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years active: 2019 – present

It is well documented throughout the world that higher and lower levels of existence, power and understanding can be achieved through esoteric and even mundane practices. There are those that face the Levant and kiss the ground feverishly; those that smear themselves with entrails and fly in nightly Sabbaths; and indeed those that drink the blood and consume the flesh of the crucified Corpse God and sing songs to his untimely undeath…in this sense, GARGANTUAN is no different. The four of us, through communion with the æthersphere, become One…and One becomes None. Your halls are our ritual chambers, and your souls are the requisite energy to feed this process. It is really quite simple.

Nihilus – gutars / vocals
Count Cogliostro – drums
Mäelbolgia – noises
Doombass – bass

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