Timothy Donavan Russell: “Storment Drome,” “Steps,” “Pursuant”

Happy new local music Friday everyone! It’s just been a lot of pinball lately, not a whole lot going on here in terms of new local music. Let’s get back to it! Recently, local sound artist Timothy Donavan Russell dropped three new releases in the forms of albums and songs up online. We have ALL three embedded on players below!

Storment Drome is on the bottom and is two tracks over 7 minutes long. These are “raw drone synth noise field recording weird.” Steps is in the middle, includes five new tracks. Then at the top Pursuant is one track over 8 minutes – “Studio jam on microKORG and Electro-Faustus Drone Thing Mostly in 18/4 time….”

Check all of that out on the player below, or head on over to the Timothy Donavan Russell bandcamp page for more music!

October 8th at Noon: Dumb Records Virtual Cash Mob, Pinball Tournament *FINAL ROUND*, *NEW GAME REVEAL* (All Live)

Are you ready for us to dump a ton of stuff happening all at once on you right now??? Get ready…

On Thursday, October 8th, at NOON, on the Downtown Springfield Inc. facebook page:

We are participating in a “VIRTUAL CASH MOB.” What is this? What does this mean? It means we are going to be selling a bunch of stuff exclusively through an online store at this time along with a live video showing you these items. There are going to be some really really good deals, so you are going to have to be logged in watching the live video to act quick! This live video will be shown on the Downtown Springfield Inc. facebook page. We will have the link up to an online shop where each item will be for sale as well. For this you can expect good deals on new and used records, turntables and speakers, exclusive t-shirts and merch items, and more surprises along the way!! Expect the cash mob to go for 30 minutes from 12:00 to 12:30 pm. It will also be hosted by Momentum on Main Street member Kristina Barbee. For other examples of Cash Mobs other downtown businesses have been doing, check out the Downtown Springfield Inc facebook page! We will be posting more hints on our facebook page of items we are going to be selling on the virtual cash mob leading up to the event.

The OTHER big thing that is going to be happening LIVE, IMMEDIATELY after we are done with our cash mob also on the Downtown Springfield Inc. facebook page on the same live video is THE FINAL ROUND OF OUR PINBALL TOURNAMENT. By this time the tournament will be down to TWO competing businesses. The game they will be playing, *live* is going to be Blackout (1980). This is a fast moving game, and the winner of the tournament will be the best two out of three of that game. This will be intense. The winner will get a trophy and a gold key to our our arcade, and a champion t-shirt.

THEN, last but not least the WINNER of our tournament will be pulling back the curtain on a NEW GAME that we WILL HAVE in our ARCADE!!!! LIVE!!!!!

That’s it for now. Be sure to follow the Downtown Springfield Inc. facebook page and tune in on that day and time for all of the fun.

News Channel 20: “Dumb Records Hosts Pinball Tournament”

You are probably all sick of hearing about this pinball tournament from us by now. Well, it’s still going on, and will be until October 8th. Things are getting more intense, and now even News Channel 20 has caught on to our madness and has decided to cover the story. We appeared on the nightly news this past Sunday night. The article along with video clip online “Dumb Records Hosts Pinball Tournament” can be found online right here. From the article:

“It’s been a blast, it really had. It’s been a great way to just build community. We already have a great community downtown but it’s been a way to further that community,” said Tyler Smith, with the Public Market.

Brian Galecki, co-owner of Dumb Records says it’s a great way to have fun.

As you can see in the video, Dumb Records owner Brian Galecki’s mask has fallen down past his nose. Dumb Records the corporation acknowledges that this is not the appropriate wear to wear a facemask during this pandemic, and proper precautions are being made to notify owner Brian Galecki making sure this will never happen again.

Continue following us on facebook or log on to our underground pinball forum for more updates on the tournament.

New Arrivals This Week at Dumb Records

It’s another week. Yes, that is right we do more than pinball here – we are in fact, a record store that sells records sometimes. And this week we have plenty of good and juicy new and used LPs, CDs, 12″ singles, cassettes, and more hitting the shelves. We are giving you a list that is just a taste of some of it this week. And we are still open from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm here at 418 E Monroe downtown. Check out our online discogs store. Okay, let’s jump into what’s new:

New LPs
Bikini Kill – Pussy Whipped
Bikini Kill – Revolution Girl Style Now
Clear Channel – Hell
Converge – Unloved and Weeded Out
Escuela Grind – Indoctrination
Fireburn – Don’t Stop The Youth
Foundation – Turncoat
Fugazi – 7 Songs
I AM – Hard 2 Kill
Joyce Manor – Songs from the Northern Torrace
Marilyn Manson – We Are Chaos
My Morning Jacket – The Waterfall II
Neko Case – Furnace Room Lullaby
The Pineapple Thief – Versions of the Truth
Tenement – Bruised Music Vol. 2
The War On Drugs – Lost In The Dream
Xibalba – Anos En Infierno

Used LPs
Alice Cooper – Goes To Hell
Billy Cobham – Inner Conflicts
Black Sabbath – Vol. 4
Blue Cheer – Outside Inside
Bruce Springsteen – Nebraska
Diana Ross – Diana
Duke Ellington – Ellington Uptown
Electric Light Orchestra – Olé ELO
Engelbert Humperdinck – His Greatest Hits
Gary Moore – After The War
George Harrison – Cloud Nine
Isaac Hayes – Joy
James Taylor – One Man Dog
Jimmy Smith – Plays Fats Waller
Johnny Griffith – Together, Togetherness
The Kingston Trio – Time To Think
The Kinks – Arthur Or The Decline And Fall of the British Empire
Klymaxx – Klymaxx
Lynn Anderson – It Makes You Happy
Paul McCartney – Pipes of Peace
Paul McCartney – Give My Regards to Broad Street
Queen – Hot Space
Rod Stewart – Every Picture Tells A Story
Sawbuck – Sawbuck
Scorpions – The Best of Scorpions
Simon & Garfunkel – The Concert in Central Park
Stan Getz – The Melodic Stan Getz
Stanley Turrentine – Sugar
Styx – Best of Styx
Tom Waits – The Heart of Saturday Night
Tranquility – Tranquility
Ultimate Spinach – Ultimate Spinach
U2 – Joshua Tree
U2 – The Unforgettable Fire
Various – The Giants of Jazz
The Ventures – Beach Party
Vince Guaraldi Trio – Jazz Impressions of Black Orpheus
William Jackson – Heart Music
Wings – London Town
Yank Lawson & Bob Haggart – The World’s Greatest Jazzband
Yes – Yesterdays

New / Used CDs
Ali – Original Soundtrack
Alison Krauss – Now That I’ve Found You
America – View from on the Ground
Anthony Papa – Choo Choo Records Volume 1
Billie Holiday – Love Songs
Chris LeDoux – Whacha Gonna Do With A Cowboy
Dion – Drip Drop: His Greatest Hits
Echo & The Bunnymen – Ocean Rain
Everlast – Whitey Ford Sings The Blues
Go Go’s – Greatest Hits
Go Go’s – Beauty And The Beat
Guster – Lost And Gone Forever
Hüsker Dü – Land Speed Record
Hüsker Dü – Candy Apple Grey
Incubus – When Incubus Attacks Vol. 1
Incubus – A Crow Left on the Murder
Itzhak Perlman – Greatest Hits Volume 2
Itzhak Perlman – Bits and Pieces
Jason Moran – Black Stars
Jan & Dean – All-Time Greatest Hits
Jeff Carson – Real Life
John Michael Montgomery – Brand New Me
Keith Sweat – Keep It Comin’
Koko Taylor – Force of Nature
Liz Phair – Exile in Guyvile
Liz Phair – Whitechocolatespaceegg
Mickey Gilley – Hits, Honky Tonks and More
Mindy McCready – Mindy McCready
P. Diddy – We Invented The Remix
Pat Metheny – One Quiet Night
Patty Loveless – Up Against My Heart
Pat Green – Wave on Wave
P.O.D. – The Fundamental Elements of Southtown
The Pogues – Rum Sodomy & The Lash
The Pogues – If I Should Fall From Grace With God
The Psychedelic Furs – Mirror Mirror
Puddle of Mudd – Life on Display
Ramsey Lewis – Priceless Jazz
R.E.M. – Out of Time
The Replacements – All Shook Down
The Replacements – Pleased To Meet Me
Sara Evans – No Place That Far
Sir Mix-A-Lot – Mack Daddy
The Smiths – Strangeways, Here We Come
Steady Flow – Straight Outta “P”
Terri Clark – Terri Clark
Terri Clark – Just The Same
Various – Bad Boys: 10th Anniversary
Vince Gill – When I Call Your Name
Vince Gill – The Things That Matter
WAR – Groves & Messages
Yo-Yo Ma – Simply Baroque
Yo-Yo Ma – Simply Baroque II

Downtown Springfield Pinball Tournament Round 2: RECAP

These sure are exciting times downtown. We are now right in the middle of our big downtown Springfield pinball tournament and there continue to be many twists and turns! Saturday was the last day of Round 2. Right at the buzzer, Tyler Smith representing Public Market downtown came through with the highest score for the whole round on No Good Gofers with 18,644,600. News Channel 20 rushed in to interview him right away (pictured above). Here is a complete recap on all of the scores for round 2:


CUSTOM CUP = 8,588,630
BUZZ BOMB = 6,560,210



THE PHARMACY = 11,870,540

ARLINGTON’S = 11,581,250

PUBLIC MARKET = 18,644,600
USPS = 16,877,700

OLD STATE CAPITOL = 14,544,100

CRAFT BEER BAR = 18,591,431

ANVIL & FORGE = 13,234,580
RESOURCE ONE = 7,343,370

Great job, all of the participating businesses. Things are getting more competitive and more intense as we get further into this tournament. Now we are going into the third round, which features the game “PIN•BOT” and goes until this upcoming Sunday, September 27th. There are nine competitors left including eight local businesses and one mayor. Here are the brackets for the current round:





Good luck everybody! Continue following our facebook page for more updates.

Offwhyte: “Propel Exact”

Yet another local hip hop project has dropped a brand new album during these times. This is a new one from Offwhyte – a long running talented artist originally from the 217 who has moved out to the west coast and back to Springfield over the years. This is Offwhyte’s brand new album called “Propel Exact.” Check some of that out streaming on the youtube player below. Also check out the album on Apple Music right here, or on Spotify right here.

Yet another local hip hop project has dropped a brand new album during these times. This is a new one from Offwhyte – a long running talented artist originally from the 217 who has moved out to the west coast and back to Springfield over the years. This is Offwhyte’s brand new album called “Propel Exact.” Check some of that out streaming on the youtube player below. Also check out the album on Apple Music right here, or on Spotify right here. From Offwhyte’s facebook page:

Galapagos4 cofounder Offwhyte returns, his alter ego taking center stage this time on Propel Exact. Offwhyte’s most fun album to date, the 14-track project is produced by G4 stalwart Open i and clocks in at a hearty 44 minutes. Themes include infatuation (“Sophie Turner”), being a dinosaur (“Velociraptor”), and his age group (“Generation X”). The all-digital album concludes with bonus track “I Am Not a Virus” produced by Kip Killagain. Featured artists on the album include Brzowski, Infinito 2017, Memphis Reigns and Grill Billyenz.

This is one of three albums that Offwhyte has released in the past four years. We are adding Propel Exact to our Springfield album archive page, brining us to

September Issue of Activator Available Now

Whoops, it’s about halfway through the month and we are just now letting you know that we have the new new issue of Activator Magazine for September 2020! As you can see, this one features the band Attic Salt on the cover. They have a brand new album, Get Wise, coming out this month! They are interviewed in this new issue of Activator.

What else does this issue have? No live show calendars, as we are still in strange and scary times, but plenty of album reviews. There is an interview with Jacksonville-based psych band The Dixie Narcos and about how they have been putting out three albums a year for the past three years. Other interviews with Free Range Youth from Decatur, Voldrega the Black Mage from Champaign, a photo spread of some acts at The Alamo, 10 up 10 down with Boss Maseiano, and an interview with Don Brazel of The Bastard Squad, and much much more!

You can pick up a copy of Activator Magazine here at Dumb Records for free, or at other different local locations around Central Illinois.

Illinois Times “Best of Springfield 2020” Finalist Voting

Yes, it’s that time of the year again, and you all know it! All of your favorite local businesses, bartenders, radio personalities, artists, and bands are asking you to vote for them for the annual Illinois Times “Best of Springfield” awards. This year, we are lucky enough to be featured in THREE categories (even though the sign in the photo up there has two listed). Those are:


We didn’t want to push the music venue part too hard because we are still not anywhere near it being safe enough for us to have shows or crowds of people here and probably will be for the rest of the year if not a while longer.

To vote, go check out the poll online right here!

We were also very blessed to be the winners of “Best New Business Downtown” in last year’s Best Of’s poll.

Bottom Bracket WNIJ “Sessions From Studio A”

It’s been a minute since local music and local bands! Local emo group Bottom Bracket appeared to have done something in the Chicago area recently. The group appeared on Dekalb, Illinois-based radio station WNIJ’s “Sessions from Studio A” which is an ongoing live video and recording series. This was a live video, but also there are now two youtube videos up from the session, each featuring two songs. Some of the songs come from Bottom Bracket’s recent album, I Don’t Care Enough To Stay, and some are brand new. Check out those videos embedded below.

New Arrivals This Week at Dumb Records

It’s another Tuesday! SO here we are with another great stack of new and used LPs, CDs, and more going out on the shelves here at Dumb Records. Our store is still open everyday from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm here at 418 E Monroe St. downtown. Our arcade is also open those same hours and the great big downtown Springfield pinball tournament is on-going. Our online discogs store can be found right here. Alright, let’s jump into what’s new!

New LPs
Beastie Boys – Paul’s Boutique
Bully – Sugaregg
Electric Wizard – Wizard Bloody Wizard
Deafhaven – New Bermuda
Fats Domino – The Best of Fats Domino
Iggy Pop – Raw Power
Joy Division – Love Will Tear Us Apart
Kii – Nightingale
Mayhem – Out From The Dark
Muddy Waters – The Best of Muddy Waters
Slipknot – Slipknot

Used LPs
Aerosmith – Permanent Vacation
Alabama – 40 Hour Week
Bad Company – Burnin’ Sky
B.B. King – The Best Of B.B. King
The Beatles – Love Songs
The Chiffons – Everything You Always Wanted…
Chuck Berry – 20 Greatest Hits
Crosby / Nash – Live
Dave Brubeck Trio / Gerry Mulligan – Blues Roots
Dave Rose – A Merry Christmas To You
Dionne Warwick – Here I Am
Doris Day – Doris Day’s Greatest Hits
Genesis – Selling England By The Pound
Glenn Miller – Legendary Performer Vol. 2
Glenn Miller – Parade of Hits
Harry Golden – Harry Golden
Herb Alpert And The Tijuana Brass – Casino Royale
Herb Alpert – The Best of the Brass
The Hollies – Romany
Jan Garber – The Swinging Sweet Bands Vol. 2
Jethro Tull – Too Old To Rock N’ Roll: Too Young To Die
John Schneider – A Memory Like You
The Kingston Trio – Stereo Concert
Klaatu – Klaatu
Leon Russell – And The Shelter People
Loreena McKennitt – Elemental
Oak Ridge Boys – Room Service
Patton – Original Motion Picture Score
Pink Floyd – A Nice Pair
Sammy Hagar – Rematch
The Shirts – Inner Sleeve
Skeeter Davis – Best of Skeeter Davis, Volume II
Stella Parton – Country Sweet
Various – Central Illinois’ Best Rock
Various – Flashback! Rock Classics of the 70’s
Various – History of Rock N’ Roll Vol. 4
Various – Thank God It’s Friday

12” Singles
Astaire – What Have I Got To Lose
Aurra – Are You Single
Freeez – I.O.U.
Klymaxxx – Meeting In The Ladies Room
Time Bandits – Live It Up / Juvenile Aquaintance

New / Used CDs
Andrew Lloyd Webber – The Music Of
Beth Nielsen Chapman – Beth Nielsen Chapman
Chuck Mangione – Feels So Good
Dion – The Wanderer: His Greatest Hits on Laurie Records
Echo & The Bunnymen – What Are You Going To Do With Your Life?
Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons – 20 Greatest Hits
Frankie Valli – Greatest Hits
Girls Against Boys – House of GVSB
Guster – Goldfly
Herbie Mann – Eastern European Roots
Hoodoo Gurus – Magnum Cum Louder
Hoodoo Gurus – Mars Needs Guitars!
Hugh Masekela – Live At The BBC
Hugh Masekela – Time
Hubert Laws – The Best of Hubert Laws
Hüsker Du – New Day Rising
Incubus – Make Yourself
Incubus – Enjoy Incubus
Keith Sweat – I’ll Give All My Love To You
Keith Sweat – Rebirth
Leontyne Price – The Essential
Mahalia Jackson – How I Got Over
Mahalia Jackson – Amazing Grace
Marcus Miller – M2
Powerman 5000 – Tonight The Stars Revolt!
Powerman 5000 – Mega!! Kung Fu Radio
The Presidents of the United States of America – s/t
The Queers – Later Days And Better Lays
Ramsey Lewis & Nancy Wilson – Meant To Be
R.E.M. – Fables of the Reconstruction
R.E.M. – In Time: The Best of R.E.M. 1988-2003
The Replacements – Stink
Scarface – The Fix
Simon & Garfunkel – Bookends
Snoop Dogg – Bones
Super Furry Animals – Rings Around The World
Various – The Source Presents Hip Hop Hits Vol. 5
Various – Baby Boy: Music From The Motion Picture
Various – The Best of Old Town Doo Wop
Vince Gill – The Best of Vince Gill
Warren G – The Return of the Regulator 2002
Warren G – Take A Look Over Your Shoulder
Yo-Yo Ma – Plays The Music of John Williams