Levitt AMP Music Series Tonight: Tito Puente Jr., Cuarteto Bendito (Latin/Dance)

Let’s boogie! It’s a Thursday and it’s latin dance night at the Levitt AMP Music Series here downtown! This is show number 6 in the 10-part weekly free music series going on here downtown on the y-block (on 4th and Capitol) thanks to our city getting a grant through the Levitt Foundation.

Tonight’s headlining act is: Tito Puedo, Jr. – a latin jazz musician and also son of legendary timbale player Tio Puedo. Before Tito goes on at 7:00 pm though – there is going to be a dance lesson on stage by Julio Barrenzuela! And before that at 6:00 pm the opening act is
Cuarteto Bendito – a newly formed trio from here in Springfield specializing in Latin Jazz.

All of that sounds like a pretty fun time to us! That kicks off out on the lawn at 6:00 pm. Check out the schedule for the remaining shows in the Levitt series on the Levitt website right here.

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