years active: 2016 – 2017

In intergalactic FEMA sector 6 just beyond Pluto a space king was exiled from Planet X for being too much about the imperialist plutoist agenda. Then, in the 1980s short wave Russian radio signals transmitted punk to the farthest reaches of space. It was answered when a space craft landed outside of Springfield, IL at a Mysterious Skin show. Aboard this ship was LORD XENU who brain washed the local band THE LOCALS with brain scrambling technology to join him as his slave punk rock band that they would front. Kyle Gietl walked by and was overcame with fear and submitted to XENU to play guitar. Now the spaceXcrew of STARLORDE seeks to mosh their way across fleshbags of all types to make their way to become the punk overlords of you all. We are really fucked.

Mega Ultra Highest King Lord Xenu
Space Slave 1
Space Slave 3
Space Slave 66
Space Slave 4

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Livin’ Thing
Our Lady
Pretend I’m Not There

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