years active: 2014 – 2016

[Formerly] The Locals are a band that consists of three members. Michael Butler (Guitar/Vocals), Carter Bibb (Bass Guitar), and Liam Coffey (Drums). Each member is still in high school and all take part in the music programs at their schools. Liam Coffey and Carter Bibb have both been in a band together before The Locals, and both have been involved in Springfield, Illinois Punk Music scene. Although The Locals are not a punk band, the members all enjoy playing soft rock, pop, and alternative music. Carter and Michael have played with each other since middle school, and Liam Coffey was the most recent addition to the group.

Michael Butler – guitar/vocals
Carter Bibb – bass
Liam Coffey – drums

related projects:
Teen Freak

links: facebook | vimeo | soundcloud

contact: liam.coffey73@gmail.com

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