Details On Record Store Day “Drop Date” #2 at Dumb Records

Our first Record Store Day “Drop Date” at the end of last month seamed to go really well, so for the next one coming up on Saturday, September 26th (just less than a couple of weeks away), we are kicking it up one more notch (just a smidgen).

Record Store Day, which is usually a big annual event for us and other record stores around the globe in April, had been pushed back to June this year due to Covid-19, and then again to three separate “drop dates” in August, September, and October to still get exclusive records out to collectors and fans while trying to avoid crowds as much as possible.

For this second drop date on Saturday, September 26th – we are opening our store a tad bit earlier than usual at 10:00 am, and will be open until 7:00 pm. Our arcade will be open during those hours as well, limiting to four people at a time. We are still limiting the total amount of people in our building to ten.

We did order still a very limited amount of RSD exclusive releases this time around, and will also be planning on dropping an amount of new and used vinyl onto the shelves for the first time on that day. Some of the RSD exclusive releases we plan on getting include: George Clinton, Batman & Robin, Death Piggy, Destiny’s Child, The Doors, Fleetwood Mac, Jerry Garcia, Dizzy Gillespie, Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, Jimi Hendrix, Hootie & The Blowfish, Meat Puppets, Mott The Hoople, Primus, Ramones, Replacements, Residents, Britney Spears, Tegan & Sara, and the Hackers soundtrack. ***Note, we are not guaranteed to get any of those titles, and the ones we get are first-come, first-serve.

More info on all of those titles is available at

Record Store Day 2020 Update, “Drop Dates,” Etc.


Had we mentioned what the current plan is for Record Store Day 2020 recently? The event was originally planned for April 2020, was pushed back to June 20th at some point, and now has once again been post-poned into three different “drop dates.” Many of the exclusive titles that were originally supposed to be released for the big day back in April are now being released on August 29th, September 26th, and October 24th for participating stores.

To see a list of what records are being released on those drop dates, you can check out the Record Store Day website here. Some of you have been asking us about Record Store Day and what is going on with our store and those dates. We can say that we will be participating in the drop dates to a very limited extent right now. We will have a few of these records in, but we will likely not be making a big event out of it. We will likely be going back to normal with Record Store Day being a big event for us in November for Black Friday or next year in April 2021.

Record Store Day 2020 Postponed *Again,* “Drop Dates” Announced


It comes as almost no surprise at this point, but the already post-poned date of June 20th for Record Store Day 2020 has once again been post-poned by the Record Store Day organization and also split up into three different “drop dates.” The few hundred exclusive releases, which were originally slated to be released this April, and then June, are going to be split up and released on those three different dates. Those drop dates are August 29th, September 26th, and October 24th.

There will be a new version of “The List” with dates on which item is being released on the Record Store Day website on June 1st.

As of right now we are unsure to what extent if any at all Dumb Records will be participating in this. We feel it might be best to scrap this year altogether and focus on a normal Black Friday Record Store Day in November, or focus on re-opening our store this summer whenever it is safe to do so.

Today at Dumb Records: (Would Have Been) Record Store Day 2020

Screen Shot 2020-04-17 at 12.25.32 PM

We’d like to take a moment of silence for today, which would have been Record Store Day 2020, and what surely would have been our biggest day of the year and possibly of all time if a dreaded disease and global pandemic struck and changed everything.

Record Store Day has since announced that the world-wide event has been post-poned to Saturday, June 20th, but even right now we are very unsure of how the world will look on that date which is almost two months from now. We still have a facebook event up for that later event. You can follow Record Store Day (the organization) on facebook, where they are still actively promoting independent record stores around the world, and also follow their page for any latest news regarding that is supposed to be happening later on in June. ALSO, as we announced yesterday we are participating in a “virtual screening” going on of a new Vinyl Nation documentary to take place today only, on the day Record Store Day would have been. Find more info and the link to purchase tickets or the download of the film to support our store right here.

If you want to buy something from our online Discogs store in honor of what would have been a day to support local independent record stores, that is certainly welcome as well.

We Are A Participating In “Vinyl Nation” Documentary Virtual Screening Tomorrow (April 18th)


Wow, here is an opportunity that sprang up rather quickly for us!

Record Store Day has been organizing “virtual screenings” of a brand new documentary on the resurgence of vinyl called Vinyl Nation to take place tomorrow (April 18th) on what would have been Record Store Day 2020. Record Store Day has since been post-poned until June 20th (a little over two months from now).

To help record stores during these challenging times and closures due to COVID-19, we are presenting a one-time special online screening of our documentary Vinyl Nation in association with Record Store Day on April 18-19, 2020.

No one has seen Vinyl Nation yet! You will be the first audience to get a chance to see our documentary dig into the record resurgence here in America!

All ticket proceeds go to local record stores participating in this special screening. The link you used to buy your tickets allows us to track your ticket purchase directly back to your local record store, and your local record store will receive the full $10 face value from your individual ticket purchase.

That’s right. 100% of the face value of your ticket purchase goes straight to your local record store.

This special screening of our documentary Vinyl Nation will be available digitally from 12 midnight ET Saturday, April 18, 2020 through 11:59 PM PT Sunday, April 19, 2020.

Follow this link to purchase your online tickets to watch the documentary online and support our store! 100% of the proceeds will be going to support our store if you purchase tickets through that link!

Record Store Day 2020 Moved To June 20th


There’s some big cancellations and postponements going on these past few days that we are trying our best to keep up with impacting our store, shows, and more. Since we are involved with so many different events in and outside of our space, we are taking things step by step and case by case to make the right decisions regarding safety and heath. We’ll do our best to let you all know of any cancellations through here.

Of course many of you are aware that the Annual Springfield St. Patrick’s Day Parade downtown has been cancelled or postponed to a later date. This means no elephant.

The other big postponement affecting us and what is usually the biggest day of the year for our store is Record Store Day 2020. That has been moved to Saturday June 20th, 2020. Here’s the statement from Record Store Day:

Record Store Day is a worldwide event celebrating record stores and their place in the community. In the interest of being good members of those local, national and worldwide communities, we’ve decided to move the date of Record Store Day 2020 to JUNE 20.

The basic plan is to shift everything to that date, but there are a lot of people and things involved with a worldwide event like this, and a lot of moving pieces, so be nice to your record store if they don’t have an immediate answer to your questions. We’re all working on, well, everything.

Wash your hands. Take care. We want everyone to be happy, healthy and looking forward to getting together for the party. #RSD20#RSDJUNE20

We are thankful that Record Store Day still can take place as of right now and we hope you all will still come out in support of your local record stores. The list of exclusive releases is still in order and can be found on the Record Store Day website – we have put in our order already, and everything is still going as planned, just for a later date.

As far as our shows go, things are rapidly changing every day and even every hour. Many touring bands are cancelling tours right now, and we currently have 25 shows featuring mostly touring acts from now until the end of the summer. We will be taking shows step by step and case by case, and letting you all know of any cancellations.
Our store will remain open from 10:00am – 8:00pm at 418 E Monroe Street here downtown. We are a small business that will be negatively impacted by these cancellations. If you wish to continue supporting us in some way, we also have thousands of records and CDs listed for sale online at all times.

Record Store Day 2020 Official List Released Online

Screen Shot 2020-03-06 at 3.49.44 PM

These are exciting times for Record Store Day enthusiasts and for us as well – the official Record Store Day list for 2020 was just released to the public (and to us) yesterday! This includes a little over 400 exclusive titles of limited pressings coming out for Record Store Day 2020 on Saturday, April 18th this year.

You can find that full list on the Record Store Day website right here.

See anything that you are interested in picking up on that list? We can not put in any special orders or place any exclusive items on hold for Record Store Day, but we do have an active post going on our facebook page (pinned to the top) where we are collecting comments of what you would like us to order. Don’t have facebook? You can always email us at what you would like and we can try to make sure we can have it stocked for Record Store Day!

You can find a facebook event for Record Store Day at Dumb Records right here. Our store will be open from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm (there will be people waiting in line). We are going to have live music lined up throughout the day, to be announced later on along with some more goodies!

Record Store Day Happening Saturday April 18th, 2020


This is an official announcement to let you all know that Record Store Day 2020 is happening exactly two months from today on Saturday, April 18th. Record Store Day is an annual world-wide event which started in 2008, making this the 13th one. Usually every year it is the biggest day for us, and the same probably true for hundreds of other record stores around the globe.

No, there are no exclusive releases being announced for Record Store Day just yet, and we have not put any orders in. We do plan on making announcements on our pages as soon as those releases are known and also once we can announce what we have planned for the day. We can say that we are likely to have WYMG broadcasting live inside of our space when we open again, likely live music throughout the day, and maybe some extra deals on top of all of that. Oh, and free coffee provided by Foamed Up!

Stay tuned!

Black Friday Record Store Day Today At Dumb Records, Show Tonight


Good morning everyone and hope you had a great Thanksgiving, now it’s time for Black Friday Record Store Day!!! Our store opens in a few minutes at 8:00 am and looks like there have been some people in line since around 6:00 am!!

Of course some people are in line to get dibs on those limited exclusives that we have coming in. We will have free coffee and donuts.  Everything in the store other than the exclusive releases will be 25% off. This is the first time we have ever done a sale in the new store. We DO have a fresh run of shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and zip-ups in time for this day! We DO have gift cards available for the first time at the new store! We also just put out about a hundred extra used records into the store for the first time! Wow! We also have a few record players for sale!

Then there is a show happening at 7:00 pm that night at our space with five acts. This includes Kate The Band, who we all know and love. This also includes “Pretty Pleased” – a guy from Chicago whose music you can find streaming on the player below. Right smack dab in the middle is Ricki Marvel (formerly Eric Marvel), playing some of that electronic new wave music. Before that is… Animals with Human Names! Playing some old school hip hop after he gets done perusing our hip hop section in the store and taking advantage of that 25% off sale. Opening things up is Kenyon DeShasier playing some sweet sweet and refreshing indie pop.

Yes. Find a facebook event for all of that right here. Also check out our shows page where we keep a list of everything that’s coming up and going on.

State Journal-Register: “Local Stores To Mark Record Store Day”


Wow, we are mentioned in the local paper yet again. The State-Journal Register have an article in their big fat Black Friday Deals Thanksgiving newspaper about Black Friday Record Store Day being celebrated around the globe, and taking place at Dumb Records and Recycled Record downtown. (Let’s not forget to support The Elf Shelf even if they don’t have exclusives, because Record Store Day is about supporting the local record store). The paper talked with owners Brian Galecki and Mark Kessler about what each store has lined up for tomorrow. From the article:

This year’s event comes at an interesting time for both stores, as Dumb Records – previously located in the South Town district – closes in on one year since its move downtown and as Recycled Records owner Mark Kessler continues to entertain offers to sell his one-of-a-kind store.

For Galecki, the move downtown has been good for his business, which has seen increased traffic driven by tourists. He also lauded the neighborhood’s creative atmosphere.

Check out that full article online right here, or pick up a copy of today’s local paper while you still have time.

We open at 8:00 am tomorrow morning, and Recycled Records opens even earlier, but starts selling their Black Friday Record Store Day exclusives at 8:00 am. Check out a facebook event for what we have going on tomorrow right here. Don’t forget we have a show going on at 7:00 pm featuring Kate The Band, Pretty Pleased, Animals With Human Names, Ricki Marvel, and Kenyon DeShasier. Check out the Record Store Day website right here. We have been posting photos today of some of the exclusive releases before we get them priced and on the shelves for tomorrow morning.