Forest Saints: “Orenda Dimension”

With all of his different recording projects, Mark Schwartz (End Times Trio, Forest Saints, Demons on Wheels, Tin Ghost, etc) is putting out albums at a faster rate than we can post about them! Today we bring you a brand new album by his psychedelic recording project Forest Saints. It’s a fifteen-track release entited Orenda Dimension and you can find it streaming on the player below. This would be the follow up to Forest Saints’ Pensive Innocents from late last year, and also is the 13th release from that project alone going off of what’s listed on the bandcamp page. You can also head on over to the Forest Saints bandcamp to stream all of that projects releases as well as purchase the downloads of all of the albums.

Mark was also a part of the project “Splendid Flunkys” along with Scott Faingold, which also put out an album at the start of June. We’ve got both of these releases on our Springfield album archive page now for 2021.

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