Fill In The Blank


years active: 2011 – 2017

Fill in the Blank is a punk/alternative rock band. The band is a five piece with a sound similar to a mix of All American Rejects with a larger Sum 41 influence. The band’s main focal point is the energy and putting on a good show for an audience, stage presence is important. Fill in the Blank is also straight edge and believes in living a pure life because something that changes your mind changes who you are. Over all Fill in the Blank is just in it for the fun and loves to play shows.

David Gardner – drums
Lukas Myers – bass/vocals
Kevin Carman – lead guitar/vocals

past members:
Devin Durbin – vocals
Michael Paterson – rhythm guitar

links: facebook | soundcloud

contact: Lukas Myers (217)-823-4124 | Kevin Carman (217)-820-2761

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