Activator: Best of Springfield Music 2019 (January Issue) Is Here!


Wow!! We know we are already ten days into this year, but it’s finally time to share with you all the results from our Best of Springfield Music 2019 survey that we teamed up with Activator Magazine to compile! The issue of Activator is finally out and available for free inside of our store and other locations around town! This is exciting!

As with every previous year, we came up with top ten lists for Springfield shows, songs from local bands – and a top twenty list for albums / releases from local bands and artists. There was a lot of great stuff from this past year highlighted in this issue, and we are excited to share it all with you.

We will be posting the results from the polls in separate categories over the next four days, starting with the shows category later this afternoon!

December Art Issue of Activator Magazine Available Now


Look at that, it’s Jeff. And Jeff is holding the brand new issue of Activator Magazine for December 2019, which we were just stocked up with in our store. The new (free) Activator this month is the special art issue. This means it’s packed with tons of pages featuring works by local artists. There’s a Q&A with Thom Whalen, local painter and professor at Lincoln Land Community College. Also a Q&A with Clare Frachey, local artist, and with Jon Griffin, Decatur-based artist specializing in poster design. Plus there’s a local artist directory! In addition to all of that there is the usual Central Illinois and St. Louis show calendars!

Pick up your copy for free at Dumb Records and many other spots around town. Also consider checking out and donating to the ongoing Activator Patreon campaign.

November 2019 Issue Of Activator Available at Dumb


Wow, and whoops! We can’t believe that we are already nearly halfway through another month over here. We were a little late in getting our fresh stack of Activator Magazine in this month, but now we have them, and we are telling you about them. This is actually the biggest issue of local music free publication Activator Magazine yet, with the most pages (40 or something)!

This time around featured on the cover is long-running Champaign-based indie rock group Elsinore, who recently put out a new album called A Life In The 21st Century. You can read more on that and an interview with them by picking up a free copy of Activator Magazine today! In addition to that there are the regular album reviews, and show calendars, but also an interview with Melody Jane Wachel and Amber Skies about diversity in DIY music, an interview with Sean Neumann of Jupiter Styles, Asa Dawson, photos of Pygmalion Music Festival, an interview with The Homeless Gospel Choir, a Hollowicked Recap, interviews with Wild’ Out and K3hlab, and much much more. Wow, that’s packed.

Activator Magazine can be found at Dumb Records for free at all times and a bunch of other spots around town. Check out their online Patreon campaign and consider donating to keep it going right here!

October 2019 Issue Of Activator Available Now


Yes, it is October we can still hardly believe it. And we can hardly believe that it’s a week into October. And we can hardly believe that we’ve been around here downtown for over nine months at this point and coming up on one year. And we can’t believe that Activator Magazine is on their like 16th or 17th issue and we have copies of that new issue inside of our store right now. We’ve got a big ol’ stack.

This issue is packed with a lot of stuff, as always. This includes album reviews and live music calendars for Central Illinois and St. Louis. This also includes interviews with bands Master Bastard (as featured on the cover), Prevention, Dirty Rotten Revenge, and Radio Buzzkills. There’s an interview with a new festival going on in Bloomington next month called Midwest Extreme Fest. There’s an interview with Gorecore FX and a photo-spread from Fashion Oddities fashion show that happened last month. Also an interview with local hip hop artist Valid Baby. All of that and much, much more.

Come pick up a copy for free at any time our store is open (10:00am – 8:00pm every day). And if you would like to go the extra mile and support Activator Magazine with the amazing things they are doing for our area, we highly recommend paying a visit to their Patreon page!

September Issue of Activator Magazine Available At Dumb Records


Oh yeah, what’s up we got a new issue of Activator Magazine in our store *available for free*. In fact, we’ve already gone through one batch of these real quick and have already been re-stocked! On this month’s cover featured is a handful of Central Illinois hip hop artists including TaQsem, T-Roni, Kid Ziggy, Pappa Luke, and Otto Sans. Ken No, columnist of Activator, and host of Hiphophumpday on 88.3 WQNA is also featured on the cover, and Ken put together the featured story recapping the current state of hip hop in the 217 area listing off a lot of the active players.

We are also excited because there is an exclusive interview with Shonen Knife from Japan, who will be playing here in Springfield at Rock N’ Roll Hardee’s on September 30th. In addition to that there are album reviews, local and St. Louis show calendars, interviews with Rather Dashing, Retirement Party, Zzo, and much much more. This is the biggest issue of Activator to date!

Come pick up a copy for free at Dumb Records (we are open pretty much all day every day), or other local businesses around town.

Vincent Sebastian on Activator Magazine Video Feature


Today we bring you the second Activator Magazine video feature they have done, we are really digging these! The video was put together by Crowdson Creative, who also did the last featured Activator video and interview which was shot partially in our space for the band Blushe. This time around the featured artist is Vincent Sebastian and his backing band, who just put out the album Interference earlier this summer. The video features clips of Vincent Sebastian performing a couple of songs and also sitting down and doing an interview. You can check all of that out on the video below, or also on the Activator facebook page. Vincent Sebastian is featured in another print interview inside this month’s latest issue which is now available for free inside of Dumb Records and other varios locations.

August 2019 Issue of Activator Available Now


It’s a brand new month so we’ve got a brand new issue of Activator Magazine! The local / Central Illinois D.I.Y. Music-focused magazine has been going over one year strong at this point. Who has collected every issue?

On this month’s cover is local acoustic singer/songwriter Ben Bedford. Ben put out a new album The Hermit’s Spyglass at some point last year. His featured interview in Activator this month was actually conducted by Tom Irwin himself, another long time local musician.

You can also find album reviews, another interview with Vincent Sebastian, who also just put out a new album called Interference earlier this summer. In addition to all of this there is an interview with Pierre Berry – who has started “The Music Program Academy” teaching kids how to record and create music at the Salvation Army here in town. As usual, there is a writeup on the 217 hip hop scene put together by Ken No of “Hip Hop Hump Day” on 88.3 WQNA. Aaron Uncanny Phillips interviews local recording engineer at HISO Music, Shawn P. Christine Pallon of the bands Spandrels and Carly Beth out of Champaign/Urbana does a write-up on the recent “Girls Rock! 2019” event. There is a photospread from Audiofeed Music Festival which took place in Urbana last month, and as always Central Illinois and St. Louis live music calendars.

You can pick up you copy of Activator Magazine for free at Dumb Records and various other locations around town. Also check out the Activator Magazine Patreon page if you want to be a contributor to support what they are doing!