Testing… Testing… Hello?


It’s 2019. The lease on our brand new spaces downtown start for us today, and we’ve already hit the ground running hard. We are trying to update a lot at once, including updating the domain of this website to dumbrecs.com. Do you like it? Don’t worry, blacksheepspringfield.com still redirects to here. Also don’t worry, all of the photos, fliers, and links on this site are still all here. We fully intend on continuing to celebrate the history of The Black Sheep Cafe as an all ages space in this site and moving forward with our new downtown space. We’ll be updating more of this site to match up with what we are doing this coming week. And for those of you asking when we will be open – expect an update from us on how things are coming along to be posted here on our site tomorrow!

How else can you stay up to date on what we are doing? Hey, sign up for our weekly online newsletter! We are sending one out with an update on how things are going later tonight! Sign up for that right here(If it still says Black Sheep Cafe sorry, we are working on it).


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