Record Store Day 2022 (April 23rd) List Released Online

Good afternoon! Today we bring news about an upcoming Record Store Day – the organization of Record Store Day is back this year with a more return-to-normal big RSD even in April, which is how things were in our pre-pandemic world.

Record Store Day is happening this year on Saturday, April 23rd (Jeff’s birthday). There have been 326 titles announced for Record Store Day this year, all of them released online through the Record Store Day website right here. Surely this is going to be our biggest Record Store Day yet as we always try to go bigger and bigger every year- also there are a few notable things with this list! Record Store Day is mainly in April, however we noticed that there are 31 items on this list mixed throughout that are being released June 18th for a separate “Drop Date!!!” We will be ordering everything being released both dates, but be careful to look for those release dates when looking at specific items on the Record Store Day website!

We also have this list printed off in our store for you to look at and help us know what to order the most of by placing small check marks next to items you know you are going to want. Our store will open at 8:00 am on that day like we do for every Record Store Day, and we will likely have an exclusive shirt printed for the first people that are in line. It looks like Recycled Records will be participating to some extent as well, in their latest announcement they have extended the closing of their store and sales to the end of April.

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