Record Store Day Drop #2 10 Days Away, Limited Run Shirts For First 50 People In Line

Record Store Day (the second of two “drop dates” this summer) is just ten days away on Saturday, July 17th, and we are having some fun with this one. We had mentioned in our original post that the first 50 people in line would get a free exclusive t-shirt. Today we are back with photos of those shirts. There it is pictured above. If you want one you better get in line early for when we open at 8:00 am on that day.

Is there a way for any out-of-towners or people unable to make it to Record Store Day to get these shirts? No, there’s not. These are limited run, exclusive shirts. They are very special.

You can find a facebook event with more info on Record Store Day Drop #2 right here. Also check out the Record Store Day website right here for the full list of all of the exclusive releases coming out for that day right here. In addition to the exclusives we will be holding a 10% sale on our whole store other than exclusive RSD releases, half off dollar records, live music, and free coffee!

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