Adam Maletich: “Cumulonimbus”

Screen Shot 2020-05-20 at 4.15.58 PM

Local singer/songwriter Adam Maletich has released a brand new track as well as announced that he has a new album on the way.  The new track is called “Cumoulonimbus” and the upcoming album is called Turbulence. You can check out the track on the Youtube player embedded below, or head on over to Adam’s Youtube channel right here.

Adam released his last album Over The Edge a couple of years ago in 2018.

Local Drags: “The Well”


Looks like local pop punk group Local Drags have released a brand new song as a part of a musical quarantine series put together by Something To Do Records out of Seattle Washington. The series is called “Something To Do Music For Something To Do People” and the Local Drags song is the 20th installment of the series. You can check it out on the Something To Do bandcamp page, or stream that sucker on the player below.

Local Drags released their full length album, Shit’s Lookin’ Up last year, and also The Boys Are Still In Town 7″ this past fall.

Meezy Killafield: “I Don’t Know Freestyle”

Screen Shot 2020-04-08 at 3.08.16 PM

Even though the lock-down continues, hip hop in the 217 does not as we keep having new singles and music videos rolling in! This time once again local rapper Meezy Killafield has teamed up with Twenty One Seven Studios for a new song and video for “I Don’t Know Freestyle.” You can check that one out on the player embedded below.

Meezy Killafield released his album The Killafield Kronicles earlier last year. Check out a long list of other local music videos shot over the years on our vids/pics page.

Deezy Da Paperboy feat. Junior Pasáre: “Brown Baby Bars”


All of the bars in town are closed (except for some that are doing curbside and delivery services), but today we have some more brand new local music, and a song called “Brown Baby Bars”… that’s right, brought to you by hip hop projects Deezy Da Paperboy and featuring Junior Pasáre.

We couldn’t find this one streaming on any services that we can embed below, but this new track IS streaming on Apple Music right here, and Spotify right here. Go check it out! Oh, it’s even on Google Play right here.

Creepin Towards: “The Things You Love”

Screen Shot 2020-03-29 at 12.43.44 PM

Well, we certainly don’t expect to see very many new bands popping up or starting during the stay-at-home order that we are currently in, but looks like yesterday one new Springfield project made its debut at least in the online world! This new project is called “Creepin Towards” and features Clare Frachey (Spell Breaker, SAP) and Ralph Shank. The project is kicking things off with a bang with this new song and video for the song “The Things You Love.” Check out the video embedded on the player below.

This project doesn’t have any live shows lined up as far as we know, but then again there are no shows really lined up on the whole entire planet as far as we know right now.

Kate Laine: “Sway”


More new local music from our beloved solo acts coming at ya in these tough times! Today we bring you a brand new demo track from Kate Laine. The track is called “Sway” and you can find it streaming on the player below. Also head on over to Kate’s bandcamp page where you can pay-what-you-want for the download and check out more of her music. Kate released her last full album Recurring Dream in 2017 and two songs under her full band, Kate The Band last year.

Dizzy Vibez: “Nina” Feat. AJ Bee

Screen Shot 2020-03-20 at 3.14.39 PM

Here we are again catching up on some more local music that has came out in the past month or so that we may have missed, while we are on lock-down. Today we bring you a hot new track from local hip hop artist “Dizzy VIBEZ” called “Nina.” This track features AJ Bee and you can find it streaming below.

Check out more of Dizzy Vibez’ music out on Soundcloud right here.