Balki Bros: “South Fork Slide”

Who’s ready for something new? We’re talkin’ a new band, a new song, AND a new video to go with it. It’s a new band being BACKED by our Dumb Records house band “Witch Bucket.” The new band is called “Balki Bros” (the animatronic band that was already on stage is called Witch Bucket, okay we know this is already getting confusing). Balki Bros is a new band and here they are performing their song “South Fork Slide” on OUR stage with OUR house band “Witch Bucket” backing them. (Witch Bucket is completely Covid-proof and safe, we can not say the same thing for Balki Bros, but either way we are still not close to the point where it is safe to have shows). Check all that out on the player embedded below!

Also check out our vids/pics page for more music videos shot over the years. Balki Bros don’t have any more recorded music or anything else out there, this is all you get.

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