May Issue of Activator Available At Dumb Records


May is here! Actually, we are already one week into May (happy tornado Tuesday btw), and guess what we have the latest issue of local music magazine Activator Magazine for all of you fans of printed content that you can hold in your hands and read. This is the twelfth issue the magazine has put out since they began with their first issue of June of last year. Have you collected them all?

On the cover of this month’s issue is non-local musician Tav Falco – Tav Falco’s Panther Burns will be performing here in Springfield across the street from us at Bar None on Thursday, May 23rd. Also included is an interview with Bloomington, IL electronic/indie act Black Esther, plus plenty of album reviews, photos, and shows calendars for Central Illinois and St. Louis. There’s a review and in-depth look at “Flor Fest” which took place in Urbana last month, and Mansion Music Fest which is coming up this month in Virden, Illinois. Also an interview with Central Illinois metal band Portals, and more interviews with local artists Kid Ziggy, Papa Luke, Izhi & Danny J. Copies can be found at Dumb Records (for free) and also various local businesses and locations around town.

March 2019 Issue of Activator Available At Dumb Records


The newest issue of Activator Magazine for March 2019 is out and now available for free at Dumb Records (and has been for nearly a week now, wow!) As you can see, the issue features American Springfield punk rock band Foam Fangers pictured on the cover. You aren’t the boss of them! This issue features album reviews and show calendars as usual, and also poetry. We have a nice update and write-up on things have been going over at the new Dumb Records here downtown, also an informative piece on the state of WQNA by Ken No. There’s a concert review for “Grouper” by David Gracon, an interview with downtown brewery Buzz Bomb and “Buzz Fest” they have coming up, and an interview with Lucky Patterson of The Wolf Crick Boys, and also local rapper “Deezy Da Paperboy”, and other local rapper “City” (Kool Krew). And more! It’s jam packed!

Also Activator added another level to their Patreon page which you can become a monthly donor for – for a $9 level you can receive a special monthly 16-page photo zine that the magazine is going to be putting out every month!? Wow!

We’ve also got plenty of back issues from the past few months of Activator available inside of our store right now as well!

Activator Magazine Launch New Patreon Campaign, February Issue Still Available Inside Dumb Records


Our friends over at Activator Magazine are still keeping the great local music content coming in the form of their monthly magazine – we never put up a post but we’ve had the February issue available at Dumb Records for some time now! The issue features local singer/songwriter Alexa Redd on the cover. There’s plenty of great stuff, so come in and pick one up for free – before you know it it’s going to be March and there will be another issue out!

Activator Magazine also just launched an online Patreon campaign online! What’s that about? Well, if you sign up for just three bucks a month you get to be a contributor to the magazine’s mission, as well as peep some exclusive content in advance (like get a glimpse at who’s going to be on the cover of the March issue). We are lucky to have a free monthly print magazine focusing on local music and art in town, so support what they are doing if you can! Go check out their Patreon account online right here.

November Issue of Activator + Shirts, Stickers, Buttons Available at Dumb Records


Hi, here is a post (a little late) to let you know that we do have (*and very limited copies of) the new November issue of Activator Magazine. Activator is the newest (half a year old now) Springfield fanzine focusing on local music and art in Central Illinois. This month’s issue features Ayo Dele – head of HISO Music & Entertainment which just opened up a new studio here in Springfield not far from Black Sheep. The issue also features album reviews, show calendars, a rundown on Springfield hip hop and other interviews, and an interview on what The Studio Show guys have been up to.

Pick up a copy for free inside Dumb Records now, the store is open noon – 8pm every day. We are also now stocked with Activator shirts, stickers, and buttons! (Pictured above).

October 2018 Issue Of Activator Magazine Available At Dumb Records

Screen Shot 2018-09-30 at 9.16.11 AM.png

If you can believe it, the month of October is only one day away (October 1st is tomorrow). And with a new month, that means we now have a new issue of free Springfield music magazine Activator rolling in. If you can also believe it, this is the publication’s fifth issue to come out. This one features solo artist Kate Laine on the cover (also pictured holding the magazine inside Dumb Records). The issue includes more interviews with Zach Elston, Twenty One Seven Studios, and hip hop artist Jay Ginerawll. It also includes album reviews, show calendars, a comic by Mike Tirehaus, even a poem by Drew Kodrich, and more.

Pick up a copy of Activator for free inside Dumb Records at any time the store is open (noon-8:00 pm every day). You can get ahold of the magazine through email at for more inquiries.

Activator Issue #4 (September 2018) Available (for Free) at Dumb Records


We felt it worth mentioning that a few days ago we were freshly stocked with the fourth (yes, fourth can you believe it?) issue of Springfield new music magazine “Activator” for September 2018. This issue is packed with interviews, writeups, show calendars, comics and more. Featured on the cover is a piece written by Scott Faingold which serves as a fan memoir to the band Yo La Tengo. Also included is an update on Springfield local hip hop this summer, an interview with local hip hop artist / musician Cornbread, an interview with hip hop artist Meezy Killafield, a guide to Pygmalion Music Festival happening this month in Champaign, a comic drawn by Mike Resigner, and much much more.

Activator can be picked up for free at Dumb Records any day during store hours (noon-8pm).

Activator Issue #2 Available Now at Dumb Records + Black Sheep


We are excited about the second issue of Springfield’s newest music monthly magazine – Activator – for July 2018. We are also excited about the new stand (pictured above) that we have on display inside Dumb Records at all times holding free copies of the magazine. Come in at any time to pick them up!

This month features Vinal Luciano – Springfield hip hop artist – on the cover. The back cover (pictured above) features a photomontage of photos from Dumb Fest 6 that occurred last month. Inside the issue you can find more write-ups, show calendars, album reviews, and more.

Activator Magazine is available (for free) at all times at Dumb Records (open noon – 8pm every day) as well as other various locations around town.