Cornbread: “Remember”

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Long running local hip hop artist Cornbread has hit us with a brand new song a couple of days ago called “Remember.” It features other local artists Beenie Blanco and Meezy Killafield. Check out the song embedded on the youtube player below.

Check out more of Cornbread’s music on his bandcamp page right here. Also don’t forget to check out for more local hip hop news.

Attic Salt: “Mud” (New Song + Video)

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Attic Salt are doing it big time with their new album Get Wise coming out next month. This week they debuted the first hit single from that new album via Brooklyn Vegan. You can check out that full article about them and with a stream to the song and video right here. We’ve also embedded the youtube video below. The song is called “Mud.” From the article:

“Mud” is actually the last song that came together right before we went into the studio to record Get Wise. Written by Alyssa Currie during a downpour, the song really came together during recording. Being such a new song, and all of us recording separately, it became an instant favorite of ours once it was finished.

Get Wise is out September 25th via Jump Start Records, and will be available on vinyl.

Demons on Wheels: Activator


Demons on Wheels, one of the numerous recording projects of Mark Schwartz, has released a brand new track “Activator Magazine” from a recording video session featured on… Activator Magazine. You can find that track on the player below. Head on over to the Demons on Wheels bandcamp page to purchase the download of the song.

Also check out that full video interview segment with Mark put together by Activator and Crowdson Creative on youtube right here. Mark also released a full album, Still Standing, under the Demons on Wheels recording project earlier this year.

The Dixie Narcos: “Time Girl And The Unknown”

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Jacksonville, Illinois-based psychedelic project The Dixie Narcos are at it again with a brand new song and video for “Time Girl And The Unknown.” You can check that out on the player embedded below. The band has also been posting clips on their facebook page from upcoming songs for a new album they are working on entitled Nantucket 3. From the youtube description it seems like this song might be for another project: “This song is for Time Girl Productions upcoming animated/live action show. This is a work in progress.”

The Dixie Narcos have put out a lot of albums, there are ten of them listed on their spotify page.

Wage Slave: “The War On Drugs”

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We are learning about new hip hop acts that are emerging out of our area every day. Here’s one that we have not yet covered on our site – “Wage Slave” from right here in the 217. Looks like Wage Slave has been putting out music for a number of years, and you can check out more of their music on soundcloud. This is a brand new song by Wage Slave called “The War On Drugs” and you can check it out on the player embedded below.

For more local hip hop, don’t forget was recently re-launched and is updated daily as well!

WAGE SLAVE · The War on Drugs Prod VEZAEL [DEMO]

Foot: “Straight From The Sea”


Wow, today we are completely surprised by this new single from Springfield/Chicago heavy project Foot! You can check out Foot’s new 4+ minute long single “Straight From The Sea” embedded on the player below. Also head on over to Foot’s bandcamp page to purchase the download and support the artist.

On Foot’s facebook page you can also check out a video to go along with the song of Vincent Sgro playing all of the instruments to the track. Foot’s last release Big came out in 2018.

The Dixie Narcos: “Shake It (Baby)”

Screen Shot 2020-08-02 at 2.43.23 PM

Today we bring you a fairly new song from Jacksonville Illinois-based psychedelic rock project, The Dixie Narcos. This new song is called “Shake It (Baby)” and you can find it on the player below. The song presumably comes from a new album, which The Dixie Narcos are dropping more teasers for on their facebook page saying will be ready at some point next week.

The Dixie Narcos have released many albums over the last few years. Check out more of their music on their bandcamp page.

CompositionC (feat. Sheezy): “Alien”


Today we bring you a hot new track from another local hip hop artist, CompositionC. This track is called “Alien” and it features Sheezy. This one wasn’t on any platforms we could embed below, but it is available on a number of different platforms you can find by checking out this link.

CompositionC released his debut full length album Back To The Beginning last year in 2019.

No Good Deed: “Too Much”


The wait is finally over, Springfield “psychobilly” band No Good Deed have released their very first recorded track after they have started being a band and playing shows at some point last year. That song is called “Too Much” and you can find it on the player below. Also head on over to the band’s bandcamp page to download the song at your own price.

Oh! And what’s this? We are starting to see more things resembling shows pop up, and it looks like No Good Deed is going to be performing outside of Buzz Bomb on August 1st along with Spencer Stokes! Find a facebook event for that one right here.