Record Store Day Drops June 12th + July 17th

We’ve already made a post telling you that Record Store Day is happening this year as two separate “drop dates” in June and July – but we are telling you again today, this time with a little flier for our store! The first of those is now less than one month away, on Saturday, June 12th. Then the second is Saturday, June 17th. We will be open 8:00 am to 8:00 pm on both of those days, and we do expect there to be lines!

The list of exclusive releases coming out for both of those days is much to long for us to list here, but you can head on over to for that full list as well as a description of each item and which of the drop dates each exclusive release comes out on. As usual, we can not do any holds for any of these items, they are first come first serve. We will be listing any leftovers we have the following days after the initial release on our online stores. We DID order everything on the list for both of these drop dates – however, not everything we ordered is always guaranteed. We will say that this was the biggest RSD order we have ever submitted, so we are expecting a very big day all around!

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