Don’t Mess With Winkie

years active: 2006-2012

Don’t Mess With Winkie was a ska/punk band active between 2006 and 2012. Hailing from all over the Springfield Metro, DMWW had a solid foothold on the punk scene playing shows anywhere and everywhere they were allowed. Getting their start in a basement in a suburb, they wrote songs about girls and movies. They didn’t try to hard to impress, but they had a lot of fun.

Nick VanMeter – vocals/trumpet
Derek Edge – saxophone
Cody Eigenmann – guitar
Jim Whitehead – vocals/guitar
Cory VanMeter – bass
Greg Harvey – vocals/drums
Paul Elders – Trombone/Vocals
Alexander Priest – Saxophone/Vocals
Kyle Traeger – Trombone

related projects:
Bastognes Best
Caterpillar Club
Cobra Kai Dojo
Emperor Norton
Hospital Job
Massive Blood Loss Due To An Incident With A Nail Gun
Matt Lucas For Coroner

links: bandcamp | facebook

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