Kick To Tha Head

years active: 2005 – 2010

Kick To Tha Head started in late 2005 by ex members of straight edge band Solemn Vow. Wanting to play heavier NYHC influenced Hardcore the band practiced for a few months and then played it’s first show in March of 2006. As the year unfolded KTTH played lot’s of shows, recorded the “Assemble Your Crew Demo”, and went on it’s first tour in late April 2006, much good times were had and lots of good pizza eaten. As the summer hit the band played out constantly and began to see a new local Hardcore scene emerge. Many shows were done with friends Pound for Pound as well as touring acts such as Hoods, Palehorse, xLooking Forwardx, Furious Styles, Fight Like Hell etc. In August of 2006 the band recorded the full length “As We Think…So We Are” for Turkey Vulture Records. Throughout the fall and winter of 2006/2007 the band played at home at Black Sheep and toured the Midwest. In November of that year the band made it all the way out to the East Coast only to have the show cancelled on them en route from Detroit! Luckily New Jersey has good pizza and it helped ease the pain of such disasters. In March of 2007 after 7 months of waiting to get the CD pressed the band had the “As We Think…So We Are” release show, it also turned out to be original guitar player Roger Smith’s last show with the band. As 2007 continued the band went on it’s last tour in May of that year with friend Ben Robinson playing guitar and his future wife Amber doing merch. On this tour KTTH played with friends Pound For Pound in Pennsylvania with the notorious 25 ta Life. Throughout the rest of 2007 the band played monthly shows at home and a couple out of town. Gary Swagerty became the new guitar player and the band wrote a new song called “Sunset on Humanity” which never got recorded. As 2008 rolled in the band played fewer shows and during the fall of that year KTTH unoffically disbanded without any last show. It was not until Black Sheep Fest 2010 that KTTH had any type of closure, with the band playing a fun, sweaty set in the hot July heat. No pizzas were eaten until after the show.

Kevin – vocals
Roger – guitar
Tyler – bass
Kenney – drums
Gary – guitar
Ben – guitar
Earl – bass
Jake – guitar

related projects:
Big Mouth
Caterpillar Club
Code 30
Neon Rebels
Pound For Pound
Solemn Vow

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