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Past Bands

For our ultimate Springfield Album Master Archive, go here!

Between all of the active and inactive bands Springfield has ever had, there is no way we could ever get every single band listed on this site.  However, we want to do our best to cover as many bands as possible.  If you play in a band or know of one that you would like to see featured on this site then email

In the email please provide:
– a photo of the band, or a link to one
– what years the band was active
– a short 50-100 word band bio
– contact information (email or phone number) for anyone interested in booking, etc.
– a list of band members (first/last names, instruments, and past members all optional)
– a link to all band websites and music
– a list of related bands that have shared band members

If information for a band whose page is already featured has changed, also feel free to email us with any new and updated information.

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