Titles Announced For Record Store Day “Drops” June 12th & July 17th

It is April now and spring is springing outside. For many Aprils our store has existed it has been a big month for us because of Record Store Day holding their annual event typically this month. The pandemic has effected both this and last year’s events and for 2021 it was announced that Record Store Day will be split into two different “drop dates” to happen on Saturday June 12th and Saturday July 17th. Our store will be participating in this event as we always do, and so is Recycled Records also downtown.

Today, all of the releases for both of these “drop dates” were announced through the Record Store Day website. You can check all of those out – nearly 500 exclusive releases including re-issues, brand new albums, compilations, and more right here.

If you find something on this list you really want, how does this work? We can not do any special orders or set anything aside for anyone off of this list – we must operate on a first come first serve basis on both of the drop dates. However, we are trying to get an idea of how many of each item to order – so feel free to comment here or on our facebook post with any releases you especially want to see us well stocked with!

We will be back with a separate announcement for what our store will be doing exactly for both of those dates (probably no live music still) – but for now we will say we will be open from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm both of those Saturdays.

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