Dumb Records Black Friday Official Unboxing Video

Oh nice. This is a post to let you know we have a new *official* unboxing video for Black Friday Record Store Day, which is coming up in just a few days this Friday. We go through opening up some boxes of Record Store Day exclusives – but don’t show everything.

As per usual, none of these items can be help – they are all first come first serve. You can find a facebook event for Black Friday along with more info right here. We open that day at 8:00 am and are open until 8:00 pm.

Dumb Records Youtube: Record Store Day Odds & Ends, Orbitor 1 Pinball, + More

It’s been a while since we’ve been on our weekly youtube kick on the Dumb Records youtube channel. So, we are especially excited right now to tell you that we have compiled a new fun video up on our youtube channel from footage taken over June and July of this year. A lot of this video was taken around the two Record Store Day Drop Dates (getting ready for them, unboxing records, the actual Record Store Days, and the aftermath). All of this condensed into one ten minute long video. We also play Orbitor 1 pinball, and review more Gallina’s food!

Check out the video embedded below, and also be sure to head over to our Youtube page and subscribe to our channel!!

Balki Bros: “South Fork Slide”

Who’s ready for something new? We’re talkin’ a new band, a new song, AND a new video to go with it. It’s a new band being BACKED by our Dumb Records house band “Witch Bucket.” The new band is called “Balki Bros” (the animatronic band that was already on stage is called Witch Bucket, okay we know this is already getting confusing). Balki Bros is a new band and here they are performing their song “South Fork Slide” on OUR stage with OUR house band “Witch Bucket” backing them. (Witch Bucket is completely Covid-proof and safe, we can not say the same thing for Balki Bros, but either way we are still not close to the point where it is safe to have shows). Check all that out on the player embedded below!

Also check out our vids/pics page for more music videos shot over the years. Balki Bros don’t have any more recorded music or anything else out there, this is all you get.

Bottom Bracket WNIJ “Sessions From Studio A”

It’s been a minute since local music and local bands! Local emo group Bottom Bracket appeared to have done something in the Chicago area recently. The group appeared on Dekalb, Illinois-based radio station WNIJ’s “Sessions from Studio A” which is an ongoing live video and recording series. This was a live video, but also there are now two youtube videos up from the session, each featuring two songs. Some of the songs come from Bottom Bracket’s recent album, I Don’t Care Enough To Stay, and some are brand new. Check out those videos embedded below.

Activator Presents: Mark Schwartz (Video)

Screen Shot 2020-08-14 at 12.52.55 AM

Activator Magazine is continuing their teaming up with Crowdson Creative as part of their ongoing video series, usually featuring local musical acts which are also featured on the magazine’s cover for the month. This time around Mark Schwartz is featured in the video series. Mark is a recording artist in town with multiple recording project names that he is constantly releasing new music under. Mark sits down with the Activator team and describes the differences in each project and also shows his studio setup along with some wacky instruments and what his creative process is like. Check out that video below!

Also pick up a copy of Activator Magazine at our store or various other locations around town for free!

Videos: Melanie A. Davis at Dumb Records 2/25/20


While we are sitting around not having shows and not sure when we can ever have shows again, we just dug up a little video from the vault (from about one month ago). This one is from a show one month ago- the full band of Melanie A. Davis from Murray, Kentucky came and performed. Today we bring you a video of the band performing the song “I Don’t Really Care, Do You?” Check that out on the player embedded below.

Also check out our youtube page if you are thirsty for more live videos shot at our space and from our earlier Black Sheep years. Or, our vids/pics page has a lot of them listed out as well.

Videos: Kate The Band at Dumb Records 2-1-20


Today we bring you a video of *the* Kate The Band performing at our space, Dumb Records about a week or so ago on the first of the month, February 1st. The video is of the song “Starry Eyes” and you can check it out embedded below. Check out the recorded version of the song right here. Kate Laine *solo* is performing next at our space on Tuesday, February 25th.

Check out more videos and pictures taken at Dumb Records and Black Sheep over the years on our vids/pics page. Or, check out our youtube channel.

Videos: Nectar at Dumb Records 1-24-20


Good morning, today we are bringing you a video of Champaign Illinois-based rock group Nectar performing at one of our most recent shows this past weekend. That video is for the band’s song “Fishy” and you can find it embedded on the player below.

Also feel free to check out our youtube channel, or our “vids/pics” page for a long list of videos shot over the years at Black Sheep and Dumb Records.

Videos: Slow Mass at Dumb Records 1-19-20


Happy Wednesday, everyone. We still can’t get over how great our venue space looks right now and how great our last show this past Sunday was. Today we bring you a video that was taken of Chicago-based band Slow Mass, of them performing one of their songs, “Gray Havens.” You can find that video on the player below.

Also check out our vids/pics page for a list of videos taken at our downtown space and plenty from the Black Sheep years.