Vote In Our Best of Springfield Music 2019 Year End Poll!!


The time has come! It’s December, which means that it’s once again time for our annual Best of Springfield Music poll! This is the EIGHTH time we have done this poll, started on this site in 2012. This time we are once again teaming up with Activator Magazine and the results will be published along with fun write-ups by members of our music and art community of the top choices. We came up with a total of 59 total releases to come out of Springfield this year by bands, hip hop acts, and solo artists. We understand that we may still be missing some, so let us know or email us at if you know of any we are missing and we will add them to the poll as soon as possible. As with past years, our poll is divided into three categories: best local releases, best local songs, and best local shows of the year 2019. Of course the shows category is not at all limited to Dumb Records, it could be any show that happened anywhere in town.


Voting will be active NOW until exactly one week from now, December 15th at 11:11 pm. Good luck out there! Results will be published in your top ten choices for each category (maybe top 20 for albums) at the very end of this month or beginning of January and also in next month’s Activator Magazine. Check out the results from the top ten releases of 2018 last year right here.

January 8th at Dumb Records: Sinai Vessel, Advance Base, Kate The Band, Marble Teeth, Alyssa Currie


Are you all ready to hear the first show announcement for a show taking place in the year of the future: 2020. Maybe not the first show of 2020, but this is the first show of that year we are announcing. This one is taking place on Wednesday, January 8th. This show featuring touring band Sinai Vessel from Chattanooga, Tennessee. That band played at Black Sheep TWICE before – once in 2014 and again in 2017. Now they are playing here in the future year of 2020. So they play here every three years. Stream their music on the player below. This time around Sinai Vessel is on tour with “Advance Base” who is a guy. Also on the bill is Kate The Band, the real deal. Also is Marble Teeth, the solo project from Decatur, and opening things up is Alice Currie of the band Attic Salt!

Wow, all of this starts at 7:00 pm and this show is seven dollars. Find a facebook event for this show right here. Also be sure to check out our shows page to see what other shows we have lined up in the future.

Tonight at Dumb Records: Best Sleep, Bottom Bracket, Us, Layers, Zach Goriszewski



Happy Saturday everyone, we DO have a show going on at our space tonight. Tonight it’s the band “Best Sleep” returning from Indiana. Best Sleep last played… actually right here at Dumb Records back in June. The first touring band to come back to our new space a second time around?? Stream some of their music on the player below. We also have Bottom Bracket, we hear this time around with a brand new lineup?? Also on this show is a newer Central Illinois group called “Us” (wasn’t there a movie of that same title recently out)? Up before that is “Layers” – the spoken word / musical duo featuring members of Good Heart Tattoos right next door to us. Opening things up is Zach Goriszewski formerly of the band Kickstart.

This show is another 7:00 pm, $7 show. Check out a facebook event for the show right here. Also be sure to check out our shows page for a good look at what’s coming up at the Bread Dumb Records Theatre.

December 22nd at Dumb Records: A Dumb Records Christmas Special


We have quite the interesting event happening later this month to announce to you today. We are hosting a special showing of “A Dumb Records Christmas Special” on DVD. What is this? It is something like an hour and a half worth of content created over the years featuring the Dumb Records old man, show commercials, and all sorts of funny good stuff crammed on to one DVD: “A Dumb Records Christmas Special.” We will be showing this masterpiece on a projector screen at on space on Sunday, December 22nd. Admission is free.

The world premier begins at 7:00 pm on this day. You can find a facebook event for the showing right here. Also check out our shows page for a list of everything coming up at our space in the near future.

Renegade: “Affluential”


Today we are bringing you yet another local hip hop release that recently got dropped. That is from Renegade – a solo project from one half of the “Co-Pilots” hip hop duo that has been active in town for a number of years now. Renegade’s new album is called Affluential (artwork pictured above). We do not have the albums streaming below (it is not on any platform that allows us to embed), however you can find it out there on Apple Music right here, on Spotify right here, and on Tidal right here.

Yes, this one of course is also being included for this year in our Springfield album archive, and also our big end of the year poll, which we might even be launching tomorrow!!

December Art Issue of Activator Magazine Available Now


Look at that, it’s Jeff. And Jeff is holding the brand new issue of Activator Magazine for December 2019, which we were just stocked up with in our store. The new (free) Activator this month is the special art issue. This means it’s packed with tons of pages featuring works by local artists. There’s a Q&A with Thom Whalen, local painter and professor at Lincoln Land Community College. Also a Q&A with Clare Frachey, local artist, and with Jon Griffin, Decatur-based artist specializing in poster design. Plus there’s a local artist directory! In addition to all of that there is the usual Central Illinois and St. Louis show calendars!

Pick up your copy for free at Dumb Records and many other spots around town. Also consider checking out and donating to the ongoing Activator Patreon campaign.

Tonight at CFP: Jack M. Senff, Mario Cannamela, Emily Hough, Reggie & The Demons, Chance Knight


There is a hot chocolate-themed show going on at the CFP basement house venue tonight, and you are all invited. The C.F.P. stands for “Chocolate Flavored Paste” which is what they use to put in the water and stir it up and put it in the microwave to make hot chocolate. It will be an all around wonderful time. You are supposed to bring a mug and two dollars if you want it filled up with some special C.F.P. There are also musical acts. This includes touring act Jack M. Senff from Michigan. Check out Jack’s music on the player below. We’ve also got… Mario Cannamela of the band Bottom Bracket. Mario’s bedroom is upstairs at the end of the hall. Emily Hough is also playing, the 17 year old singer/songwriter from Petersburg who has been doing big things and putting out great tunes. Also Reggie & The Demons! (Who is Niko). Opening things up or something is Chance Knight doing some spoken word / poetry.

This show is at the CFP, if you don’t know where it is you’re gonna haft to ask somebody, sorry. It starts at 7:00 pm and admission is $5. Check out a facebook event for this one right here. Also be sure to check out our Springfield shows page to look at a small list of shows going on in Springfield outside of our own space.