New Band Pages: Star Stuff


Earlier today we brought you news that the band Star Stuff released their first ever recordings to the world (just live recordings from a festival earlier this summer), now we are here to tell you Star Stuff is our new featured band page of the week. That’s right, you can check out their new page and stream the recordings on that page right here. Star Stuff will be performing next at our space on Thursday, March 12th along with Maddie Razook from Oklahoma.

Check out any of our 40 or so current band pages on our site right here. Do you perform in a local band or are a local original musician that has not yet set up a page with us? Get in touch with us at and we will work with you to get something set up!

Star Stuff: “Live At Audiofeed 2019”


We don’t usually list out live recordings on our site here, but we figured this one is going to be a rare exception – since at this point we do not have any recordings at all for Springfield rock group Star Stuff, who has been around playing shows in town for a minute! Today we bring you some live recordings that were just released of the band’s performance at Audiofeed Music Festival which took place in Urbana this past summer. You can check out those recordings on the player below, or head over to the newly created Star Stuff bandcamp page where you can download all six tracks at your own price.

Star Stuff’s next show lined up is happening at our space – one that was just recently announced for Thursday, March 12th along with Maddie Razook, Baby Ocho, and Clare Frachey.

Meezy Killafield: “Gemini Flow” (Song / Video)

Screen Shot 2020-02-23 at 12.33.15 PM

Local Springfield rapper Meezy Killafield has unleashed a brand new song and video to the world. The song is called “Gemini Flow” and you can find the song and brand new music video, shot and edited by Twenty One Seven Studios on the player embedded below.

Meezy Killafield released his album, Killafield Kronicles last year. Also check out our vids/pics page for a long list of local music videos from over the years. We are not sure on any live shows that Meezy has lined up at the moment.

Tonight at Dumb Records: Sorry Charlie, Nic Gundy, Jessica Cloyd, Nathan Dickerson


There was no game show at Dumb Records last night, but that is okay. We still have this all-local show going on at our space tonight as the only thing we have going on this weekend now. Tonight we have the full band Sorry Charlie on board playing – and then everyone else playing this show has never played our space before! Lovely! The first of those is Nic Gundy, who is the one act based a little bit away in Normal, Illinois. Stream some of Nic’s music on the player below. Before that is Springfield-based Jessica Cloyd, performing at our space for the first time! And opening things up is Nathan Dickerson, who apparently is a new solo act from right here in town!

This show starts at 7:00 pm and it’s a five dollar classic foot long. Check out a facebook event for this one right here. Also be sure to check out our shows page for a good look at what else we’ve got lined up!

Bottom Bracket: “Doggie Heaven”


Springfield emo rock group Bottom Bracket have debuted a second new track from their upcoming album, I Don’t Care Enough To Stay yesterday on internet website “The Alternative.” Check out that brand new track, called “Doggie Heaven” online right here. From The Alternative:

Their debut album, I Don’t Care Enough to Stay (out 3/27 via Rat King Records), grapples with the tough decisions a punk must face as they transition into adulthood, approaching it through their own experiences of watching the scene they invested so much into slowly fade away. Today we’re premiering “Doggie Heaven,” following the album’s twinkly lead single “Failures,” which details guitarist Mario Cannamela’s childhood dog passing away and what it’s like to deal with death that closely for the first time. Opening with intricate finger-tapping and off-kilter rhythms, the track’s combustible arrangement sounds like it could explode at any minute, taking the restless energy of emo and math rock and stuffing them into the familiar structure of pop-punk seamlessly.

The band debuted the song and music video for “Failures” earlier this year with the announcement of the new album, which comes out on March 27th through Rat King Records. The big album release show is happening here at Dumb Records on March 28th along with Looming, Nectar, Marble Teeth, and Belle.

Dumb Records Game Show: Cancelled


Unfortunately the big Dumb Records Game Show Night being put together by Country Bingo Jack has been cancelled for tonight. There was a technical malfunction with our trivia-bot resulting in a major clean-up needing to take place in our venue space. Country Bingo Jack had this to say:

“The trivia-bot became way too powerful. His vacuum cleaner arms combined with his ever-expanding knowledge of music trivia and all types of different trivia became uncontrollable. While my mother and myself were focusing on making sure the cake-walk portion of tonight’s event was going to be top-notch, we should have been focusing on containing the trivia-bot. We had him stored in the basement of Dumb Records, but as we were unloading a round of cakes to be set up last night stumbled across a horrific discovery. The trivia bot had torn through the main level floor up through the basement with his knowledge alone. It looks as if he has eaten the first round of cakes we had brought over for the cake walk as well, presumably with his vacuum cleaner arms. Now the trivia-bot has absorbed more knowledge about cakes and all of the different ingredients that made up each cake. He busted through the side wall out into the alley and looked as if he was heading straight for the Illinois governor’s mansion (presumably to their grand ballroom’s kitchen where there are more cakes).”

That’s all the info we have on that matter for now. The Dumb Records Game Show Night may or may not be re-scheduled for a later date. We do have a show still happening tomorrow night featuring Sorry Charlie, Nic Gundy, Jessica Cloyd, and Nathan Dickerson.

Fly Rich: “Off The Top” (Music Video)

Screen Shot 2020-02-20 at 5.53.53 PM

Today we bring you yet another music video coming from a local hip hop act. This time it’s Fly Rich with his song “Off The Top.” The video for this you can find on the player embedded below, and was shot and directed by CourtBoy Visuals here in town.

Fly Rich performed at our last hiphop show this past weekend. Check out a long list of other local music videos shot over the years on our vids/pics page.