April 2021 Issue of Activator Magazine Available Now

Here we are in another month, and there is yet another issue of Activator Magazine, which is approaching 3 years of being around covering local music and art in Central Illinois! As you can see pictured above, this one features local hip hop artist VGE FROST on the cover.

What else does this issue have in store? It’s got… plenty of album reviews for all different types of artists, we also have our “Dumb Perspective” column written by Brian Galecki, this time with a short interview segment with Drew Kodrich about midwesthardcore.org. There is also an interview with Liz Fitz, who just released a CD called Cover Me, a “10 up 10 down” with Zach Moad, interview with new local punk band “Fist Fight”, an interview with After School Special, Robot Army, and a nice “Soundcheck” segment checking in on many other local musicians from around the area. All of that plus more!

You can pick of free copies of Activator at Dumb Records and various other local businesses around town. We usually have a few back issues as well. Also consider heading over to the Activator Patreon page to become a monthly donor in support of the magazine!

March 2021 Activator Available Now

Great news everybody, we once again have the new issue of Activator Magazine! It’s March 2021. This issue features local singer/songwriter Arlin Peebles crawling out of a snowy cave.

In addition to the interview with Arlin Peebles – this month continues to feature a column by Dumb Records co-owner Brian Galecki called “Dumb Perspective” exploring some Central Illinois local music history. This time it’s about Golden Voice Recording Co. which existed from 1966-1978 and some other stuff. This issue also features plenty of local and non-local music reviews, an interview with new Springfield band The Lovelorn, an interview with Derrick Streibig, a “soundcheck” section checking up on local musicians, and much much more.

Pick up a copy of Activator Magazine for free at Dumb Records or other locations around town! We have some back issues available as well! Also check out the Activator Patreon page and consider donating!

February Issue Of Activator Magazine Now Available

This is a post to let you know that we have plenty of copies of the new February 2021 issue of Activator Magazine in our store! What fun!

This issue features Peoria-based rock group Tina Sparkle on the cover! They have been going strong as a band for 14 years now, and just recently came out with a new album! Let’s see what else is in this issue… we’ve got plenty of album reviews as usual. There are columns and usual, and a brand new column called “Dumb Perspective” by Dumb Records’s very own Brian Galecki! On some Springfield, IL music history! You can also find an interview with Jamie Meredith who organized C.A.M.P. (Creators of Art Music & Poetry) – a new program in town. This issue also features a “Soundcheck” section which checks in with artists and musicians from the area on what they are up to. It’s a lot of fun.

Pick up a copy of Activator Magazine for free at our store (open 12:00 to 5:30 pm every day) or other various locations around town! Also check out Activator’s online Patreon page and consider donating!

“Best In Local Music 2020” January Issue Of Activator Magazine Available

Oops, we almost forgot to mention! It’s that special time of the year again. It’s happening a little bit later into January than usual, but it’s the time of the year when we release our poll results for our annual Best of Local Music poll, and we team up with Activator Magazine for their January issue featuring all of the results.

We will be posting some of the results to our polls online here in the coming days. For now though, we are letting you know that we have a few copies available of the new Activator for free in our store! You can also pick them up at different locations around town. And thank you to everyone who helped us in contributing write-ups for this issue!

Consider checking out Activator’s Patreon page online!

Activator Magazine November 2020 Issue Available Now

We’re well into November now – today is 11-11 in fact, so that means we have a brand new issue of Activator Magazine available for free in our store.

This issue features long-running hip hop artist Cornbread featured on the cover! Cornbread has a new album coming out later this month. This issue is also jam-packed with other content, as always. As usual, there are plenty of write-ups on new local and also national releases. You can find interviews with “The Truth Council” a Central Illinois prog/rock band, “The Lettermans” – pop punk from Philadelphia, “Searching For Silence”- a metal group from Peoria, “Black Mountain” from St. Louis, and also an interview with Jesica Knight-Carnes about First Try Sessions. All of that and much, much more!

You can find issues of Activator Magazine for free at our store and various other local businesses around town. Also consider checking out Activator’s Patreon page and donating to them online!

Activator October 2020 Issue Available Now

Wow, we are already halfway through October. It will be November before you know it, and we will all be stuck inside for the rest of the winter. This is a little bit of a late post to let you know that we have new copies of Activator Magazine (October 2020 edition) available for free inside our store.

This one features Peoria-based artist (and also full band) Ashley Bean on the cover. It’s jam-packed with other stuff too. There are plenty of local and non-local album write-ups and reviews, also an interview with another Peoria-based band Terribly Happy, Champaign-based artist Emily Blue, another Peoria band called Still Shine, hip hop artist “KP”, Failed Poem Records, a photospread of 217 Burlesque & Curiosities Troupe, and more! Wow!

Pick up a copy of Activator Magazine for free at Dumb Records or other various locations around Central Illinois. Also consider supporting Activator Magazine by donating to their Patreon page!

September Issue of Activator Available Now

Whoops, it’s about halfway through the month and we are just now letting you know that we have the new new issue of Activator Magazine for September 2020! As you can see, this one features the band Attic Salt on the cover. They have a brand new album, Get Wise, coming out this month! They are interviewed in this new issue of Activator.

What else does this issue have? No live show calendars, as we are still in strange and scary times, but plenty of album reviews. There is an interview with Jacksonville-based psych band The Dixie Narcos and about how they have been putting out three albums a year for the past three years. Other interviews with Free Range Youth from Decatur, Voldrega the Black Mage from Champaign, a photo spread of some acts at The Alamo, 10 up 10 down with Boss Maseiano, and an interview with Don Brazel of The Bastard Squad, and much much more!

You can pick up a copy of Activator Magazine here at Dumb Records for free, or at other different local locations around Central Illinois.

Activator Presents: Mark Schwartz (Video)

Screen Shot 2020-08-14 at 12.52.55 AM

Activator Magazine is continuing their teaming up with Crowdson Creative as part of their ongoing video series, usually featuring local musical acts which are also featured on the magazine’s cover for the month. This time around Mark Schwartz is featured in the video series. Mark is a recording artist in town with multiple recording project names that he is constantly releasing new music under. Mark sits down with the Activator team and describes the differences in each project and also shows his studio setup along with some wacky instruments and what his creative process is like. Check out that video below!

Also pick up a copy of Activator Magazine at our store or various other locations around town for free!

Activator Magazine July + Black Artists Matter Issues Available Now


Whoops, what do you know it’s already July 20th and we have not yet done a post here to let you know that we have not one but TWO new issues of Activator Magazine in our store!!

One is the regular July 2020 issue. This one is a fun issue for us because we have a big interview spread about our new arcade and new renovations that we have been working on during the pandemic here at Dumb Records! Featured on the cover and interviewed in this issue is Junior Pasaré (TJ Byrd) and Meezy Killafield. The two talk about their upcoming collaborative project. In addition to this there are album reviews, and interviews with Edward David Anderson, Kaream Williams, Gargantuan, Champaign Cypher Series, Church The Voice, and more. There are poems, art, and photo spreads as well.

The second issue is a bonus issue for this month, and that is the “Black Artists Matter” issue focusing on black artists in Central Illinois. This includes artists, poets, musicians, and more. You can find a commentary by Wilma J Wofford, an interview with Michelle Smith, an artist directory, a list of local black owned businesses and more.

You can pick up both issues for free in our store, or various other locations around town!

Activator June 2020 “Music In The Time Of Corona” Issue Available Now

Screen Shot 2020-06-12 at 7.01.46 PM

Hello friends, looks like we blinked and we are already a good chunk of the way through June, but hopefully now isn’t too late to tell you about this month’s issue of Activator Magazine that we have in stock!

This issue is called “Music In The Time Of Corona” and the focus is catching up with local musicians on what they have been up to these past few months during the lockdown and global pandemic. This issue is packed, there is also a feature touching base with all of the record stores in Central Illinois, music reviews, and no live music calendars this time (sorry). Interviews on this one also include Jared Grabb Among Thieves from Peoria, local activist John Keating, Peach from DeKalb, SonnyD Artistry, and XEA. All of that and MORE.

Come pick up your copy of Activator Magazine for FREE in our store (we are open from 12-6pm every day now). If you place an order with us online we will also deliver. Activator also just recently came out with a new mini-zine available to those who support their online Patreon campaign.