May Issue of Activator Magazine Available (We Are Sending With Orders)


It’s another month, and another issue of Activator Magazine is here – and this time the print issue is back! Of course this month is different, with our physical store and many other locations Activator is usually available for free being closed. We plan on distributing the magazine ourselves by sending it out with most of our curbside pickup and delivery orders while we have copies available! Some other local spots are doing the same (check the Activator facebook page), there is also a newsstand outside of Penny Lane that has free copies that you can pull up and grab.

This issue features local musician Dexter Anodyne on the cover. It also features various interviews with local musicians on what they are doing during this pandemic while normal live shows aren’t an option. There are also album reviews, more interviews with Square of the Roots, Rings, Stick People, Courtboy, and much more. No live music calendar this time around though, sorry.

Activator April “Social Distancing” Issue Available Now Online


It’s April, and another month usually means a new issue of Activator Magazine available for free in our store! This month of course is pretty wild and different with all of us staying at home, and our physical store not even being open! For this month’s issue, Activator has put together a special “Social Distancing” issue and it’s available for free online! Find the link to check that out right here.

This issue includes the usual local music write-ups, and scene reports for both Springfield and Champaign, however no Central Illinois or St. Louis show calendars because all shows are cancelled! The issue is however still packed with a list of recourses for musicians effected by COVID-19, and article about live-streams becoming more popular during this time, and more.

Consider supporting Activator Magazine by also checking out their online Patreon page.

Next Activator Print Issue Postponed Until May, Digital “Stay At Home” Issue Coming


As all of our local businesses and lives are adapting to the times that we are in, Activator Magazine is also adapting to the times as well and have announced that they will be skipping the month of April for having a physical print copies. From the Activator Magazine facebook page:

So the world is crazy right now. In light of everything going on in relation to COV-19 we’ve decided to not have a print edition of Activator Magazine for April. We’ll move the cover artist for that issue into May. Hopefully we’ll be back with a full regular print issue at that point.

However in its place we are going to release a special digital “Stay and home and listen to music” edition. It’ll have some good content (we’re still figuring out what that’s going to be). We’ll also be working on some Spotify playlists for the Activator community and maybe some fun surprises.

If your reading this and would like to submit anything for this special issue (ie scene reports, poetry, comics, art) shoot me an email at

Everyone stay safe and healthy and we’ll all get through this crazy time together.

You can continue supporting Activator Magazine online by contributing to their ongoing
Patreon page. Keep an eye on the Activator facebook page as well because there may be things in the works as far as organizing live streaming “shows” happening with Central Illinois bands.

March Issue Of Activator Magazine Available Now


Happy March, y’all! Did you know it was March? This is a post to let you all know that we now have the newest issue of Activator Magazine. This one features some people we know featured on the cover – that’s right, it’s the band Bottom Bracket, who have their new and debut album Don’t Care Enough To Stay coming out on Rat King Records later this month.

This issue also features an interview with Chicago-based indie group Ratboys, album reviews, live show calendars, more interviews with Mary Jo Curry, Sunshine Daydream, Hot Sauce Universe, Tony Young, and Vertrell Yates. There’s also Springfield and Peoria scene reports, photospreads, and more.

All of this is available for free right now inside of Dumb Records, and various other businesses around town. We also have a few back issues available as well.

February Issue of Activator Magazine Available Now


It’s February (five days in now), and we’ve got plenty of copies of the new issue of Activator Magazine in stock inside our store for free. What does this issue include? As you can see on the cover is featured local hip hop artist Ty Witty. There is a Q&A with him. In addition to that there are interviews with Americana band Wayward Motel, punk rock St. Louis band “The Uppers,” the 13 year old singer song writer Ella Gibson, local rapper Prez A. Dent, and with electronic/synth artist Ricki Marvel. In addition to that there are photo spreads, album reviews, Central Illinois and St. Louis live music show calendars, and other tid-bits here and there.

Activator is available for free inside of our store and at other locations around town. Consider supporting what they do and signing up for their online Patreon campaign!

Activator: Best of Springfield Music 2019 (January Issue) Is Here!


Wow!! We know we are already ten days into this year, but it’s finally time to share with you all the results from our Best of Springfield Music 2019 survey that we teamed up with Activator Magazine to compile! The issue of Activator is finally out and available for free inside of our store and other locations around town! This is exciting!

As with every previous year, we came up with top ten lists for Springfield shows, songs from local bands – and a top twenty list for albums / releases from local bands and artists. There was a lot of great stuff from this past year highlighted in this issue, and we are excited to share it all with you.

We will be posting the results from the polls in separate categories over the next four days, starting with the shows category later this afternoon!

December Art Issue of Activator Magazine Available Now


Look at that, it’s Jeff. And Jeff is holding the brand new issue of Activator Magazine for December 2019, which we were just stocked up with in our store. The new (free) Activator this month is the special art issue. This means it’s packed with tons of pages featuring works by local artists. There’s a Q&A with Thom Whalen, local painter and professor at Lincoln Land Community College. Also a Q&A with Clare Frachey, local artist, and with Jon Griffin, Decatur-based artist specializing in poster design. Plus there’s a local artist directory! In addition to all of that there is the usual Central Illinois and St. Louis show calendars!

Pick up your copy for free at Dumb Records and many other spots around town. Also consider checking out and donating to the ongoing Activator Patreon campaign.