austin Connelly – guitar strumming and vocal cord straining
Austin Tate – bass fingering and singing sometimes
Tara Tracy – Banjo and pro vox
Dani Sakach – Clarinet and Ukulele

related projects:
I’m Dead Inside
Wir Können

links:facebook bandcamp


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