The Good Companions

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years active: 2014 – 2018

The Good Companions were founded in 2014 out of a mutual love of good song craft and honest live performance. Songwriters Colin Helton and Danny Kerwin had played together in groups previously, but after a jam session informed by 60’s pop like the Beatles and Motown, the two formed the group. Travis Collins came on to round out the trio on drums.

By carefully balancing their love for 60’s pop music and the more ragged rock and roll textures of Neil Young and the Minutemen, The Good Companions has created a genre-defying sound. Taking cues from classic trios, the band is able to do quite a lot with less and their sound is full and heavy

Colin Helton (guitar/vox)
Danny Kerwin (bass/vox)
Travis Collins (drums)

past members:
Tony Colantino (guitar)

links: facebook | youtube | reverb nation | soundcloud