The Seething Coast


years active: 2007 – present

The Seething Coast is an original, independent band from Springfield, Illinois.  Forming in the wake of the demise of local political indie rock band Resident Genius (who, in 2006, released a critically-acclaimed…no kidding…split cd with famed historian/activist/author Howard Zinn), guitarists and songwriters Jay Vanselow and Jason Perry decided to forge on.  After a succession of bass players and drummers, the line up finally solidified with bassist/singer Sam West (All These Pieces, Merkins) and Damon Soper (NIL8, Fast Orange, Soul Pudding, and about 100 other musical adventures).  The band has played shows with everyone from indie folks like the Mountain Goats and Beat Happening’s and K Records Founder Calvin Johnson to punk rock icons Screeching Weasel, the Queers, and Classics of Love.  In 2013, the band released two albums  – an EP titled “Olympia”, recorded by famed engineer Steve Albini and “We Would Have Saved You If We Could…”, recorded right here in the Land of Lincoln by Joseph Tury and Brandon Carnes.

Jay Vanselow – guitar/vocals/keys
Jason Perry – guitar/vocals
Damon Soper – drums/vocals
Sam West – bass/vocals

related projects:
Abe Lincoln Continental
Two Trick Pony
The Wide Awakes
Resident Genius
The Favored Nations

links: facebook | bandcamp


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