Musical Realists: “Hill Of Beans”


We are giving you a second dose of local music today, wether you like it or not! Ha! This evening we bring you a brand new EP from the father and son duo project “Musical Realists”, composed of sound artist Timothy Donavan Russell and his son. The EP is called Hill of Beans and features three new tracks and you can check out streaming on the player below. Also head over to the Musical Realists bandcamp page where you can purchase the download of the album.

Yes, we are adding this one to our Springfield album archive, bringing us to 36 releases from this year that we’ve had featured, and 462 releases total.

Ty Witty & Junior Pasare: “Half Full” EP


Yesterday we brought you some new local music from Emily Hough with her Glass EP, apparently today we are going to keep going with the Glass theme. Today we have streaming on the youtube player below a new release by local artists Ty Witty and Junior Pasáre called Half Full. That’s five tracks, and you can stream it on the youtube player below, or also check it out on spotify right here. Ty Witty also released an album For When It Rains on his own earlier this year. Junior Pasáre also released an album, We Gone Win earlier this year.

We have added this release to our Springfield album archive page for this year, bringing us to 35 local releases this year we have featured on our site so far.

Emily Hough: “Glass EP”


Today we are bringing you some brand new local music from an artist based out of the Petersburg area that we are just recently coming finding out about. That is Emily Hough, a younger up and coming solo artist from the area. And Emily put out an EP of original material earlier this summer, called Glass. You can check some of that out streaming on the youtube player below, or find it on youtube right hereGlass is five songs.

We don’t know of any shows Emily has lined up as of right now that have been announced, but keep your eyes and ears out for Emily playing at our space very soon. We also added this one to our Springfield album archive page.

DJ Reco / Various Artists: “Dope: The Mixtape”


Here’s another very recent local hip hop release that came out last month that we now know about thanks to Ken No of Hip Hop Humpday and Activator Magazine. It is a compilation of songs of artists – 27 songs in fact – put together by DJ Reco, called Dope: The Mixtape. The cover features a building we are somewhat familiar with. The mixtape is streaming on and you can check it out right here. Can we embed players from Datpiff??? Let’s see… Yes!!? Does that player right down there work? Awesome!

We are adding this release to our Springfield album archive page, bringing us to 33 releases that we’ve kept track of so far this year and 459 total.

CompositionC: “Back To The Beginning”


Today we bring you yet another brand new local album from another up and coming Springfield artist going by “CompositionC” aka Taylor Roberts. The new album is called Back To The Beginning which Taylor says he has been working hard on for a number of years. Check that out all on Youtube right here, also a number of other streaming sites which are all listed out right here. We also have a Youtube player embedded below. Taylor also had a release party at the new HISO Music Event Hall late last month for the album, where he gave out cards which included limited coupons for discounts at our record store! Wow!

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for CompositionC performing in the near future. Yes, this one is being added to our Springfield Album Archive for this year, bringing us to a count of 32 releases this year and

Master Bastard: “Drinking With Children”


A couple of weekends ago now we held CD release shows for two local artists in our space as part of Downhome Music Festival aftershows. One was for Dexter Anodyne, and the other for local band Master Bastard and their album Drinking With ChildrenDrinking With Children is now available streaming on a few different platforms, unfortunately not any that we are able to embed below. You can check out the album streaming on Spotify right here. Something called “iHeartRadio” right here? (Looks like you need to set up an account for that one too). has it (only 30 clips of the songs though and you have to buy the full mp3s) right here. The same goes with the album on Apple Music right here. We think it’s on “Google Play” too but don’t know how to link to it on that.  :-/

We have the album listed on our Springfield album archive page for this year right here. Master Bastard do not have any other shows lined up at our space as of yet. Keep an eye out!

DreTheGuy: “Lapis Effect”

Screen Shot 2019-07-22 at 2.33.53 PM.png

Today we are bringing you the stream of another new local hip hop album coming from local artist “Dretheguy” aka “DeAndre“. The album is called Lapis Effect and you can find all nine tracks of that streaming below, or right here on soundcloud.

Dretheguy actually performed this past weekend at Rock N’ Roll Hardee’s believe it or not at the “Take Back The City” event. We are also adding this album to our Springfield music archive, which brings us to a total of 29 releases so far this year!