Springfield Album Archive Page Hits 500 Listings


This counts as exciting news, right? Today we are letting you know that the Springfield album archive page where we have been listing out and linking all Springfield band and artist releases (demos, albums, etc.) has hit a total of 500 listings! Most of these listings include links to where you can go listen to the release. Right now this ranges from Food And Money back in 1980 all the way to Ricki Marvel in 2020. That’s 40 years! We do know that this isn’t nearly anywhere close to cataloguing everything that has ever came out in Springfield, but we are constantly adding to this list. If you have music to be added (especially if you have links to where we can listen, or send us music directly) – feel free to reach out to us at dumbrecs@gmail.com.

It should also be noted that the vast majority of the albums we have listed have all came out within the last few years. The halfway point in all of that is at 2016. Either there’s been more music than ever coming out of Springfield in recent years and it’s easier for bands to record than it was in earlier years, or we have a lot of catching up on past years to do we are not sure… maybe a little bit of both cases.

Oh, we also did a little bit of updating to our grand ol’ history page, which by now takes a good sitting down to fully read.

Updates: Springfield Shows Page

Screen Shot 2019-01-20 at 2.31.33 PM.png

Hi, we’d just though we would stop by this afternoon and say “hi”, also we know that a lot of you out there are thirsty for live music shows. Well, our space still isn’t quite ready for those (still waiting on a door to get replaced and a few other people to sign off on stuff), however there are still plenty of shows going on coming up around town in spaces that aren’t the new Dumb Records. This includes houses “The CFP”, The Radon Lounge, also Bar None right across the street from us, HISO Music, Free Press Coffee, and more. We updated our Springfield Shows Page which has upcoming shows listed around town the best we are able to for now. If we are forgetting anything let us know!

The Springfield Shows Page can always be accessed by hovering over the “Shows” tab right up there in our menu bar. The Dumb Records show page will be up and rolling as soon as we are approved to have shows in the new space.

Testing… Testing… Hello?


It’s 2019. The lease on our brand new spaces downtown start for us today, and we’ve already hit the ground running hard. We are trying to update a lot at once, including updating the domain of this website to dumbrecs.com. Do you like it? Don’t worry, blacksheepspringfield.com still redirects to here. Also don’t worry, all of the photos, fliers, and links on this site are still all here. We fully intend on continuing to celebrate the history of The Black Sheep Cafe as an all ages space in this site and moving forward with our new downtown space. We’ll be updating more of this site to match up with what we are doing this coming week. And for those of you asking when we will be open – expect an update from us on how things are coming along to be posted here on our site tomorrow!

How else can you stay up to date on what we are doing? Hey, sign up for our weekly online newsletter! We are sending one out with an update on how things are going later tonight! Sign up for that right here(If it still says Black Sheep Cafe sorry, we are working on it).


Black Sheep Has An Instagram

Screen Shot 2018-09-02 at 10.38.27 AM.png

Look-ee here! Here at Black Sheep / Dumb Records headquarters we recently decided to launch a new Instagram page for The Black Sheep. It’s about time we get with the times, right? Before we had lumped all of our content onto the Dumb Records Insta page – and don’t worry that page isn’t going anywhere. We felt that it would be beneficial to launch a more “official” separate page for The Black Sheep to get the word out more about upcoming shows, and also have an Instagram account that is more integrated with this website (which we plan on posting a lot more regularly this month)! Give that new Black Sheep page a “follow” right here. If you are a fan of a lot of “stupid” and/or “dumb” content, don’t forget to check out the Dumb Records twitter page from time to time.

Dumb Fest 6 Page


We finally got around to setting up a page for Dumb Fest 6 on our site! Now you can take a look at a breakdown of everything announced for the festival so far – including where we are at on the lineup for all six shows – happening six different locations with weekend of June 8th, 9th, and 10th – and all of the bands playing, along with clickable links to each band’s music. Check out that new page right here. You can also always find it by hovering over the “shows” tab. You can also find pages for past Dumb Fests by hovering over “Dumb Fest 6.”

You can also expect a new wave of ten bands to go up here at our site at 3:00 pm this afternoon! Lookout!

Committed To Good Content Here in 2018 at BlackSheepSpringfield.com!


Hello, and welcome to a new year! Thank you to all who came and checked out the show that we had a hand in putting on at Kari Bedford Photography downtown last night as a part of the Springfield Area Art Council’s First Night. (Hannah Songer is pictured above performing at the studio space last night).

We want to let all of you fans out there know that we know the site has slowed down some over the past couple of months – but we plan on getting right back on track with this new year! We plan on keeping the content coming daily with news on local band going-ons, show announcements, and all of that good stuff. You can expect us to be back tomorrow with the first of our Best of Springfield Music 2017 series starting with the albums.

We will also be doing our best to get our Black Sheep Shows Page back up to date tonight! We do have some fun and exciting things lined up for this new year!

Our Website 5 Years Old Today


Could you believe it, our website – blacksheepspringfield.com was launched on this very date exactly five years ago (August 7th, 2012). At that point the very idea of a record store, recording studio, Dumb Fest, and many other project had not even been born yet. Check out our Black Sheep history page to see more of a timeline on how much we’ve come along over the years. Here’s to another five more years of pumping out more content on Springfield local music and shows!

Thanks to all who came out to Black Sheep Fest this past weekend! We’ll be back later tonight with an announcement for a Black Sheep 12 year anniversary show in September!

Welcome to 2017


Another year is here for all of us! Our first show of the year is happening in just a couple of days this Tuesday with GUSH, Acrylics, Fussy, Pryss, and Livin’ Thing. More info on that one right here. The three year anniversary of Dumb Records is also coming up in just ten days on 1/11- more info on that one right here. See what other shows we have lined up so far this year on our shows page.

NIL8 Launch New Website

NIL8It has been years and years since long-running Springfield punk band NIL8 had an operating website- before it was NIL8.com. This month the band have launched a brand new site for the first time in years with plenty of features including fliers spanning the past four decades, as well as audio and video recordings of live shows spanning all the way back to 1985. The new site is www.switchdrops.com, named after a NIL8 song off of the album Hallelujah I’m Gonna Kill Myself. Here is a more in-depth explaination of what switchdrops.com is about:

Enter SwitchDrops.com — an unofficial source for all things NIL8. Right from the start you’ll find tour dates covering almost 30 years, downloads of live recordings, and a look at various pieces of NIL8 memorabilia. This is absolutely a work in progress with plenty of holes to be filled. If you’ve got something to contribute — evidence of a past tour date, a recording you made of a live show, a snapshot of a piece of memorabilia — just drop an email our way [or reach out via Twitter @swtichdrops] and you’ll be helping this site become a more comprehensive (and long-overdue) resource for NIL8 fans everywhere!

Check out the new website right here. Stay tuned for more information on NIL8’s annual “Hobgoblinspookadelic” Halloween show as well as a special Black Sheep Halloween Show to be announced very soon.