Bottom Bracket: “A Figure In Armor”

We better get back to the local music news sometime around here. This band isn’t even local anymore, they moved to Chicago. But they are still in our hearts. 3-piece “sparkle-math-noodle-punk” band Bottom Bracket have dropped a new 5-track EP entitled A Figure In Armor out on Rat King Records. You can stream that new EP on the bandcamp player below! Also head on over to Bottom Bracket’s bandcamp page to purchase the download of the album. We will have copies available on CD at Dumb Records here in the coming days.

Bottom Bracket released their full length album I Don’t Care Enough To Stay right at the start of the pandemic in 2020. They are also of course playing at Dumb Records tonight along with Attic Salt, The Telephone Junkies, and Marble Teeth. The show starts at 7:00pm.

Petulant Clark: “43 Greatest Hits”

Here we go trying to keep up with anything local music related in the year 2022… good luck to us! We all already know that Mark Schwartz is going to crank out at least 20 albums this year under various project titles, here is the first of them for this year. This one is a new project called “Petulant Clark” featuring Mark Schwartz and Scott Faingold of Epsom. A brand new project and would you look at that, they already have a 43-track long greatest hits album. Stream that on the player below or head over to the Petulant Clark bandcamp page and stream or download the release.

We’ll see how keeping up with our Springfield album archive page for the year 2022 goes… for now we’re starting off with this release and we’ll see how much on top of it we will be! Good luck to us all!

Timothy Donavan Russell: “TILT!”

We sure haven’t been caught up on a lot of local music that’s been released lately. But whenever an arcade or pinball related music release pops up you KNOW we are all about it. This past year we saw the band “Tilt Warning” and their demo emerge, also a special arcade release from solo electronic act Imaginary Colours, and now looks like we have yet anotherone pop up from local sound artist and ambient musical expert Timothy Donavan Russell.

That newest release from Timothy is called “TILT!” and you can stream those three tracks on the player embedded below. From Timothy’s website:

Full Tilt! Pinball is a pinball video game developed by Cinematronics and published by Maxis in 1995. It features pre-rendered 3D graphics and three tables—Space Cadet, Skulduggery, and Dragon’s Keep. A version of Space Cadet was bundled with Microsoft Windows from 95 to XP.

Also head on over to Timothy Donavan Russell’s bandcamp page where you can purchase the download for the release and check out more of his music. We’ve also included this one in our end of the year Best Of Local Music 2021 Poll which is ongoing now until Wednesday December 15th.

Bad Man: “Oh No Bad Man Demo”

Good morning! Today we are bringing you a brand new demo from a new Springfield project we know nothing about! Gee, we don’t know anything about this at all! It is one big mystery! The project is called “Bad Man” and you can stream the demo “Oh No Bad Man!” on the player embedded below. Is it a full band? A solo project who knows!

We do know that Bad Man is playing its first show in just eight days on Saturday, October 9th here at Dumb Records along with The Antibuddies, Oleander Grey, and Gargantuan. Check out a facebook event for that show here. Also check out our Springfield Album Archive Page where we have been doing a very bad job of keeping up with local releases for this year.

Forest Saints: “Orenda Dimension”

With all of his different recording projects, Mark Schwartz (End Times Trio, Forest Saints, Demons on Wheels, Tin Ghost, etc) is putting out albums at a faster rate than we can post about them! Today we bring you a brand new album by his psychedelic recording project Forest Saints. It’s a fifteen-track release entited Orenda Dimension and you can find it streaming on the player below. This would be the follow up to Forest Saints’ Pensive Innocents from late last year, and also is the 13th release from that project alone going off of what’s listed on the bandcamp page. You can also head on over to the Forest Saints bandcamp to stream all of that projects releases as well as purchase the downloads of all of the albums.

Mark was also a part of the project “Splendid Flunkys” along with Scott Faingold, which also put out an album at the start of June. We’ve got both of these releases on our Springfield album archive page now for 2021.

Prevention: “What Do You Say No To”

Today we bring you a hot new release from Springfield hardcore band Prevention! Four new tracks of heavier than ever hardcore. This new release is entitled What Do You Say No To and you can find it embedded on the player below. Head on over to Prevention’s bandcamp page to download the EP at your own price. Prevention also released Your Bad Habits in 2019. They don’t have any shows announced for right now but we hear they will very very soon. What’s that? No, we don’t know anything about them playing anywhere in town last night either.

We have added this one on to our Springfield album archive page and have a lot of catching up to do for 2021, whoops.

Dexter Anodyne: “Dexter Anodyne & The D. Sparrows”

Holy smokes there is a new album here for us to tell you about! This one is from Springfield musician (who maybe moved to Peoria and maybe moved back (?)) Dexter Anodyne. Dexter released her debut album Weeping Venus in 2019 and this one is Dexter Anodyne & The D. Sparrows which features a full band and probably goes in a much different direction than Weeping Venus! Check out the 12-track album streaming on the player embedded below. There is also a track featuring none other than Jeff Williams of NIL8! Head on over to Dexter’s bandcamp page to download the album at your own price and check out more of her music.

Getting this one added to our Springfield album archive page for 2021 lickety-split! We are sure we have some catching up to do on that! Oh hey wow this puts us at 600 releases we have kept track of total!

Reco Hill Presents “Dope 3” Mixtape

It’s happened again. Recording engineer and producer Reco Hill (also from “Reco On The Move”) has unleashed a brand new mixtape jam-packed with the best of best of the current names in local hip hop right here in the 217! This one is called “Dope 3” (following Dope 2 and Dope 1 in previous years). This one kicks off with an interview by Samara Brunt, then we have ten original tracks by ten local original artists, and a “farewell” at the end by Reco himself.

Dope 3 is streaming on a number of platforms including Apple Music and Anghami. We are also adding this one to the list for this year under our Springfield album archive page!

Kristin Walker “Etheric Bodies”

Okay, back to the new local music! This one is from Kristin Walker – featured on the cover of this month’s Activator Magazine – local musician and artist, formerly of bands Moondead and a few other full bands from the Black Sheep era. Kristin has released five songs under the title Etheric Bodies, which you can stream on the bandcamp player below. Pick up a copy of Activator Magazine to check out an interview with Kristin where she talks more about these songs! Also head on over to Kristin’s bandcap page where you can purchase the download of the songs and check out more of her music.

We are real slow to be adding to our Springfield album archive page for this year – but we are catching up and this one is number 10 for releases we have had featured on our site this year!

The After School Special “Last Of The Curlews”

Today we are bringing you a brand new release by a newer local act (at least new to us)! This is a duo called After School Special, who are an acoustic folk duo in town featuring Aasne Daniels and Jerry Setnicky. They play “a very wide variety of tunes from a host of artists and genres.” And guess what! They have a new 10-track album and we actually have copies available on CD in our record store. The album is called Last Of The Curlews. You can check out some of that on the youtube player embedded below. To find a link to stream the full album and more about the band, check out their website.

As the weather starts warming up and vaccines become more widely available we are going to start seeing some live shows popping up! After School Special actually does have a few lined up, and you can check out their facebook page to see what those are. We’ve also added their album onto our Springfield album archive page for this year, bringing us to 7 local releases we have kept track of (and there are many, many more we need to catch up with).