September 7th at Dumb Records: Blushe, Prowess, + “Which Band Is Your Boyfriend In?” Documentary Showing


Today we are happy to announce the first movie / documentary screening we are attempting to have in our new space! And we’ve got it paired up with two bands performing, for an all around well rounded event! Our friends at Activator Magazine approached us about the possibility of us doing a showing of a new documentary from the UK exploring gender in the DIY scene called “What Band Is Your Boyfriend In?“. Here is a description from the facebook page:

This documentary features the views of a range of women/gender-fluid individuals from all walks of life within the UK music scene. It looks at how and why people get involved in music, the positive and the not-so-positive experiences, and the possible ways we can change things.

The gender divide exists – there’s no doubt about it. And recently there have been an increasing number of press articles on the issue, but they only scratch the surface. So, Which Band is Your Boyfriend in? provides an in-depth account of the situation.

From the outset it was my intention to create a film which could have an impact on the awareness of equality issues in the UK music scene. I hope that this project will inspire young people to pick up an instrument, learn to record music or just get out there to see live bands perform.

Check out the trailer for the documentary on the player below. Total run time is close to an hour and a half. We also have two bands on the bill – if we had to guess how we will have it set up, we will likely have the bands go first and then the movie screening directly after. Bands performing include the incredibly talented alternative / punk group Blushe, and then the male-fronted hardcore band Prowess.

This one starts at 7:00 pm and admission is $5. Check out a facebook event for this one right here. Also be sure to check out our shows page for a good look at what else we’ve got coming up.

Marble Teeth: “Lonerisnt”


Today we are giving you the world premier of a hot new track by Decatur-based solo artist, Marble Teeth. Right here on our site. The new song is called “Lonerisnt” and you can find it streaming on the player below. Also head over to the Marble Teeth bandcamp page if you would like to download the song at your own price.

Marble Teeth played at The CFP house venue here in town for their most recent show last month. He does not have any shows in Springfield lined up that we know of right now, but keep your eyes and ears peeled. Marble Teeth released his latest album Cars last year.

Today on The Dumb Records Radio Show: Nasty Boys


Gross! Nasty! Today is Friday and it’s another episode of The Dumb Records Radio Show that’s on every Friday from 4-6pm until the plug gets pulled and we are off the air (which could happen literally at any given point)! Until then we are still rockin’ and rollin’ on the radio airwaves of Springfield and we are going to do so today with THE Nasty Boys from Milwaukee, Wisconsin! (Pictured above fishing for sharks in the lakes of Wisconsin). Tune in to hear us talk to the Nasty Boys and their nasty attitudes, and also play some of their music, and also music from a lot of other local bands and musicians.

Our radio program airs today and every Friday (for now) from 4:00 to 6:00 pm on 88.3 WQNA fm. Also online at that same time at We’ve uploaded a lot of old shows recently onto our Mix Cloud page, check that out!

Oh and by the way, if you want to follow along with the status of WQNA and the future of the station, there is a newly created facebook page you can follow!

Tonight at Dumb Records: Nasty Boys, Final Order, GRINN


It’s Friday, and the weekend! We only got one show going on at our space this weekend and that is tonight, and it is one that is sure to last probably around one hour if we had to guess. (Okay, maybe two). Tonight we got a band called “Nasty Boys” from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Looks like it’s a duo of two guys. What makes them so nasty??? Come to the show to find out. And stream their music on the player below. Also on this show is Springfield hardcore band Final Order. Opening things up looks like dug up from the grave is GRINN… a band we have not seen or heard or anything since… Dumb Fest #5 back in 2017? Well we’ll be darned.

This show starts at 7:00 pm and admission will be $5. Check out a facebook event for this one right here. Also be sure to check out our shows page to take a look at what else is going on at our space in the near future!

Videos: Prevention at Bread Sheep 7-18-19

Screen Shot 2019-08-15 at 3.59.18 PM.png

This afternoon we bring you a hot new video taken at our show space about one month ago. It is the band Prevention performing their song “Overstep” which comes off of their new demo which you can listen to right here. Check out the live video on the youtube player embedded below, or go to our Youtube channel right here. Also check out our vids/pics page for a list of touring and local band videos taken at our new spot, but mostly in the olden days at Black Sheep.

Prevention is playing next on Saturday, August 31st and are actually shooting a music video! For their song “Another World.” Anyone is welcome to learn the words and come out to the show to be a part of the video shoot at the show.

Looking For Local Music For Our Growing Local Music Section


Lately we have been working on getting our local music section here at the new downtown Dumb Records back up and running and better than ever. Today we are giving a call out for any more local music that we are missing on our shelves! We know there is LOTS out there! We can purchase cassettes / CDs / records from local bands directly or work out deals on consignment. Just come in and talk to us, or you can always email us at

Our store is open every day from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm at 418 E Monroe Street downtown.

Musical Realists: “Hill Of Beans”


We are giving you a second dose of local music today, wether you like it or not! Ha! This evening we bring you a brand new EP from the father and son duo project “Musical Realists”, composed of sound artist Timothy Donavan Russell and his son. The EP is called Hill of Beans and features three new tracks and you can check out streaming on the player below. Also head over to the Musical Realists bandcamp page where you can purchase the download of the album.

Yes, we are adding this one to our Springfield album archive, bringing us to 36 releases from this year that we’ve had featured, and 462 releases total.