Deezy Da Paperboy / Jacc Breeze “Runnin Man”

Back to the local music! Today we bring you a new track from Lincoln / Springfield based hip hop artist Deezy Da Paperboy in colaboration with Jacc Breeze also from Central Illinois. That track is called “Runnin Man” and you can check that out embedded on the player below.

Be sure to check out more of Deezy Da Paperboy’s music online right here, and more of Jacc Breeze’s music online right here.

Sensai Doog: “Zarter Zero”

Today we bring you a brand new album from local hip hop artist “Sensai Doog“. That album is called Zarter Zero, and you can find it streaming online right here. A description of the album from Sensai Doog’s webpage:

The zezond installment in the Zarter zeriez firzt Zarter Zeven released by Benjii Vinze “zlime in paradise Vincent Martin Bell Jr.” on July 7th, 2017. Zarter Zero – Zix albums are a honor to dedicate these memorials to Zlatt! I do this for Zoo Cru Nation we Zillionairez. The rixhness is in your heart, mind, body, and soul the wealth is a luxury of being rixh! It’s Nothing But A Money Getta OBB….

Sensai Doog has been hard at work this year – this is his fifth release that has came out in 2020! One other notable album of his that came out earlier this summer was Sincerely Yourz. We have also added this one to our Springfield album archive page, bringing us to 93 releases we have kept track of so far this year.

WeirdMarc300 & A1: “A Very Pandemic Christmas”

Oh how nice, we just love the holiday themed local releases that are coming out this year! This one is from the hip hop end of things – WeirdMarc300 has teamed up with A1 to bring us A Very Pandemic Christmas: a five-track release. You can stream this one on the player embedded below. Also head over to the WeirdMarc300 bandcamp page to stream the release, purchase the download, or check out any more of his music.

We have this one added to this year on our Springfield album archive page, where we have kept track of 89 releases so far this year.

DreTheGuy: “The FALLow Up”

Happy Friday everybody, T.G.I.F., and here’s a dose of local hip hop for you to get ready for the weekend! This is a new new album from local artist DreTheGuy, who may have recently re-located for a job in Oklahoma involved with studio recording. This new album of his is entitled The FALLow Up, and it is the follow up to last year’s Lapis Effect. You can stream all of The FALLow Up on the player embedded below. Also find links to listen to the album on many many other online streaming services right here.

We have added this one to our Springfield album archive page as we are getting ready to launch our big end of the year music poll, this one bringing us to 67 local releases we have kept track up so far this year.

Fly Rich: “Damn!”

Time for us to do a little bit of catching up on some local music that’s been coming out lately. Earlier this month or late last month a new single dropped from local hip hop artist “Fly Rich.” That song is called “Damn!” and you can find it streaming on the youtube player embedded below. This one was engineered by Shawn “Push” Freligh.

Check out Fly Rich’s youtube channel for more music.

On The Move With Reco Hill: “Freshman Class 2020 Cypher”

Earlier this week a video was released by On The Move With Reco Hill – a new local video series which has mostly featured video interviews orchestrated by Reco Hill and filmed by Elijah Settles.

The new video is of some featured performances by some newer up-and-coming local hip hop artists, entitled the “OTM Freshman Class 2020 Cypher.” It was filmed inside of our own space (the closest thing we have had to a show here since March), and you can check that out streaming on the player embedded below. Also check out the On The Move With Reco Hill youtube page for more videos right here. Gets Re-Launched


We have a hard time keeping up with local hip hop news and going-ons a lot of time on our site. It would be great if there was a whole other site and other people dedicated to posting what’s new and hot in 217 hip hop, right!?!? Well luckily, there is once again! Today we are reporting that the domain is back up and running!

The site looks as active as ever, with plenty of new music being actively posted covering the 217 area code, including both Springfield and Champaign, Illinois. There is also a page for events, however that might not be updated until we are all out of this coronavirus business.

217hiphop also has an active facebook page, and an active twitter page!

Cornbread: “Quarantine EP”


Happy Phase 4 everyone. To celebrate Phase 4, long-running local hip hop artist Cornbread has blessed us with a brand new “Quarantine E.P.” You can stream this five-track EP on the player below or head on over to Cornbread’s soundcloud page for more. Thank you Cornbread.

We have added this one on to our Springfield album archive page! This brings us to 26 local releases we have kept track of so far this year and 521 total.


Deezy Da Paperboy feat. Junior Pasáre: “Brown Baby Bars”


All of the bars in town are closed (except for some that are doing curbside and delivery services), but today we have some more brand new local music, and a song called “Brown Baby Bars”… that’s right, brought to you by hip hop projects Deezy Da Paperboy and featuring Junior Pasáre.

We couldn’t find this one streaming on any services that we can embed below, but this new track IS streaming on Apple Music right here, and Spotify right here. Go check it out! Oh, it’s even on Google Play right here.

Clutch: “Paint feat. YM Tae” + More

Screen Shot 2020-03-25 at 12.11.32 PM

Today we bring you some brand new Springfield music in these times of stay-at-home orders, coming from local hip hop artist “Clutch.” Clutch has released twelve new tracks on her soundcloud page, and hinted that a proper tape release is on the way. We have the first of those three tracks – “Pain,” featuring YM Tae, “Research,” featuring Dunk, and “Hard Times” featuring ABM Kid all on separate players embedded below. Check out all of the tracks on Clutch’s soundcloud right here.