Tin Ghost: “Ghost Stories” + “Life, At Its Best”


We have some catching up to do with some local Springfield music that has already came out this year! Here’s a fairly new recording project called “Tin Ghost” that’s already had two albums come out this year back in January. Those are Life, At It’s Best and Ghost Stories- The Early Years both of which are streaming on the player below. You can also pay to download each album on the Tin Ghost bandcamp page. Also check out Demons on Wheels, and Forrest Saints – also recording projects of Mark Schwartz who is the mastermind behind Tin Ghost.

We’ve added both of these releases for 2019 on our Springfield album archive page. Go check it out!

Timothy Donavan Russell: “Public Domain 2019”


Here’s another new release from Springfield local sound / electronic ambient artist Timothy Donavan Russell, and his first of 2019. It’s a five song release called Public Domain 2019 which apparently includes tracks performed recently at a house concert here in Springfield. Check that out streaming on the player below.

Timothy also recently released Pin Drop late last year and another one we didn’t manage to make a website post for was Best of Electronic 2008-2018, which included some unreleased material as well. We have trouble keeping up with all of Timothy’s releases sometime. Check out our Springfield album archive, where we have this one listed now for 2019.

Timothy Donavan Russell is also a member of The Pharmacy Gallery, which is also in the middle of making a big move to a new location downtown.

Resident Genius Catalog (2002-2006) On Bandcamp


Here’s something we almost forgot to share a little while back! This is not exactly new local music – maybe old local music that is finally being uploaded onto the interwebs and being made available to all – the discography for early/mid 2000’s Springfield band “Resident Genius”. Resident Genius was an indie/punk band around before the days of The Black Sheep, and after the days of The Asylum, there they are pictured above performing at Veile’s Planet which was a bar/venue that put on all ages shows.

Check out the Resident Genius bandcamp page right here.

Their catalog includes three EPs, a Live session from the radio on WQNA in 2004, a split release with activist/historian Howard Zinn, and then a collection of unreleased songs (which you can find streaming below). Wow! And on top of all of that, all proceeds made from the download donations will be going towards our GoFundMe to launch a new record store and show space downtown!

We will be adding these and updating the Springfield Album Archive shortly!

Foam Fangers: “The Trash Talk And Taco Trucks”



Well we guess that this must be our first local release of 2019! At midnight on New Year’s local punk group Foam Fangers dropped a new EP: The Trash Talk and Taco Trucks. This is five songs clocking in at right around ten minutes, you can find streaming on the player below.

We are going to be sure to keep our Springfield album archive page up to date with whatever comes out this year, starting with this release right here!

Foam Fangers don’t have any local shows lined up that we know of right now. The band also released a self-titled EP last year, which may or may not be making it on your voted list of best releases for 2018 – we will be posting the results for starting tomorrow!

Timothy Donavan Russell: “Best Of Ambient / Best Of Experimental”


It’s not every day when any local Springfield band or artist has so much material that they are able to drop “Best Of” albums, let alone TWO “Best Of” albums. Springfield solo sound artist and member of The Pharmacy Gallery, Timothy Donavan Russell has released just that – one 27 track Best of Ambient 2003-2018, and a 20 track compilation Best of Experimental 1995-2018. You can find both of those albums streaming below. Both feature material that Timothy recorded over the years, and also feature some previously unreleased material as well. You can head over to Timothy Donavan Russell’s bandcamp page to pay to download the albums and check out more of his music.

Timothy has a whopping NINE releases that have come out this year which will all be in our “Best of Springfield Music 2018” poll being launched tomorrow. Check out that running list on our album archive right here.

Resistant To Reason: “First Year”


Taylorville-based punk rock band Resistant To Reason have recently released a collection of songs under the title First Year. This includes seven tracks, all of which you can stream on the player below. Also head over to the band’s bandcamp page to download the entire release for free! Resistance To Reason don’t have any shows lined up at the moment as far as we can tell.

We are counting this one as well as many other in our Best of Springfield Music 2018 list which we are still working on compiling! The poll for that is set to launch this Monday!

No Cash Value: “No Cash Value”



We are definitely late to the game on sharing this release by Jacksonville punk band No Cash Value – one of the last sessions to be recorded at Southtown Sound with Mike Butler. Back at the beginning of September the band released this eight-song self-titled group of songs. You can find them streaming on the player below. Also head over to the band’s bandcamp page to download the album at your own price.

No Cash Value actually do have a show coming up! It’s been a minute. The band will be performing at Black Sheep at the end of this month on November 30th. More info on that show can be found right here, we’ll also have a proper announcement up for that one soon.

We are still working on adding to that ultimate Springfield album archive to catch up with 2018 as well!