The Telephone Junkies: “Dress It Up & Call It Living”

Happy Halloween! Remember the band The Telephone Junkies? Remember bands? It’s hard for us to remember bands sometimes too, but some of them are still out there in the depths, recording music ready to be released to the world.

It turns out The Telephone Junkies have been hard at work on a brand new album for quite some time now, and yesterday they released their debut full length, Dress It Up & Call It Living to the world. You can check it out streaming on the player below! Also go check it out on their bandcamp page, where you can download the album for $1 or more.

The Telephone Junkies have no live shows lined up, but who does? We have added this release on to our Springfield album archive page, where we have kept track of 51 local releases so far this year.

Zippir Collective: “Zippir Vol. 1” EP

The Zippir Collective, a group of local hip hop artists, have released their first official release as a collecitve called Zippir, Vol. 1. As far as we can tell this is only streaming on Spotify right now (which we have not figured out how to embed yet), you can check out all five tracks of that right here. Artists featured on this release and part of the collective include: Kid Ziggy, Papa Luke, Junior Pasare, RJC, Jayy Alejandro, and Danny J.

The Zippir Collective also recently launched a brand new website recently, which you can check out right here. We are also adding this release to our Springfield album archive, bringing us to a total of 50 local releases we have kept track of so far this year.

Keyng: “Keyng The Tape”

Local artist Nykeyla Henderson aka “Keyng” has recently dropped a brand new mixtape of new music. This is six new tracks from her, and is called Keyng the Tape. You can find that streaming on the player embedded below. Also check it out on youtube right here.

Nykeyla is also one of the leaders behind the Black People Party of America, a local group “established to bringing the community together one step at a time.”

We’ve also added this one to our Springfield album archive page, making release number 49 we have kept track of so far this year.

Attic Salt: “Get Wise”

Springfield pop punk / indie band Attic Salt have officially released their second full length album, Get Wise, out on Jump Start Records. You can check out the album embedded on the player below, or head on over to the Jump Start bandcamp page where you can purchse the download or order the physical album directly from them.

The album is available on vinyl on black or a very nice looking blue transparent. Believe it or not we thought we were stocked full of these records on Friday the day it was released, and then we ran out right away. The plan is for us to get it re-stocked at some point soon this coming week!

Timothy Donavan Russell: “Mix”


Local sound artist and solo musician Timothy Donavan Russell has released a brand new mash-up album called Mix. Timothy has been a little more quiet than usual with this being his second release of the year. (He has some catching up with Mark Schwartz to do). Mix is a collection of 11 mash-up songs and you can find it streaming on the player below.

Also head on over to Timothy’s bandcamp page where you can purchase the download of the album and also check out more of his music. A list of songs sampled for this release are on bandcamp as well.

Satisfy: “Anomaly”


Local hip hop artist Satisfy has released a brand new four-track EP called Anomaly. You can check it out on the youtube player below, or also on a ton of other streaming platforms you can find links to right here.

Satisfy released his debut full length album Take A Deep Dive Into What I Go Through last year. We’ve included this EP on our list of 2020 releases in on our Springfield album archive page, bringing us to 42 local releases we have kept track of so far this year.

Tilt Warning: “Game Over EP”


Today we bring you a new four-song EP from a new Springfield project that we know absolutely nothing about. We don’t know who is in this, where it came from, if it’s going to ever play any live shows or release more music, or what. The project is called “Tilt Shift” and this Game Over EP mysteriously surfaced as a link deep and hidden in the Springfield Underground Pinball and Music forum. You can check it out streaming on the player embedded below. Also head on over to the Tilt Shift bandcamp page where you can download the music at your own price. From the Tilt Shift bandcamp page:

Tilt Warning’s debut release, Game Over EP, is a collection of b-sides written and recorded in 2020. Are we the first band ever to debut with just b-sides? Probably. But these songs didn’t have a future planned and the pandemic put a hold on future plans, so we wanted to share these songs with you in the meantime. Enjoy!

We have added this one on to our Springfield album archive page as well.

New Attic Salt Album “Get Wise” Out September 25th


Attic Salt have released big details regarding their sophomore album and follow up to their 2017 debut self-titled album. The new album is called Get Wise and it is being released through Jump Start Records, and YES it is getting the vinyl treatment! From the label’s facebook:

We’re super excited to announce that the sophomore effort from Attic Salt, Get Wise, is slated for a September 25th release on Jump Start! This four-piece outfit bring you 10 new tracks of super catchy Midwest power-pop-punk that follows up their debut self-titled release with even more hook filled goodness.

‘Get Wise’ will be available on limited edition Translucent Blue/White splatter and Black vinyl, CD, and digitally through your favorite streaming or online service.

Be on the lookout for a video premiere coming soon!

There is no music released from that new album just yet, however the 10-song tracklist is up on the Jump Start bandcamp page. Listen to Attic Salt’s self-titled album here.

Jav NoCap: “NoCap Season Two”


Today we bring you some fresh local music from a new hip hop artist from the area – this time from “Jav NoCap” who is an artist who recently moved here from Chicago. This newest release from Jav, NoCap Season 2 was recently reviewed in the newest Activator Magazine. You can check it out streaming on the player embedded below. Also stream it on Jav NoCap’s soundcloud page and check out more of his music there.

This is release number 41 of the year for us as listed on our Springfield album archive page when it comes to local releases we have kept track of so far this year.


Solar Chariot: “II”


More local music is here! This time we are reporting news of a brand new album from Springfield jam band “Solar Chariot.” As far as we know, this is the band’s debut full length album, after they formed a year or so ago, and the album is entitled II. The band has uploaded just the first track up for streaming on bandcamp, and you can check out that track, “Chains” embedded below. If you head over to the band’s bandcamp page you can order a physical copy of the entire CD. We hope to also get them in stock in our store at some point soon.

We are adding this one on to our Springfield album archive page, bringing us to 40 releases total that we have kept track of this year so far.