The After School Special “Last Of The Curlews”

Today we are bringing you a brand new release by a newer local act (at least new to us)! This is a duo called After School Special, who are an acoustic folk duo in town featuring Aasne Daniels and Jerry Setnicky. They play “a very wide variety of tunes from a host of artists and genres.” And guess what! They have a new 10-track album and we actually have copies available on CD in our record store. The album is called Last Of The Curlews. You can check out some of that on the youtube player embedded below. To find a link to stream the full album and more about the band, check out their website.

As the weather starts warming up and vaccines become more widely available we are going to start seeing some live shows popping up! After School Special actually does have a few lined up, and you can check out their facebook page to see what those are. We’ve also added their album onto our Springfield album archive page for this year, bringing us to 7 local releases we have kept track of (and there are many, many more we need to catch up with).

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