Obi-Wan Kanblo Mi

years active: 2009 – 2013

Obi-wan was constructed from the ashes of Bastognes Best and The Revengers after a year of dormancy.  Chuq was booking a show for The Casualties at Black Sheep and decided they should “get the band back together” since he and former bandmates Will Henebry and Brian Galecki were already playing a few one-off shows as a three piece. Obi-wan was then born with Chuq, Will, Brian, Earl and Gary from the Revengers and Pound for Pound, and Drew from Bastognes Best.  Over the past 3 years Obi-wan has played many great local and regional shows, and as par for the course the line-up has changed off and on, but they are currently rocking with a solid line-up and continuing to channel the spirit of Springfield’s Skapunk past.

Chuq Metz – vocals/sax
Johnny Knight – guitar/vocals
Gary Swaggerty – drums/percussion
Cody Lebovitz – bass/yoga
Drew Dambrauskas – sax/accordian
Elly Knight – concert baritone/euphonium

past members:
William Henebry
Anthony Cohen
Earl West
Brian Galecki
Trent Weber
Jake Hanson
Aaaron Shults

related projects:
Pound for Pound
Bastognes Best
One Shiny Button
The Revengers
Boot Party UK 77
Extremely Extremely
Banana Hammick Soldier (BHS)
The Mourning After
Death To The Broken Hearted
The Anti – Perspirants

links: facebook | bandcamp

contact: Chuq @, 217-553-9961

Hear Obi-Wan Kanblo Mi on episodes 4 and 16 of Blacksheep radio! To check out the other radio episodes, click here.

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