Videos: Slow Mass at Dumb Records 1-19-20


Happy Wednesday, everyone. We still can’t get over how great our venue space looks right now and how great our last show this past Sunday was. Today we bring you a video that was taken of Chicago-based band Slow Mass, of them performing one of their songs, “Gray Havens.” You can find that video on the player below.

Also check out our vids/pics page for a list of videos taken at our downtown space and plenty from the Black Sheep years.

Videos From NPR Illinois Tiny Desk Concert Series in May at Anvil & Forge

Screen Shot 2019-12-26 at 11.18.50 AM.png

Maybe we are way late on posting this, but here it is. Way back in May NPR Illinois put on a special “Public Radio Week” at different locations downtown. Part of this included a “Tiny Desk Concert Series” show at Anvil & Forge on Washington Street. Bands that play included Kate The Band (pictured above), Looming, Jeff Williams, and Dexter Anodyne. We’ve got the video from Looming’s set on the player embedded below.

To see videos of all four sets, head on over to the NPR Illinois site right here.

A Dumb Records Christmas Special


After a good few hours of uploading things and trying to figure out how to get youtube and internets and technology and big files to work these past couple of days, we have finally done it. And just in time for Christmas. We are proud to present…. A Dumb Records Christmas Special! A little over one hour original film put together by the Dumb Records old man or something. Check out the entire film streaming on the player below, or on youtube right here.

We’ll be back with our regular programing tomorrow.

Videos: Spowder At Dumb Records (10-14-19)

Screen Shot 2019-11-27 at 12.29.44 PM.png

Today we bring you a video from a show that happened at our space over one month ago. On October 14th, we have captured a video of the band Spowder from New Jersey performing one song. Spowder have a lot of songs. Check out that video on the player below.

You can also check out more videos shot at Dumb Records / Black Sheep over the many many years on our vids/pics page. Or head over to our youtube page to check out more. Be sure to “like” and “subscribe” while you are at it.

Videos: Navel at Dumb Records 9-4-19

Screen Shot 2019-10-11 at 7.29.11 AM.png

Today we bring you a video of the band Navel from Japan performing at our space earlier last month. They were a surprise band that we were only able to announce a few days before the show, and have been active playing punk rock since the early 1990’s. This was their first time touring the U.S.A. and we were thrilled to have them as the first band from overseas at our new location. Check out the video embedded below, or go to our youtube channel right here.

Also find more videos from over the years (mostly at Black Sheep) on our vids/pics page.

Videos: Rockford at Bread Sheep (8-9-19)


Today we are bringing you a video of Rockford performing at their final final show ever this past month at our space. It was a great time, as you can see. This video is for their last song ever, ever called “Vanity”. Check that out right here on our Youtube page or on the player below.

Check out our vids/pics page for more show videos, mostly from the Black Sheep days.

Videos: Prevention at Bread Sheep 7-18-19

Screen Shot 2019-08-15 at 3.59.18 PM.png

This afternoon we bring you a hot new video taken at our show space about one month ago. It is the band Prevention performing their song “Overstep” which comes off of their new demo which you can listen to right here. Check out the live video on the youtube player embedded below, or go to our Youtube channel right here. Also check out our vids/pics page for a list of touring and local band videos taken at our new spot, but mostly in the olden days at Black Sheep.

Prevention is playing next on Saturday, August 31st and are actually shooting a music video! For their song “Another World.” Anyone is welcome to learn the words and come out to the show to be a part of the video shoot at the show.