“The List” Announced For Black Friday Record Store Day 2021 (November 26th)

For the third time this year, it’s that time of year again. That’s right, we’ve already got another Record Store Day approaching. This one should not come as much of a surprise though because Black Friday Record Store Day happens the day after Thanksgiving every year. And here we are, around two months away from that date, which this year is Friday, November 26th.

148 exclusive titles were just recently announced on the Record Store Day website right here to be released this year on Black Friday. (Click the link right here to see that list). And if there are titles that are jumping out at you as ones you are really wanting, let us know in the comment section which ones you are trying to get! We will be ordering at least one of every title, but we base our orders on what you (the fans) are going to be on the look-out for.

This go-round we will likely once again be releasing some type of limited edition Dumb Records t-shirt for the first people in line, exclusive posters, and we will see what else! You can expect a more detailed announcement from us on all of those goodies here in the coming weeks.

Record Store Day Drop #2 10 Days Away, Limited Run Shirts For First 50 People In Line

Record Store Day (the second of two “drop dates” this summer) is just ten days away on Saturday, July 17th, and we are having some fun with this one. We had mentioned in our original post that the first 50 people in line would get a free exclusive t-shirt. Today we are back with photos of those shirts. There it is pictured above. If you want one you better get in line early for when we open at 8:00 am on that day.

Is there a way for any out-of-towners or people unable to make it to Record Store Day to get these shirts? No, there’s not. These are limited run, exclusive shirts. They are very special.

You can find a facebook event with more info on Record Store Day Drop #2 right here. Also check out the Record Store Day website right here for the full list of all of the exclusive releases coming out for that day right here. In addition to the exclusives we will be holding a 10% sale on our whole store other than exclusive RSD releases, half off dollar records, live music, and free coffee!

Record Store Day 2021 Drop #2 Saturday, July 17th

Saturday, July 17th will be the second of two Record Store Day 2021 “Drop Dates” happening this summer. The first one in June was an overwhelming success for us, and we are excited for this next one coming up – we will have even more in store this time than just the exclusive releases!

Of course, we will have all of the exclusive releases being released by Record Store Day. There are close to 200 of them coming out for this specific date, and you can check out the full list at recordstoreday.com. Note: some of the releases originally planned for the first drop date last month got pushed back to this one coming up. And as usual, we can not place any holds on these items. They are first come, first serve.

One thing we are doing differently with handling our store right when we open at 8:00 am: to avoid a chaotic stampede, we will be letting in people 12 occupants at a time to our store at the start of the day. There will likely be a line when we open at 8:00 am, so come early if you want to guarantee a good spot!

In addition to all of that we have a few other goodies for you. We will have free coffee provided by Redbud City Coffee Roasters. There will also be some sales! We will be running a 10% off sale on everything in the store that is not RSD releases, and also 50% off dollar records. AND for the first time in over a year, we have live music in our store! Performances will be Idle Oath at 5:00 pm and Jessica Knight at 6:00 pm.

Hopefully we’ll see you there! The store is open that day from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. Check out a facebook event right here!

Record Store Day Drops June 12th + July 17th

We’ve already made a post telling you that Record Store Day is happening this year as two separate “drop dates” in June and July – but we are telling you again today, this time with a little flier for our store! The first of those is now less than one month away, on Saturday, June 12th. Then the second is Saturday, June 17th. We will be open 8:00 am to 8:00 pm on both of those days, and we do expect there to be lines!

The list of exclusive releases coming out for both of those days is much to long for us to list here, but you can head on over to Recordstoreday.com for that full list as well as a description of each item and which of the drop dates each exclusive release comes out on. As usual, we can not do any holds for any of these items, they are first come first serve. We will be listing any leftovers we have the following days after the initial release on our online stores. We DID order everything on the list for both of these drop dates – however, not everything we ordered is always guaranteed. We will say that this was the biggest RSD order we have ever submitted, so we are expecting a very big day all around!

Titles Announced For Record Store Day “Drops” June 12th & July 17th

It is April now and spring is springing outside. For many Aprils our store has existed it has been a big month for us because of Record Store Day holding their annual event typically this month. The pandemic has effected both this and last year’s events and for 2021 it was announced that Record Store Day will be split into two different “drop dates” to happen on Saturday June 12th and Saturday July 17th. Our store will be participating in this event as we always do, and so is Recycled Records also downtown.

Today, all of the releases for both of these “drop dates” were announced through the Record Store Day website. You can check all of those out – nearly 500 exclusive releases including re-issues, brand new albums, compilations, and more right here.

If you find something on this list you really want, how does this work? We can not do any special orders or set anything aside for anyone off of this list – we must operate on a first come first serve basis on both of the drop dates. However, we are trying to get an idea of how many of each item to order – so feel free to comment here or on our facebook post with any releases you especially want to see us well stocked with!

We will be back with a separate announcement for what our store will be doing exactly for both of those dates (probably no live music still) – but for now we will say we will be open from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm both of those Saturdays.

Record Store Day 2021 Announced For June 12th

Good morning, happy Saturday! We hope you are all having a fun time out there. This is a post to let you know a “save the date” has been announced for Record Store Day 2021. That is June 12th, 2021. The annual event, which is usually held every year in April in addition to a smaller event for Black Friday, has been doing their best to navigate these times and do what makes the most sense during the pandemic.

As you may know, this past year’s Record Store Day was pushed back and eventually split into three different “drop dates” in August, September, and October. As far as we can tell this Record Store Day in June 2021 is just going to be all the exclusive releases being released as normal on one date (who knows what can happen in our world between now and then though).

We don’t anticipate any of the exclusive releases for this next Record Store Day to be announced anytime soon, but you can check out the Record Store Day website here. We also have a stack of Black Friday Record Store Day releases available on our online store.

Black Friday 2020 November 27th at Dumb Records (or Online)

We’ve been keeping quiet about Black Friday Record Store Day which is coming up in just ten days now, because we’ve been trying to figure out the best way to approach this day, which is a hard thing to do when the future is always so unpredictable during these times.

Black Friday RSD is happening on Friday, November 27th the day after Thanksgiving as it is every year. This is usually the second biggest day of the year for our store, next to Record Store Day which usually takes place in April. This RSD event is going to be a big one for us because it is the first that we have ordered absolutely every exclusive release on “the list”. This includes over 130 different exclusive titles, which is too many for us to even list out below this time!! For that complete list along with photos and more info on each one, you can head over to the Record Store Day website right here.

As of right now, here’s how we are approaching this day: we WILL have our store open and limit the occupancy inside to 5 customers at a time. This means there will likely be a line you will have to wait in outside. We will be open on this day from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm. Then, online we will be offering 25% discounts on our regular Dumb Records mech items on our storenvy page. If you are local and place an order online through our online store, we will also be waving our delivery fees for that day. We are unable to run a sale on our Discogs page unfortunately, but we will be waving usual local delivery fees on that page for that day as well. We will also be listing whatever exclusive releases that we can on our storenvy and Discogs page later on in the day. (Our RSD pledge states that we can not do this until 1:00 pm, and we probably won’t be able to until later). This all may seem a little hectic, but we will be working hard this day and doing our best to make sure we have all of our RSD exclusives available one way or another!

Again, here are links to our online stores:

Today at Dumb Records: Record Store Day 2020 Drop #3

Here we are once again! Seems like there are Record Store Days happening once every month anymore, and October’s big Record Store Day “drop date” is happening today on this cold Saturday. This is actually the biggest of the three drop dates in terms of what we ordered for the store, and we have about 40 exclusive titles hitting the shelves today. We posted photos of most of this stuff right here on our facebook page.

Our store opens today at 10:00 am and is open until 7:00 pm. The arcade is open to the public during those same times, either with $5 admission or with purchase of $10 or more in the store. We are limiting the number of people in our space to 10 total, and masks are required. Recycled Records is also participating in getting the Record Store Day exclusive releases, and of course we encourage the support of Elf Shelf Books & Music downtown as well!

The next Record Store Day after this one is going to be Black Friday Record Store Day on November 27th, which we are expecting even more exclusive releases for.

Record Store Day Black Friday November 27th, 2020

Are you ready to hear about another Record Store Day that’s coming up? We know what you are thinking, “Are they doing Record Store Day every month now? or every weekend?” Yes, it does seem that way since normal Record Store Day this past year got split into three dates, and we still have the third one coming up on Saturday, October 24th. We are just along for this ride, and it hasn’t ben too bad.

Black Friday Record Store Day is happening this year on Friday, November 27th. The official list of exclusive releases has already been released on the Record Store Day website. Our order was even already due! We ordered it ALL this time!! The number of exclusive releases comes to 133 different releases this time, and we ordered at least one copy of everything. Go check out the Record Store Day website for more that full list as well as info on each release.

We’ll be posting more info on our Black Friday Record Store Day later on, but we will go ahead and say that we ordered all of these exclusive releases and our store will be open that day from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm.

Record Store Day “Drop Date” #3 on Saturday, October 24th

Here is a post to tell you about the third and final Record Store Day “Drop Date” for 2020, which is happening on Saturday October 24th (coming up QUICK). Well… the last “drop date” for 2020, but then Black Friday Record Store Day is just around the corner on November 27th and is still happening. (Maybe we’ll have a separate post for that one go up shortly).

For this third RSD Drop Date, we ordered the most exclusive releases out of all of the drop dates. We will also be sure to be dropping a few other extra new and used records on the shelves for this day. Our store will be open from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm this day. You can view the whole list on the Record Store Day website right here. This time around we did not order everything, but we did order most of the exclusives. Looks like we have a total of 40 releases coming in. Here is the list of what we ordered:

Asking Alexandria “Stand Up & Scream”
Beck “No Distraction”
Booker T & The MG’s “McLemore Ave”
Jon Brion “Syndecoche New York”
Johnny Cash “Classic Cash”
Cheap Trick “Out To Get You! Live”
Chief Keef “Back From The Dead 2”
Chromeo “Needy Girl”
Alice Cooper “Live From Apollo”
Miles Davis “Double Image”
Eminem “My Name Is / Bad Guys Always Die”
Frankie & The Witchfingers “Sidewalk”
Frumpies “Frumpies Forever”
Freddie Gibbs & Madlib “Pinata: The 1974 Version”
Jimmy Giuffre “Graz”
Ice Nine Kills “Silver Scream: Killer Cuts”
Infectious Groovies “Take You On A Ride”
J.J. Johnston & Kai Winding “Stonebone”
Judas Priest “Sad Wings of Destiny”
Lil’ Kim “9”
Makeup & Vanity Set “Heart of Batman”
Obsessed “Incarnate Ultimate Edition”
Keith Richards “Hate It When You Leave”
Rolling Stones “Metamorphasis UK”
Snoop Dogg “I Wanna Thank Me”
Soul Asylum “Hurry Up And Wait”
Specials “Dubs”
Sumy “Funkin’ In Your Mind”
Toto “Live In Tokyo 1980”
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me Sountrack
Double Whammy!: A 1960’s Garage Rock Rave-Up
Lethal Weapon Original Soundtrack
Rough Guide To Brazilian Psychedelia
Wick Records Presents The Battle of the Bands Vol. 1
Vitamin String Quartet Performs Lana Del Rey
Who “Quick Live One”
Frank Zappa “You Can’t Do That On Stage”
Warren Zevon “Greatest Hits”

As how Record Store Day usually goes, each exclusive release will be available in very limited copies (we only ordered one of each one this time, sorry). They will be available on first-come first serve basis. After the full day is over we will be listing leftovers online on our Discogs page.