Dexter Anodyne: “The River”

Screen Shot 2019-06-21 at 11.44.46 AM.png

Today we bring you *finally* the first recorded song available from Springfield solo musician Dexter Anodyne, who has been playing shows at Bread Stretchers / Black Sheep / elsewhere in town for at least a year now (maybe longer?). The song is called “The River” and you can find it streaming on the youtube player embedded below, or on youtube right here. The song comes from an upcoming album by Dexter called Weeping Venus which is being released on CD by a newly created local label called Signal Element Records. The album is scheduled to be released on July 19th.

Dexter’s only show lined up in town right now as far as we can tell is a week from tomorrow on Saturday, June 29th at Buzz Bomb Brewery with Black Esther and The Randys. Stay tuned for any more info on an official CD release show for her new album.

Musical Realists: “Bunny Ah Ah Crunch”


We gotta keep this ball rolling with new local music every single day!! It feels great!! Here you go! Today we bring you a brand new song from a local recording project we didn’t even know existed up until recently – the project is called “Musical Realists” and features sound artist Timothy Donavan Russell and his son Timothy. Together, they are Musical Realists and they are here to bring you some very interesting and real music. Today’s music is a brand new track of theirs called “Bunny Ah Ah Crunch,” which comes from a fourth-coming album. Stream that song below.

Apparently this project has had two long albums – Electrouble released last year and Frog Coin released in 2014. Head over to the Musical Realists bandcamp page to check both of those out. We are adding those both to our Springfield album archive page right now.

Flunkie: “Three”


Today we bring you some fresh new Springfield music from local solo act Flunkie. Flunkie has a lot of recorded music out there. Just a couple of weeks ago she released a new song called “Three” which you can find streaming on the player below. Head over to Flunkie’s bandcamp page to find more music or download this track at your own price.

Flunkie will be playing next at Bread Stretchers at a show on Wednesday, June 19th along with Kate Laine and Jordan Collins. Find a facebook event for that one right here.

MLR: “Faces”


Here we are with some brand new local music to get you through the week. Springfield recording project “MLR” has recently released a brand new track called “Faces” which you can find streaming below. You can head over to the MLR bandcamp page to download the mp3 at your own price and find more music released over the years.

MLR is the project of Mark Lee Reynolds, also of various other groups and projects of the past such as Night/Hex and others.

Deezy Da Paperboy + Cornbread: “Check A Bag”

Screen Shot 2019-05-08 at 11.39.32 AM.png

Today we are bringing you brand new Springfield music with some more local hip hop here. This one is a song featuring long time local rappers Deezy Da Paperboy and Cornbread. The song is called “Check A Bag” and comes from an upcoming mixtape being put together by the artists called Kush & Kollabs. Check out the song streaming on the player below.

Both Cornbread and Deezy Da Paperboy will be performing their own separate sets at the first hip hop show at the new Bread Stretchers which we haven’t officially announced yet on Friday, May 31st. Be on the lookout for the announcement for that soon.

Vincent Sebatian: “Not Alone”


Good morning everyone and welcome to a brand new week. Here we are this morning bringing you some brand new music from Springfield/Chicago solo artist Vincent Sebastian who just dropped a brand new hit single called “Not Alone”. You can check out that song streaming on the player below, or head over to Vincent Sebastian’s bandcamp page to purchase the download of the track.

Vincent released “A New Rhode” back in 2017, and is also active playing in projects Foot and Kenyon DeShasier.