Videos: Spowder At Dumb Records (10-14-19)

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Today we bring you a video from a show that happened at our space over one month ago. On October 14th, we have captured a video of the band Spowder from New Jersey performing one song. Spowder have a lot of songs. Check out that video on the player below.

You can also check out more videos shot at Dumb Records / Black Sheep over the many many years on our vids/pics page. Or head over to our youtube page to check out more. Be sure to “like” and “subscribe” while you are at it.

Videos: Navel at Dumb Records 9-4-19

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Today we bring you a video of the band Navel from Japan performing at our space earlier last month. They were a surprise band that we were only able to announce a few days before the show, and have been active playing punk rock since the early 1990’s. This was their first time touring the U.S.A. and we were thrilled to have them as the first band from overseas at our new location. Check out the video embedded below, or go to our youtube channel right here.

Also find more videos from over the years (mostly at Black Sheep) on our vids/pics page.

Videos: Rockford at Bread Sheep (8-9-19)


Today we are bringing you a video of Rockford performing at their final final show ever this past month at our space. It was a great time, as you can see. This video is for their last song ever, ever called “Vanity”. Check that out right here on our Youtube page or on the player below.

Check out our vids/pics page for more show videos, mostly from the Black Sheep days.

Videos: Prevention at Bread Sheep 7-18-19

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This afternoon we bring you a hot new video taken at our show space about one month ago. It is the band Prevention performing their song “Overstep” which comes off of their new demo which you can listen to right here. Check out the live video on the youtube player embedded below, or go to our Youtube channel right here. Also check out our vids/pics page for a list of touring and local band videos taken at our new spot, but mostly in the olden days at Black Sheep.

Prevention is playing next on Saturday, August 31st and are actually shooting a music video! For their song “Another World.” Anyone is welcome to learn the words and come out to the show to be a part of the video shoot at the show.

Videos: Jocko at Bread Sheep 7-6-19

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Let’s get a little bit back on track with videos in the new show spot next door to us. Today we are bringing you a video of the Omaha Nebraska hardcore band Jocko performing here a little over a week ago on July 6th. The video is of the band performing their song “Jungle of Stone” and you can check it out on the player below.

Also head over to our vids/pics page for a list of local and touring band videos (still mostly at Black Sheep) over the years. Or check out our youtube channel.

Videos: The Cult Of Lip at Bread Sheep 6-18-19

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Here we are today with another video of a band performing live in a space that is right next door to us that we hear has been putting on shows. The band is The Cult of Lip from Minnesota, and they played there last month on June 18th. You can check out the video of them playing their song “A Glow” embedded below.

Also be sure to check out our “vids/pics” page for a list of pictures and videos (mostly at Black Sheep, but we are working on building up new ones of the new space! Or check out the Dumb Records youtube channel. (Like and subscribe, thank you).

Videos: Snuff Rider at Bread Sheep 6-22-19


Today we bring you another video taken of a song at a show at The Bread Sheep Café™ this past weekend. The video is of the brand new Springfield surf rock band “Snuff Rider” performing their song “Witchy”. If you are curious on what this new “Snuff”… “Rider” band is all about, now you can get some sort of idea. Check that out below or on our youtube channel. Check out our vids/pics page for a long list of videos taken mostly at Black Sheep over the years.

Snuff Rider will be playing next at Buzz Bomb Brewery right by us on July 17th if you are thirsty for more of their raw surf live.

Videos: BIB at Black Sheep (12-22-18)

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This is probably the last post from us about any photos or videos from any of the final Black Sheep shows, we promise. But, here is a three-minute long video of a couple of songs taken from Omaha Nebraska based hardcore band BIB‘s set at Black Sheep at one of the legendary(?) final shows which took place on December 22nd of 2018. Find that streaming below. Also Gordon Chang’s camera (ran by someone else other than Gordon Chang) did also happen to catch most of every set from that night! Let’s link all of those here below:

PRYSS (final show)
LIVIN’ THING (final show)
BLUSHE (first show)

Then of course you can go over to our vids/pics page for a list of other photos and videos taken at Black Sheep over the years.

Videos: The Shadows of Knight: “Gloria” and “Shake” at Black Sheep 10-20-18


This may be pretty old news at this point, but we just now got around to uploading videos taken back in October of legendary 1960’s garage rock group The Shadows of Knight performing some songs at Black Sheep late last year. These songs include their 1965 chart-breaking hit rendition of the song “Gloria”, and also another one “Shake” that got up there on the charts. The mayor was there. “G-L-O-R-I-A”! Find those videos embedded below:

Also check out our videos/pictures page for more videos taken over the years at Black Sheep, which is no more. Hopefully we’ll be making memories in the new space soon!

Videos: Black Sheep Band Lotto 2018


Black Sheep Band Lotto 2018 was a few weeks ago now, and those of you who were there or performed know how much of a great night it was. Soon after the show we posted a few photos of the night. Today we are back with a full video we have of every single band’s full set big thanks to big MVP Gordon Chang on the video camera. You can stream that video (over one hour long) on the player below.

Head over to our vids/pics page for more videos taken at Black Sheep over the years.