March 2021 Activator Available Now

Great news everybody, we once again have the new issue of Activator Magazine! It’s March 2021. This issue features local singer/songwriter Arlin Peebles crawling out of a snowy cave.

In addition to the interview with Arlin Peebles – this month continues to feature a column by Dumb Records co-owner Brian Galecki called “Dumb Perspective” exploring some Central Illinois local music history. This time it’s about Golden Voice Recording Co. which existed from 1966-1978 and some other stuff. This issue also features plenty of local and non-local music reviews, an interview with new Springfield band The Lovelorn, an interview with Derrick Streibig, a “soundcheck” section checking up on local musicians, and much much more.

Pick up a copy of Activator Magazine for free at Dumb Records or other locations around town! We have some back issues available as well! Also check out the Activator Patreon page and consider donating!

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