Deezy Da Paperboy + Cornbread: “Check A Bag”

Screen Shot 2019-05-08 at 11.39.32 AM.png

Today we are bringing you brand new Springfield music with some more local hip hop here. This one is a song featuring long time local rappers Deezy Da Paperboy and Cornbread. The song is called “Check A Bag” and comes from an upcoming mixtape being put together by the artists called Kush & Kollabs. Check out the song streaming on the player below.

Both Cornbread and Deezy Da Paperboy will be performing their own separate sets at the first hip hop show at the new Bread Stretchers which we haven’t officially announced yet on Friday, May 31st. Be on the lookout for the announcement for that soon.

Vincent Sebatian: “Not Alone”


Good morning everyone and welcome to a brand new week. Here we are this morning bringing you some brand new music from Springfield/Chicago solo artist Vincent Sebastian who just dropped a brand new hit single called “Not Alone”. You can check out that song streaming on the player below, or head over to Vincent Sebastian’s bandcamp page to purchase the download of the track.

Vincent released “A New Rhode” back in 2017, and is also active playing in projects Foot and Kenyon DeShasier.

Kate Laine: “Made A Poem”


This evening we are bringing you a stream of a brand new song by Kate Laine! The song is not a part of any release as of yet, just as a single entitled “Made A Poem”. You can stream it on the player below. Also head over to Kate’s bandcamp page to pay to download the mp3.

You can vote for “Made A Poem” as favorite song for this year on our Best of Springfield Music 2018 Poll! Going on now through December 13th. Kate Laine will also be performing next at Black Sheep for the big big concert with Park on Saturday, December 15th.

MAC Release New Song + Video “Authority”, EP Release October 6th at Brewhaus


Good morning! Today we are bringing you a brand new song and video from the new Springfield punk band band MAC – the band has a brand new EP coming out later this fall that they recorded here in Southtown up in the studio with Mike Butler as engineer. The song is called “Authority” and you can find it on the youtube player embedded below. Shots from the video were taken at Black Sheep Fest 2018 which took place last month. The band’s EP is called “No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs.”

The band will be hosting an EP release show at Brewhaus downtown on Saturday, October 6th. More info on that show can be found right here.

No Cash Value “Government Stole My Skateboard”


It’s about time for us to get back on track telling you all about all of the hot new Springfield music that has been coming out. This song was released just yesterday right before Black Sheep Fest kicked off. It is Jacksonville-based punk group No Cash Value‘s new hit single – “Government Stole My Skateboard.” The song was recorded with a few others up in Southtown Sound, to all be released at some point soon.

Stream “Government Stole My Skateboard” on the player below. Also head over to the band’s bandcamp page to download the song for free. No Cash Value don’t have any shows lined up at Black Sheep currently, but be on the lookout for more soon!

HECK: “Preachers Kid”


Today we are bringing you a brand new and newly recorded song from Springfield/Bloomington project “HECK” which is the songs and works of Hannah Songer. This was recorded with the help of Southtown Sound intern and spokesperson B.J. Pearce who also performed percussion and guitars. Check out that track streaming on the player below, also head over to the HECK bandcamp page to download the mp3 for free.

There are no HECK shows lined up at Black Sheep as of right now, but hold tight and be on the lookout for more soon!

Four New Songs From The Little Death


Springfield alternative rock group The Little Death have released four new songs on their bandcamp this year. The band formed at the end of last year and feature members of former pop punk group Fill In The Blank as well as others. Check out each of those four songs streaming on separate players at the bottom of the post.

The Little Death will be performing at Black Sheep one week from today along with another rare performance by the band Vonne. More info on that show can be found right here.