Final Order: “Tainted Tradition”


We hope you all area ready for some heavy music because today that is what you are getting! A couple of days ago this whopper of a nine-track album dropped by Springfield hardcore band “Final Order“. They’ve been around for just about one year playing shows now, so it’s about time that we get this hot batch of recorded music from them. You can check out their release Tainted Tradition on the player streaming below. Also head over to Final Order’s bandcamp page to download the album at your own price.

The tape release for Tained Tradition is actually happening tomorrow night at Bread Slammers!! Don’t miss it. Check out a facebook event and more info on that show right here. We are also adding this release to our Springfield Album Archive page of course.

Prevention: “Your Bad Habits”


Today to keep that new local music streak we’ve been on rollin’ we are bringing you this very hard-hitting five-song EP release by new Springfield hardcore group “Prevention“. Prevention features members of No Cash Value, Final Order, Grave Switcher, and a million other bands. They say they are a “straight-edge hardcore band”, and sounds like they are here to rock! Stream those five songs on the player below, or head over to the Prevention bandcamp page right here to download the release at your own price. Prevention’s next show is at Bread Slammers on July 18th, which will also be the physical cassette release for these hot five tracks.

You better believe we are adding this one to our ultimate Springfield Album Archive page, bringing us to eighteen things released this year (we are sure there are more out there), and 443 total.

Deezy Da Paperboy & Cornbread: “Kush & Kollabs”


Today we bring you some hot brand new Springfield music in the form of this collaborative hip hop release by two long time local rappers: Deezy Da Paperboy and Cornbread. Both of them had performed the first hip hop show at our space a couple of weekends ago. Both artists worked together to create a new mixtape called Kush & Kollabs – five brand new tracks which you can find streaming on the player below. Also head over to youtube and stream it here.

There was also an interview and writeup about the release in this month’s Activator Magazine, conducted by Ken No of Hip Hop Hump Day. From the interview:

The concept is that when you listen to the album, it only has five tracks, that represents our “Five On It” like that old Luniz track, plain and simple. We want it so when you put on the first track, I want listeners to be breaking it down to roll it up or pack it, or you already got it ready to go. I’m talking about marijuana. Weed’s gonna be legal recreationally soon so I don’t feel like I’m doing too much. So we’re taking them through this journey, and when we partake, we like to throw on some music.

For the full interview / writeup, pick up a free copy of Activator at Dumb Records today. You bet that this release is yet another one getting added to our Springfield album archive – now well over 400 archived releases from over the years.

Iris Wake: “Demo”


Here we are keeping things rolling with what new Springfield music has been coming out recently. This one is a little over a month old it looks like, but here we are bringing it to you today anyways! This is a brand new project called “Iris Wake” put together by Kristin Walker of Moondead, Bad Banshee, and other groups throughout the years. Streaming below is Iris Wake’s Demo which includes two songs. If you are wanting to hear more of Iris Wake, you can check out their bandcamp page where you can find two more songs that were also released earlier this year – “Split” and “Breathe.”

Iris Wake doesn’t have any live shows planned as far as we can tell. We are adding this demo to the releases for this year to our Springfield album archive page – check it out!

The Dixie Narcos: “Soda Pop!,” “Narcan Noises,” and “Prosopagnosia”


If you are looking for your daily dose of new local music you have come to the right place today. Somehow we have completely missed until just recently how much new music Jacksonville based indie/psychedelic band The Dixie Narcos have been putting out. Apparently they have released something like FIVE albums… and like three of them have been within the past six months… WOW. The three latest albums were just recently added to bandcamp, the newest being Soda Pop! released January of this year. You can check out all three of those streaming on separate players below. Head over to The Dixie Narcos bandcamp page to stream the albums as well or download them at your own price.

We are working on adding all of these to our Springfield ultimate album archive page. No, The Dixie Narcos do not have any live shows lined up from what we can tell!


Local Drags: “Shit’s Lookin’ Up”


Today we are happy to be blessed with a brand new album for a (kinda) new local group, and it rocks. The new-ish local group is called “Local Drags” featuring members of Starter Jackets and other bands. They have been around for a minute we guess but haven’t really played a whole lot in town. That’s gonna change though – they have a show lined up as a record release here at our spot on June 28th. If we haven’t made an official announcement for that show yet, we will very soon. You can stream Local Drags’s debut album, Shit’s Lookin’ Up, on the player below in its 10-track entirety. The album is actually being released on real vinyl on Stardumb Records and It’s Alive Records. Head over to the Local Drags bandcamp page to also stream the album or purchase the mp3 download.

Check out that facebook event for that release show right here. We are also adding this one to releases this year on our Springfield album archive page.

Ty Witty: “For When It Rains…”


Getting back on track with all of the new local music that’s been coming out lately! And there is a lot to keep up with when it comes up with local hip hop here in Springfield in the year 2019. Here is a brand new ten track album which dropped last month from local rapper Ty Witty called “For When It Rains…” which you can find streaming on the player below in it’s entirety. You can also head on over to Ty Witty’s bandcamp page where you can download the full album at your own price. Ty doesn’t have any local gigs lined up as far as we can tell.

We are adding this one on the list for 2019 releases on our ultimate Springfield album archive page! Go ahead and check that out and our 400+ albums/releases we have archived right here.